What Prank Did Denji & Power Pull on Aki in Chainsaw Man?

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Chainsaw Man is one of the most popular and recent releases from the famous Japanese magazine Shounen Jump, responsible for the biggest anime in the industry such as One Piece, Naruto, and Dragon Ball. After the Chainsaw Man manga blew up and was extremely successful around the world, it did not take long for it to get an anime adaptation by studio MAPPA, which is doing well-deserved justice to the original material. With the release of episode 5, fans noticed something happened between the main characters Denji, Power, and Aki and wondered what prank did Denji and Power pull on Aki.

Denji and Power put excrement up Aki’s nose to play a prank on him. As confirmed by the original author himself, Tatsuki Fujimoto, who live-tweeted his reaction to the episode, Denji and Power somehow put someone’s poop in Aki’s nose the morning of the episode. This lead to Aki being extremely angry and Denji and Power questioning their actions. This information was not revealed during the manga and was just revealed now during the airing of the 5th episode of the anime.

This prank might seem a bit crazy, but it is true and it did happen. Let’s dig up a little bit a try to figure out what actually happened between Denji, Power, and Aki in Chainsaw Man.

Denji & Power’s Relationship with Aki

Denji was introduced in Chainsaw Man in the first episode since he is the main character and the Chainsaw Man himself. Not long after that, he met Aki, who was supposed to mentor him and teach him how to work as a Public Safety devil hunter. But they did not get along very well at first, with Denji kicking Aki in the crotch several times. However, Aki was told he was supposed to take Denji in and live with him to keep an eye on him 24/7. Denji and Aki do eventually develop a friendship.

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Denji and Aki also meet Power, a fiend (a devil who took over someone’s body) who also just started working as a Public Safety devil hunter and is supposed to be Denji’s partner. Denji and Power also do not get along well when they meet, Power even tried to betray Denji and turn him into food for the Bat Devil. However, after that, they get to know each other well and turn into iconic duo. Power also moves in with Denji and Aki and gives both of them a lot of trouble since she is still a devil and does not know how to live as a human.


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Aki is not that happy with the situation, since he never wanted to live together with Denji and Power and did not want to take care of them, but had to do so since they were Makima’s requests. Aki was extremely hostile towards Denji since Denji was really obnoxious and had caught up Makima’s attention, which made Aki very jealous. Aki did not dislike Power as much as Denji in the beginning, but she was extremely hard to deal with at home.

Denji & Power’s Ultimate Prank

After some days together, Denji and Power are already great friends and would not miss an opportunity to mess with Aki. Just as the Eternity Devil Arc is starting and Denji, Power, Aki and the rest of the Tokyo Special Division 4 are entering a hotel where a devil who supposedly has a piece of the Gun Devil resides.

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While they prepare to face off against the devil, Denji and Power notice that Aki is being really strict and mean to them, even stating they do not have any human rights. Denji and Power think he is acting this way because of a prank they did that morning and for the only time in the series with see Aki extremely angry saying that was not a prank and would kill both of them.

This situation happens as early as chapter 14 of the manga, which was originally released on March 18, 2019, but the prank Denji and Power pulled up on Aki was only revealed while episode 5 was airing on November 8, 2022. The original author, Tatsuki Fujimoto, has a Twitter account where he usually comments on the anime episodes as they are being released, and during the release of the 5th episode, he came about to talk about what exactly Denji and Power did to Aki.

Fujimoto revealed that Denji and Power took someone’s poop and put it on Aki’s nose while he was asleep, which gives Aki absolute reason to be mad at them. It was not revealed whose poop it was that they put on Aki’s, but it could easily be from Power’s cat. This disrespectful treatment Power and Denji have towards Aki is going to end eventually and they will notice how childish they are acting.


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Now that you are aware of the prank Denji and Power pulled up on Aki you can go on and check where you can watch Chainsaw Man in order to catch up with the newly released episodes and see the other pranks Denji and Power must have pulled up on the other characters of the series.

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