What Is Galadriel’s & Halbrand’s Relationship? Will They Be Together in The Rings of Power?

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Early in The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, we got to see Galadriel becoming unlikely companions with a Man named Halbrand, who he met at sea together with other survivors. After a sea monster attacked them, Galadriel and Halbrand were the only ones to survive as they ended up getting rescued by Elendil, who brought them to Númenor. Their relationship didn’t start out on good terms, but Galadriel and Halbrand ended up becoming allies while they were on their way to Middle-Earth after convincing the Númenoreans to launch an attack on the Southlands. So, what is Galadriel’s relationship with Halbrand, and will they be together?

At this point, Galadriel and Halbrand are simply allies and companions that have a common goal, which is to unite the people of the Southlands against the Orcs that are rampaging all over that region. Of course, we all know that Galadriel is going to marry Celeborn sooner or later in history.

It may be a good idea to have an Elf and a Man being in a relationship, but we’ve already seen that in Aragorn and Arwen and in Arondir and Bronwyn. As such, it is unlikely that Galadriel will be in a relationship with Halbrand, especially because we are yet to learn who this human companion really is. Now, let’s look at a deeper look into what Galadriel’s relationship with Halbrand is.

What Is Galadriel’s And Halbrand’s Relationship?

Ever since The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power was released, one of the things that we got to see early on was the dynamics between the most important character in the series and another one that we hardly know anything about. We are talking about Galadriel and a Man named Halbrand.

This unlikely relationship began when Galadriel was on a ship that was on its way to the Undying Lands of Valinor as this was a reward given to her and her men for their efforts in searching night and day all over Middle-Earth to learn more about Sauron and his whereabouts. While she failed in her quest, she was still given this reward by High King Gil-galad so that he could get rid of the vestiges of war in the Middle-Earth. But instead of entering Valinor, Galadriel jumped off the ship and began swimming her way back to Middle-Earth.


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As powerful of an Elf as she may be, Galadriel still had her limits. That was the reason why she wanted to get on a makeshift raft that had a few shipwreck survivors on it. Halbrand was one of the survivors on that raft as he initially doubted whether or not Galadriel was dangerous, as he specifically said, “looks can be deceiving” when one of the people on the raft said that she didn’t look dangerous. 

Nevertheless, she was thrown overboard when they found out that she was an Elf, as a sea monster took the lives of everyone except Halbrand, who was happy enough to help Galadriel. But the two struggled against the storm. Luckily, they were found unconscious by Elendil’s ship as they were taken to Númenor. 

galadriel and halbrand

While they were in Númenor, Halbrand clearly wanted to stay there because it was better than what he had back in the Southlands where he was from. But Galadriel was ruining things for him because she invited trouble by trying to convince Queen Regent Míriel to send an army to Middle-Earth. And it was also during her research on Númenor that Galadriel found out that Halbrand was a reluctant Southlands king that didn’t want to return there to unite his people.

In that regard, the relationship between the two got off to a rocky start. They didn’t seem to agree on things because Galadriel wanted him to return with her to Middle-Earth so that he could unite his people. On the other hand, Halbrand wanted to stay in Númenor because it felt like the safest place for him to have a fresh start in life. 

Still, when Galadriel told Halbrand her life story and why she wanted to return to Middle-Earth, the Man was seemingly convinced that returning to Middle-Earth was the best way he could earn his place in Middle-Earth. After that, Galadriel and Halbrand were clearly on better terms as they were set to sail to Middle-Earth. And they even shook hands as companions.

In that regard, it is clear that Galadriel and Halbrand are simply companions and allies that are on their way to fight a battle against a common foe. Fate brought them together because they needed each other in their fight against Sauron’s forces in the Southlands. Galadriel met Halbrand because she needed the lost king of the Southlands. On the other hand, Halbrand never thought that he needed Galadriel until she made him believe that he could only find peace by going back to Middle-Earth to fight for his people.


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This is more of a relationship that was formed out of necessity until they both became allies for a common cause. And the series is looking to make things more interesting in relation to how this alliance between Galadriel and Halbrand will contribute to the overall storyline in the future.

Will Galadriel And Halbrand End Up Together?

At this point, Galadriel and Halbrand have seemingly come to an understanding regarding what they feel about the situation in Middle-Earth and what they have to do to make things right for the people there. Galadriel now has her army and her Southlander king. Meanwhile, Halbrand now has a reason to return and fight for his people. But does that mean they will end up together?

It is safe to say that Galadriel and Halbrand will not end up together. That’s because of the very fact that Galadriel, according to the right course of history in Tolkien’s writings and in Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings movies, will marry an Elven lord named Celeborn. Their child will end up marrying Elrond, as this union will bear Arwen, who ends up getting married to Aragorn.

Celeborn and Galdriel

As such, Galadriel will have a spouse somewhere down the road. It is even possible that she is already married to Celeborn in The Rings of Power because Tolkien’s writings say that they got married in the First Age. As to why Celeborn is yet to show up is something that we are unsure but we are sure that they are going to get married because that is the right course in the history of Tolkien’s writings and in the events that transpired in the LOTR trilogy movies.

Of course, there is also the possibility that Halbrand isn’t what he seems to be. Yes, there are rumors that point to the possibility that he could be Sauron, as Halbrand said himself that “looks can be deceiving.” That was probably his way of telling Galadriel that he had been deceiving her all along and that he was actually Sauron in disguise.

We all know that Sauron’s whereabouts and identity are still unknown, even though some people quickly pointed to the possibility that he and Adar could be one and the same person. Nevertheless, we know that Sauron is more cunning and deceitful than any other person in Middle-Earth, and he could be just hiding in plain sight. The fact that Halbrand could be the dark lord should be a good enough reason why he and Galadriel won’t end up being in a relationship.

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