Are The Addams Family Humans, Vampires, Witches, or Something Else? (& Are They Immortal?)

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The new Wednesday series on Netflix allowed us to see a reimagining of the Addams Family, which is a fictional family that became famous in a comic book series that was originally published in The New Yorker but has since become famous in sitcoms, cartoons, and movies. Of course, the Wednesday series is the newest version of this fictional family. But what exactly are the members of the Addams Family?

Historically, the Addams Family members are actually human but are just simply odd humans that are interested in gothic themes and things that are related to the macabre. However, the Netflix version of the Addams Family has a supernatural twist as they come from a line of witches and psychics.

The fact that Wednesday Addams in the Wednesday series has psychic powers is one of the different things that Tim Burton added to this story. On top of that, there were several more people who were different from normal society, and that’s why they were called Outcasts. Now, with that said, let’s take a good look at what the Addams Family members are.

Are The Addams Family Human?

One of the most popular fictional families is the Addams Family, which became quite famous in The New Yorker ever since the comic series was first published during the 1930s. Since then, this fictional family has made rounds in TV shows and movies. Of course, the new Wednesday series on Netflix is a new twist to the Addams Family as it reimagines this fictional band of misfits.

Of course, the Wednesday series focuses more on Wednesday Addams, who is the eldest daughter of Gomez and Morticia Addams. Her story revolves around a huge mystery that is happening in her new boarding school Nevermore Academy, which is described as a safe haven for the children of the Outcasts of society. 

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But ever since we met the Addams Family in the different versions of this fictional family, the thing that most people wondered about is whether or not the members of this family are actually human. And that’s something that has puzzled a lot of people over the years because of the fact that the different members of the Addams Family are too weird and odd to be called human.


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The members of the Addams Family are quite interested in things that are strange, supernatural, and odd. They are also interested in anything that is remotely related to the macabre, as they are a gothic bunch that takes on a darker theme when it comes to the way the family works. Nevertheless, the family is still very much a tight-knit and loving unit that may even be better than most of the families that are “normal” in society.

But the thing that people often forget about is the fact that the Addams Family members are actually human. It was never hinted that the members of the Addams Family were anything but human despite the fact that they may be gothic and dark. Some people may think that they are zombies, vampires, or anything related to the supernatural. But the Addams Family has always been a family composed of human beings that are of the aberrant sort in the sense that they are simply odd and were never the type to conform to the standards of normal society.

What Exactly Are The Addams Family In The Wednesday Series?

While we did say that the members of the Addams Family are human, the Netflix Wednesday series by Tim Burton added a twist to the Addams Family lore by bringing in Nevermore Academy, which is a school that was established for the Outcasts. In that regard, the concept of Outcasts and Normies was introduced into the Addams Family lore. Of course, the Addams Family members are Outcasts because they were never really normal enough to fit in with the Normies.

The Outcast society in Nevermore is made up of four main groups, which are the Fangs (vampires), Furs (werewolves), Scales (sirens), and Stoners (gorgons). But there were other different supernatural human beings that lived in Nevermore, including psychics and shapeshifters.

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So, in the Wednesday series, it appears that the members of the Addams Family are all humans. The exception is Thing, who Wednesday says is one of the many mysteries of the Addams Family. However, while Wednesday and her family are still human in the Wednesday series, Tim Burton’s version added a twist that made them more special than regular human beings.

Wednesday was seen to have the ability to see dark visions of the future whenever she touches people and objects. These visions come randomly and are the products of her innate psychic abilities, which manifested before she moved to Nevermore Academy. And it was revealed by Principal Weems that Wednesday’s mother, Morticia, also had the same psychic abilities.


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As such, Wednesday is actually a psychic human being in the Wednesday series. But she is not alone, as all of the other members of her family could also be psychic as well. Morticia, of course, is the only member of the family that has been shown to have psychic abilities. But she did reveal that her psychic abilities are different in the sense that she is a Dove that sees good visions, while Wednesday is a Raven that only sees bad visions.

Morticia also revealed that this innate ability that Wednesday had could have also come from her father’s line as Goody Addams, one of Gomez’s distant ancestors in the past, was a Raven with psychic abilities as well. It was also revealed by Morticia that Goody was a powerful witch during her time. That could mean that the Addams Family members are not only psychics but are also witches that are capable of magic.

Nevertheless, save for the fact that Uncle Fester has the ability to produce electric shocks from his hands, we haven’t seen any of the other family members performing feats of magic. But the fact is that they are still regular human beings with innate supernatural abilities that allow them to be very different from Normie society.

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