Who Is Charlie in ‘Mayor of Kingstown’? Meet Kenny Johnson’s Character

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Kenny Johnson is a well-known face that has been around on our TV screens for a little over three decades. His newest role, however, came in Paramount+’s amazing crime thriller Mayor of Kingstown, where he appeared as Charlie Pickens. So, who is Charlie in Mayor of Kingstown?

Charlie Pickens is a supporting character in Mayor of Kingstown that first appeared in Season 2, Episode 5 of the show. Portrayed by Kenny Johnson, Charlie is a convicted serial killer who started sharing the locations of dismembered bodies in return for some time out of his cell.

We haven’t seen a lot of Charlie so far, as he only appeared in two episodes, so there’s still not much depth to the character. Keep reading the article if you want to learn more about Charlie Pickens and the actor portraying him in the show.

Who is Charlie in ‘Mayor of Kingstown’?

Mayor of Kingstown had tons of new characters introduced in the second season. Still, probably one of the most interesting characters in the new season is Charlie Pickens, portrayed by the well-known face on TV, Kenny Johnson.

Charlie is a convicted serial killer who is held in a psychiatric facility. He first appeared briefly in Episode 5 of the second season and got a bit more screen time two episodes later, in a particular episode called Drones.

There’s still not that much depth to the character, seeing that he only had limited screen time in two episodes of the show so far, but it was more than enough to showcase two things. The first is Kenny Johnson’s great acting skills, and the second is his character’s chilling yet redemptive nature.


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As mentioned, Charlie is a serial killer who decided to write a confession about a body he left behind because, as he says, he wants to do good. Whether he had ulterior motives or not is yet to be seen, but so far, it seems that Pickens found God and just wishes to do good.

Anyway, his confession included details about where he left dismembered body parts, and after the police went to investigate, they found what Charlie said they would find.

Ian visited the psychiatric facility where Pickens is located and conversed with the convicted killer. After they prayed together, Charlie promised to call Ian if he remembered the location of any other body he had left behind.

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To show good will, Ian mentions that Charlie needs a dentist and that, should he pay a visit to the dentist’s office, he’d get the opportunity to get out of jail for a minute and take a little trip. Charlie says he’d like that, and afterward, we haven’t seen much of Pickens.

I’m sure we’ll learn much more about Charlie and his crimes in the following episodes, and I’m eager to see how it all ties into the bigger picture of the show.

How important is Charlie in Mayor of Kingstown?

As I’ve said before, Kenny Johnson’s character isn’t fleshed out yet since he has only appeared in two episodes. However, he’s already an important figure for law enforcement, seeing that he started to confess to more crimes he committed.

Whenever a crime is solved in Kingstown, it’s a big win, so finding a dismembered body and knowing the perpetrator certainly is important. Also, I’m sure that there’s a reason why the character is getting introduced right now.


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Who is Kenny Johnson: A brief biography & acting career

Kenny Johnson is a well-known actor whose career started over three decades ago, his first role happening in The Forbidden Dance in 1990. The American actor has done over sixty roles, making him well-known as a skilled actor with depth and range.

His most prominent role is certainly as Officer Dominique Luca in S.W.A.T., where he appeared in over 120 episodes. He is also known for his role as Detective Curtis Lemansky in The Shield and, more recently, as Caleb Calhoun in Bates Motel.

Another reason why Johnson has such variety is that he acted alongside countless incredible, critically acclaimed actors, such as Forest Whitaker, Glenn Close, Vera Farmiga, and Anthony Hopkins.

His other notable roles include Sons of Anarchy, Dexter, Secrets and Lies, Chicago Fire, Prime Suspect, Law and Order, Saving Grace, and much more.

It seems that Kenny Johnson made a name for himself in crime TV shows, but he did other stuff and movies, such as Solace (2015), Blade (1998), etc.

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