What Is ‘The Rise of the Dragon’? George R. R. Martin’s Next Book Explained

George R.R. Martin is one of the most known novelists of our time. His masterpiece fantasy serial A Song of Ice and Fire became a global phenomenon, particularly thanks to HBO’s TV adaptation — Game of Thrones — which had the potential to become the best TV show of our time if it wasn’t for that notorious Season 8. Still, while the original TV series is finished, Martin’s world continues to rule our small screens now with a new TV series House of the Dragon, the adaptation of Martin’s Fire & Blood, which tells the history of House Targaryen.

The fans of Martin’s source material are still waiting for the next two books — The Winds of Winter and A Dream of Spring — which are set to conclude the book series and fans are hoping to see a worthwhile ending after the TV series failed in giving that to the fans. But, those aren’t the only books that Martin is preparing for the fans of his world. The next book that comes from Martin’s work is The Rise of the Dragon, and what is that book exactly about?

The Rise of the Dragon is an upcoming book that Martin co-wrote with Elio M. García Jr. and Linda Antonsson. The book will describe the history of House Targaryen, but unlike Fire & Blood, the book is written in an encyclopedic style, similar to The World of Ice and Fire. For readers who are already familiar with Fire & Blood, The Rise of the Dragon will serve primarily as an art book, but the book will feature more than 180 new illustrations and some new features which will make it worth buying for every fan of A Song of Ice and Fire.

Fire & Blood was first published in 2018, and Martin said it’s only the first volume of the book that describes the whole history of House Targaryen. The second volume is also currently in development, and that’s already three books that fans are expecting from Martin. The TV series House of the Dragon is based on Fire & Blood, but unlike the book, which starts from the beginning (conquest and ruling of Aegon I. Targaryen, who ruled from 1 AC to 37 AC), the TV series starts with the story in 105 AC, during the time of Viserys I. Targaryen. Still, both the book and the series are covering the Dance of the Dragons, a known civil war during the Targaryen rule of the Seven Kingdoms.

A Song of Ice and Fire currently features five books, with two more that are set to conclude the original series. Fire & Blood is expected to get the second volume in the future as well. There is also a companion book The World of Ice & Fire, and The Lands of Ice and Fire, which is the set of foldout maps from the World of A Song of Ice and Fire.

The Rise of the Dragon is expected to start publishing this October. As for the next, and last, two books in A Song of Ice and Fire, we can only hope we’ll be alive by the time those books hit the shelves.

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