Every Outcasts Species in Wednesday Explained


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The Tim Burton version of the Addams Family in the Wednesday series on Netflix has a different way of looking at the Addams Family lore as the concept of the Outcasts was added into the storyline to make the series more interesting and to allow Wednesday to be with people who aren’t too different from her. Of course, despite being an Outcast herself, Wednesday is still quite unique because of the fact that she has a very different way of looking at the world, even when compared to the different students of Nevermore Academy.

Nevermore Academy, of course, was established to be a safe haven for all the children of the Outcasts of the world. That means that there are different species of Outcasts that go in this school. In episode 1, Enid explained to Wednesday that there are four main groups of Outcasts in Nevermore, and those are the Fangs, Furs, Scales, and Stoners. However, there are more than just four species of Outcasts, and that’s what we are here to talk about.

How Many Species Of Outcasts Are There In Wednesday?

As mentioned, Enid said that there are four different species of Outcasts that go to Nevermore Academy. These are the Fangs (vampires), Furs (werewolves), Scales (sirens), and Stoners (gorgons). But there are more than just four types of Outcasts. It’s just that the other species of Outcasts are not as abundant as the others.

Of course, at this point, we aren’t exactly sure how many species of Outcasts are in Nevermore. But we do know that there are seven that have been revealed so far. It is possible that there are more than seven of them but these are yet to be revealed. And if the series gets the green light for season 2, then there is a good chance that there would be more species of Outcasts that would be introduced in Wednesday.

What Are The Main Outcasts Species In Wednesday?



The Fangs in Nevermore are actually the vampires that go to school. As the Fangs are one of the main groups that can be found in Nevermore, it is possible that there are a lot of them attending the school. Some of the members of this clique are Wednesday’s classmates. 


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Of course, we didn’t see the vampires in action a lot, but it is possible that they are similar to what we know about vampires in the sense that they have fangs and are known to suck blood. But from what we’ve seen, it is possible that sunlight doesn’t hurt or kill the vampires, as we actually see them walking out in the sun. Still, the fact that the vampires often wear shades means that they probably hate the sunlight.

Yoko, who is one of the friends of Enid and a member of the Nightshades, is a vampire. However, we didn’t see Yoko in action a lot. Enid, after a brief falling out with Wednesday, became Yoko’s temporary roommate in Ophelia Hall.



The Furs clique is composed of werewolves, which are humans that are capable of turning into werewolves whenever there’s a full moon. Due to the vicious nature of a werewolf, most of the Furs tend to hang out with one another while avoiding all of the other cliques. Of course, Enid is an exception due to the fact that she struggled to wolf out during a good part of the series.

In werewolf society, those who are unable to wolf out tend to be outcasts of the Outcast society as they are unable to find a pack of their own and aren’t suitable enough for other werewolves to mate with. That is why Enid struggles to fit in as a werewolf despite her overly outgoing and colorful personality. However, at the end of the season, she successfully wolfed out and was able to fend off Tyler’s Hyde form to save Wednesday.

Of course, the most prominent of the Furs in Wednesday is Enid, who is roommate of Wednesday Addams. Although things started off on the wrong foot between them due to how different they were from one another, they eventually became best friends.



The Skins clique in Nevermore Academy are the sirens, which are water-based supernatural entities that are able to use their songs to hypnotize people or even alter their memories. It is possible that the sirens are at the top of the social standing of Nevermore because they have this ability.

In fact, the queen bee of the campus is Bianca Barclay, who is the leader of the Scales and the ex-girlfriend of Xavier. It was revealed by Xavier that Bianca often used her siren song on him, and that was the reason why he broke up with her. There is also the fact that Bianca’s mother said that she used her song to manipulate her way into Nevermore, and that’s why the sirens are often the ones that people tend to distrust the most.


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Bianca and Wednesday started off on the wrong foot, as they were rivals the moment Wednesday entered Nevermore. However, they eventually became friends when things between them lightened up and when Wednesday started working with the Nightshades to uncover the mystery behind the attacks on Jericho and Nevermore.



The fourth and final clique in Nevermore is the Stoners. These are not the stoners that you may be thinking of, as they are actually gorgons, which are supernatural creatures that are not too different from Medusa. They have snakes for their hair and are capable of turning living creatures into stone temporarily. That’s why the Stoners often wear something to cover up their snake hair.

The most prominent of the Stoners is Ajax, who is actually Enid’s campus crush. He is described as an air-headed gorgon that struggles to take a hint, as he also fits the stoner stereotype that we often see in regular society. However, he ends up becoming Enid’s boyfriend in the series.


The psychics are not part of the main cliques of Nevermore but are still quite prominent in the school. Unlike the other species in Nevermore, psychics tend to have different psychic abilities that depend on their bloodline and genetics. And among all of the Outcasts, they seem to be the most normal because they don’t have physical traits that make them different from the Normies.

However, psychics are blessed with psychic abilities that allow them to be very different from Normies. For example, Xavier has the ability to see visions that he usually paints or draws. We also saw Rowan having powerful telekinetic abilities that allowed him to push Wednesday and pin her against a tree when he attempted to murder her. Meanwhile, Eugene has the ability to communicate telepathically with bees.

Then there are the Addams, as the members of the family tend to have psychic abilities. Morticia, for example, is a Dove that’s capable of seeing good visions whenever she touches people. Meanwhile, both Wednesday and her distant ancestor Goody are Ravens that are able to see bad visions whenever they touch people or objects. In fact, while the psychics are not part of the main cliques of Nevermore, the most prominent characters in the series are actually psychics. 



While we have only seen one of this species of Outcasts, shapeshifters also exist in Nevermore. However, we aren’t sure if there is a shapeshifter student on campus. That’s because the only shapeshifter we saw was Principal Larissa Weems, who is the one running the entire school and was actually the roommate of Morticia when they were still attending Nevermore Academy.

As the name suggests, Weems and other shapeshifters are able to change their appearances to mimic the appearance of another person. Wednesday understood this when Principal Weems transformed into Rowan to fool the students into believing that he wasn’t murdered. She also transformed into Tyler during the latter part of the series so that she and Wednesday could force Miss Thornhill to confess that she was actually Laurel Gates and was the one controlling Tyler.



The biggest twist of the series came when a seventh species of Outcasts was introduced. Not even Wednesday and most of the students of Nevermore know that a species called the Hydes exist. It was only when Uncle Fester revealed to Wednesday what a Hyde is that she found out that they actually exist.

As the name suggests, the Hydes are derived from the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde story in the sense that they are seemingly regular people that can transform into hideous bloodthirsty monsters whenever their Hyde counterparts are unlocked by someone. And this someone will be recognized as the master of the Hyde.

In fact, Wednesday found out that Tyler, who was supposedly a Normie, was the Hyde that was attacking and killing the people of Jericho and Nevermore. It was also revealed that the one controlling Tyler was Ms. Thornhill, who was actually Laurel Gates all along. Thornhill unleashed the Hyde using plant-based chemicals that affected Tyler’s mental health. Of course, Tyler inherited his Hyde side from his mother, who went to school with Morticia 30 years before the events of the series.

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