Who Is Terry in ‘Mayor of Kingstown’? What Happened to Him?

P dog Mike McLusky and Allison in Mayor of Kingstown

Santa Jesus (S02E08) proved to be one of the most anti-climatic episodes of Mayor of Kingstown, as Mike (Jeremy Renner) ended up in more trouble just after pulling off the huge victory and getting Bunny out of prison. The episode introduced a mysterious woman called Allison (Callie Thorne), who struck an instant bond with Mike just before revealing her sinister motives. Mike finds Allison mourning the apparent death of her partner Terry whom we haven’t seen in the show before, leaving fans wondering who he is and what happened to him.

The show hasn’t revealed the details of Terry’s identity as of the eighth episode of the second season but judging by Allison’s statement, he is a former guard or employee at the Men’s prison who died during the prison riot in the first season. Mike knew Terry but couldn’t help him during the riot. Terry could also have been a member of the Aryan Brotherhood or a sympathizer, just like Davidson and the other guards at the prison.

Mike went on a bender after negotiating Bunny’s release, looking to relax his mind and reset as he told Paris (Tina Ivlev) at Rudy’s pub, but he nearly ended up dead. It is unclear whether he already planned to meet with Allison, but he obviously had no idea that her partner Terry had died. So, who was Terry, and why did Allison try to get Mike killed after sleeping with him? Let’s delve into it.

What happened to Terry in Mayor of Kingstown?

P Dog in Mayor of Kingstown 1

Allison told Mike when they met at the pub that Terry had died, but for some reason, Mike didn’t know about it. After the two made out, Allison told Mike that Terry was the only person that could have protected her.

It is still unclear who Terry was or what he did at the prison, but judging from the series of events that led to his death, he was a correctional officer or another type of employee at the men’s prison.

Most of the COs in Kingstown prisons are AB sympathizers and are heavily outnumbered by the many Crips-affiliated inmates. The COs loyal to the brotherhood made P Dog (the former leader of the Crips) angry by canceling all his privileges and mistreating him, causing P Dog to instigate a riot with Milo’s help.


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During the riots, the prisoners killed 36 guards, and Terry was likely among them. Details of his death were not given either, although mike told Allison that he didn’t enter the prison building during the riot, meaning that is where Terry was when the riot happened.

Despite pretending to care about Mike and to have enjoyed his company, it is obvious that Allison hates Mike and has a sinister motive behind their whole encounter. She even tried to get him to delay after telling someone on the phone that he was waking up, likely setting him up to be killed.

What was Mike’s relationship with Terry?

Mike and Allison in Mayor of Kingstown s02e08 1

When mike entered the pub, he asked Allison about Terry’s whereabouts because the seat beside her was empty. It was obvious that Mike, Terry, and Allison were buddies and had previously drunk at the pub.

Allison then asked Mike whether he was still playing both sides, keeping the peace between the brotherhood and the Crips and the other gangs in town. Allison didn’t like the prisoners, specifically the Crips, whom she blamed for Terry’s death.

Mike had not been to that side of Kingstown for a long time because he didn’t know that Paris’ grandfather had been dead for two years, which explains his lack of knowledge about Terry’s death.

He didn’t expect any problems with Terry and Allison either because he left his gun with Paris for safekeeping while going to meet Allison.

Since Mike was once a brotherhood member while in prison, that could have been the beginning of his friendship with Terry, Mike only went to meet Allison and Terry in Santa Jesus because he was having his “day off.”

It means they were drinking buddies that enjoyed each other’s company, and he would have helped Mike reset his mind if he had been alive. He ended up sleeping with his grieving partner instead.


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Did Allison betray Mike?

Callie Thorne as Allison in Mayor of Kingstown

Allison betrayed Mike by disclosing his whereabouts to an unknown person she spoke to on the phone just before Mike woke up. It is unclear who Allison spoke to, but it could be related to the attempted hit on Mike just moments after he left Allison’s house.

Just before Mike left, Allison tried to get him to stay longer, claiming that a cup of coffee would be good for him. Allison also tried to give Mike more alcohol just after he woke up.

She was doing everything to get Mike to stay in the house, probably to be caught unaware by whoever she was talking to on the phone.

Carney already told Mike that most of the guards at the prison were either AB members or sympathizers. If Terry was one of them, it would explain why Davidson tried to kill Mike just minutes after leaving Allison’s house.

Davidson was the leader of the AB-affiliated guards that harrassed Bunny at the prison before Mike and Kyle intervened, and Kyle pistol-whipped him and told him never to threaten Mike again.

Before Mike and Kyle left Davidson alone, he asked Mike, “I thought you were one of us,” a phrase that Duke (whom Mike killed for abusing Iris) also used.

The brotherhood could therefore have put out a hit on Mike, and Davidson was only executing it. That means Mike is in more trouble than he thought because the brotherhood also includes members of law enforcement.

Being hunted by the brotherhood and the other three gangs whose leaders were not released from prison puts Mike and his family in great danger.


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Is Milo working with Allison?

Milo Mayor of Kingstown 1

The show hasn’t identified the person that Allison was speaking to on the phone, only that Davidson tried to kill Mike afterward, and then Milo showed up after Mike killed Davidson.

However, Milo has close ties with the brotherhood, giving Iris to them as a gift after she ran away from Mike. Since Davidson was a member, he could as well have been working on Milo’s orders.

If Allison is a brotherhood member or a sympathizer, she could also be working with Milo. The alliance between AB and Milo puts Mike in a difficult position because they are both powerful gangs.

Since Allison slept with Mike just before calling his would-be killer on him, she could be Mike’s greatest enemy. She probably blames Mike for Terry’s death because Mike works with the Crips, and Mike doesn’t seem to see her as his enemy.

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