Minecraft: Villagers Don’t Need Beds To Restock! Here Is What They Need

villagers need bed to restock

Villagers carry the burden of balancing Minecraft‘s economy single-handedly on their pixelated backs. Trading in Minecraft is a complex process during which several prerequisites need to be met for trading to work. Most of those prerequisites are in direct correlation to the functioning of the village as well. One of the least understood aspects of trading is restocking. Restocking happens multiple times per day, but there seems to be a lot of confusion when it comes to restocking triggers. A lot of players are wondering whether beds play any role at all when it comes to restocking. Let’s see if villagers need beds to restock.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Villagers don’t need beds to restock in Minecraft. The only thing they really need when it comes to restocking is access to their designated job site/workstation.
  • Beds play an important role in village mechanics in general but are not connected to restocking.
  • In Minecraft Bedrock edition villagers need to claim a bed first before claiming a job site. 

Villager trader roles

Each villager with an assigned profession has 5 career levels that are increased when you trade with them. Those career levels are Novice, Apprentice, Journeyman, Expert, and Master. Each villager starts at Novice rank, and at this point, the villager’s profession can still be changed. 

All you need to do is remove his job site block. Once you’ve made your first trade with the selected villager, his profession cannot be changed. Novice villagers without trading experience can also have their trades reset by removing and replacing the job site. Once you’ve made at least one trade, trades are locked in as well. 

You can recognize which profession the villager belongs to by their attire; for example, a farmer villager will always wear a straw hat, while a butcher always has a white apron. 

villager roles
Butcher, cleric & fisherman

If you change the villager’s profession, the villager will be forced to change their attire as well. 


Do Villagers Need Beds In Minecraft?

How do trades work in Minecraft? 

Every villager with a profession starts with two trades; each subsequent level he attains unlocks two more trades. In total, that means that villagers can have a maximum of 10 trades. 

staring offers
Villager novice always starts with two random offers

Which trade will be shown to you is randomly determined. Every offered trade is limited in nature, and villagers can run out of offered goods. To restock their trade offers villagers need to work at their corresponding job sites. For example, the butcher needs to work at the smoker, the armorer needs to work at the blast furnace and the fisherman needs a barrel in order to store his goods.

Villagers can work at their job site up to two times a day, which makes restocking possible up to two times a day. 

What are job sites in Minecraft? 

Job sites determine what profession the villager will be. Unemployed villagers will claim the nearest available job site in their radius as long as: 

  1. The job site is unclaimed by another villager.
  2. The villager can see the job site. 
  3. Path to the job site is free and unobstructed in any way. 

As we’ve already mentioned, Villager can change its profession as long as it hasn’t made a trade with the player yet. To change the villager’s profession simply destroy and replace his job site with some other job site block. 


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Each job site block corresponds to a certain profession. The following is a list of professions and their designated job site blocks: 

  1. Armorer – blast furnace
  2. Butcher – smoker 
  3. Cartographer – cartography table 
  4. Cleric – brewing stand 
  5. Farmer – composter
  6. Fisherman – barrel 
  7. Fletcher – fletching table
  8. Leatherworker – cauldron 
  9. Librarian – lectern 
  10. Mason – stonecutter 
  11. Shepherd – loom 
  12. Toolsmith – smithing table 
  13. Weaponsmith – grindstone 

Do villagers need beds to restock?

No, Villagers do not need beds to restock in Minecraft. Villagers run out of goods often, and to replace them, they need to work at their job sites. In order to work at their job sites, they need to be able to reach them. In general, the only thing needed for a successful restock is access to the job site. 

cleric brewing stand
Cleric working at brewing stand and restocking goods

In Minecraft Bedrock edition, beds, however, do play a role in villager professions since villagers cannot claim a job site block without claiming a bed first. 

Beds play important role in village mechanics, without them villagers wouldn’t be able to breed at all but restocking is not affected by them. In order for your villagers to restock often, make sure not to obstruct their access to job sites, block, or accidentally remove them. 

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