Minecraft: What Is a Fletcher? Everything You Need To Know

what is fletcher in Minecraft

Villagers can have many professions in Minecraft, they play a vital role in the economy and provide you with numerous items through trading systems. Each villager able to trade with you has a profession associated with a certain block. Today, we’re going to discuss a villager called Fletchers that uses a fletching table to provide its services. Before discussing details, let’s see what a fletcher in Minecraft is.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Fletcher is a villager who provides fletching services. Villager becomes Fletcher when he claims a fletching table job site block.
  • Fletcher can provide you with arrows, flint, bows, crossbows, and other items associated with archery.

The fletching table is one of the newest job site blocks

The fletching table is one of the added job site blocks in Minecraft that are used to turn villagers into fletchers. Currently, the fletching table is mostly useless for a player since there are no actions or crafting menus associated with it. The functionality will surely appear in the updates that will follow in the future and will most likely be related to the crafting of arrows and other tools and gear related to archery.

fletching table1
The fletching table

Fletching tables spawn naturally in villages, just like any other job site block. However, a crafting recipe is associated with the fletching table and includes 2x flints and 4x planks of any kind.

fletching table
Recipe for fletching table

How does a villager become a fletcher?

The villager becomes a Fletcher after interacting with a Fletcher job site block (fletching table) while being unemployed. Once you trade with a Fletcher villager for the first time, he will not be able to change profession any longer.

If you have an unemployed villager in your village, you can easily turn him into a fletcher by crafting the fletching table (using the recipe from above). Once you’ve crafted the fletching table, place the table near the villager within his pathfinding radius, and the villager will approach the table and claim the job site as his own. His attire will automatically change to that of Fletcher, and he will be able to trade with you right away.


Fletcher trading and restocking mechanics work just like with any other employed villager. Fletcher needs to be within walking distance and able to approach his job site in order to restock twice a day.


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What do fletchers do in Minecraft?

Fletchers in Minecraft provides you with trading services, just like any other Villager who has a profession. While Fletcher’s trading level is a novice, you can acquire emeralds, arrows, and flint from them in exchange for stick gravel and emeralds. On an apprentice level, Fletcher offers emeralds and bows in exchange for flints and emeralds.

Journeyman Fletcher gives you the opportunity to acquire a crossbow for the price of 3 emeralds.
From expert fletcher you will be able to get an enchanted bow, the bow has random enchantment attached to it. For an enchanted bow, you will have to shell out between 7 and 21 emeralds.

fletcher trader
Trading with fletchers

Master fletcher has a truly unique assortment of goods, he offers tipped arrows with a variety of effects attached to them. To acquire 5 tipped arrows master fletcher demands 2 emeralds and 5 regular arrows.

As you can see, Fletcher offers a variety of goods, all connected to archery in one way or another. If you need bows, crossbows, and various types of tipped arrows, your local villager, Fletcher, should be your next stop.

Fletchers are an excellent source of easy-to-acquire diamonds. It’s one of the best trades in Minecraft since you have an opportunity to acquire a single emerald for every 32 sticks given to fletchers. Fletcher is the only villager able to take sticks and exchange them for emeralds, which makes him really valuable. Luckily, there is a way to convert unemployed villagers into fletchers.


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Can you use the fletching table in Minecraft?

Currently, the player cannot use the fletching table in Minecraft as no functions are associated with it, and no kind of crafting menu will appear. This will probably be implemented in future updates.

In conclusion, Fletcher is a valuable villager focused on trading archery-related goods. Fletcher is a good source of cheap emeralds, tipped arrows, and other weapons related to ranged attacks. If your village lacks fletchers but you do have unemployed villagers walking around, you can easily turn them into fletchers by crafting fletching tables. Once the villagers have claimed a job site, block trade with them at least once, so they’re not able to change their profession. Fletcher villager has the same mechanics as other villagers with professions.

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