What Is a Siren in Wednesday? Netflix Creatures Explained


The Netflix version of the Addams Family that was introduced in the Wednesday series allowed us to see that there are other weird people living in the same world as this fictional family. These people come in the form of Outcasts, which are composed of different species. Among all of the species of Outcasts that can be seen in Nevermore Academy, the sirens are some of the most prominent. So, what is a siren in Wednesday?

Sirens are Outcasts with the ability to use their voices to manipulate and persuade other people. They are also capable of changing into mermaid-like forms whenever they are in the water. And because of the fact that they have persuasive powers, they are often avoided by other people in Nevermore.

It is important to take note that the sirens in the Wednesday series are not exactly the same as the sirens that we know of in Greek mythology, as there is a huge misunderstanding about what sirens actually are. Nevertheless, they do have similarities in the sense that they use their voice to lure people in. So, with that said, let’s discuss more what sirens are in Wednesday.

What Are Sirens In Netflix’s Wednesday?

The Wednesday series on Netflix allowed us to see a different version of the Addams Family world. While we always knew that the Addams Family was a weird bunch, the thing is that the Wednesday series shows that they aren’t alone. That’s because, when Wednesday attended Nevermore Academy, it was shown that there are also other odd people in the world as they are called Outcasts.

While Wednesday was touring the campus with her roommate Enid, she learned that there are four main groups that can be found in Nevermore. Those are the Fangs, Furs, Scales, and Stoners. While the Fangs and the Furs are the common vampires and werewolves that we often see in fantasy shows, the Scales are quite interesting because of the fact that they are sirens. In particular, the queen bee of the campus, Bianca Barclay, is actually a siren. So, what are the sirens in Wednesday?


The sirens of Wednesday are Outcasts species that are particularly known for being adept at swimming. This was something that Enid talked about early in the series as she believed that Bianca and the other sirens had an advantage over them in the boat race during the Poe Cup. Of course, it is also important to take note that the sirens have the ability to use their voices to convince other people into doing what they want them to do.

It is the very fact that sirens have powerful voices that can hypnotically suggest that makes them some of the most powerful Outcasts in Nevermore. Of course, despite the fact that they are known for having voices with hypnotic capabilities, the sirens are also known for being singers that are known to dominate the singing clubs in Nevermore.

The fact that sirens have voices that can hypnotize other people is the reason why they wear trinkets that are capable of dampening their persuasive powers. We are yet to see just how powerful these pieces of jewelry are but what we do know is that they are capable of allowing the sirens to talk to regular people without necessarily forcing them to do things against their will.

Of course, it is the fact that the sirens have powers that allow them to persuade people using the voices that make the other kids in Nevermore avoid them as much as possible. Only a few people actually try to make friends with the sirens so that they won’t end up getting hypnotized by their powers. As such, the sirens tend to hang out with one another because their abilities don’t affect other sirens.


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The most notable of the sirens is Bianca Barclay, who serves as the queen bee of Nevermore Academy and was the girlfriend of the school’s resident heartthrob named Xavier. It was suggested during the middle portion of the series that Bianca actually used her powers on Xavier, and that was the reason why they broke up.

As the series progressed, we got to learn a bit more about Bianca and her own life story. Despite the fact that she may be the queen bee on campus, she didn’t have an easy life with her mother, who actually works for a cult that allows her to use her powers to convince other people to join the organization. Bianca’s mother even tried to bring her into the cult by blackmailing her. It was suggested that the only reason why Bianca was even in Nevermore was that she used her powers to get into this school.

That was the reason why Bianca was convinced to return home to her mother, as this could be one of the subplots that season 2 of Wednesday would explore. Of course, it is possible that this cult that her mother is working for could also be one of the antagonists of season 2.

How Are The Wednesday Sirens Different From Mythology?

While we do know that sirens, like all of the other Outcasts, are creatures that are born from mythology, it is worth noting that the sirens in Wednesday do have differences from the sirens that we know of in Greek mythology.

Back in Ancient Greece, the sirens were creatures that were said to inhabit an island. They used their voices and beautiful songs to lure sailors to the island so that they could feast on them. In that regard, the Greek mythology version of the siren is similar to the siren in Wednesday in the sense that they both have hypnotic powers that come from their voices.

However, the difference lies in the fact that the siren has become one of the most commonly mistaken mythological creatures. Today’s common notion of a siren is a cousin of the mermaid, as they are often mistaken for being one and the same mythological creature, except that the sirens have hypnotic voices. But the truth is that sirens are not actually half-fish.


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Ancient Greek mythology suggests that sirens are actually half-bird creatures that live on an island instead of in the water. That means that the sirens in Wednesday are not the same as the Greek mythology version of the siren as the one in the Netflix series are water-dwelling Outcasts instead. On the other hand, the original version of the siren is a winged creature that lives on land but is capable of flight.

Of course, the sirens of Greek mythology and the sirens of Wednesday are similar in the sense that they both have voices that can hypnotize people into doing what they want them to do. The difference, however, lies in how the Wednesday sirens don’t lure sailors to eat them but only manipulate them.

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