How Old Is Aki in Chainsaw Man?

How Old Is Aki in Chainsaw Man?

Aki is one of the main supporting characters of the Chainsaw Man manga and anime. A curious man, Aki was initially very antagonistic towards Denji but would later become his close ally. Although the Chainsaw Man manga is still ongoing, Aki’s story is over, but that won’t stop us from discussing his story here. In this article, we are going to reveal just how old Aki is in the Chainsaw Man manga and anime, from its start to finish.

Aki Hayakawa is one of the Chainsaw Man characters whose age is officially unknown. Aki seems to be around Makima’s age, who herself looks like she’s in her mid-twenties; Aki himself does look like he’s in his early to mid-twenties, but since we never had any confirmation of his age, we cannot properly determine it. This is why it is impossible to determine Aki’s age in Chainsaw Man.

The rest of the article will give you some more information on Aki’s evolution as a character in the series, as well as answers to some important questions regarding Aki’s age at some of the most important moments in his life. The article is, of course, going to contain spoilers, so we just wanted to warn you.

How old is Aki in Chainsaw Man?

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Aki’s age in Chainsaw Man: Unknown

As we have said above, Aki’s actual age is unknown. This is not because he is a Devil (although he did become a Fiend at one point), but simply because Tatsuki Fujimoto never revealed his birthday. He does look like a man in his early or mid-twenties and he might be just that, but we never had any official confirmation of his age. Still, we can tell you what happened to Aki in the series.

At a later point in the story, a flashback is shown in which Makima mentions to Aki that the Angel Devil is the strongest member of the Fourth Division, after Kishibe, but he is also the idlest one; Makima makes it a condition stating that if he wants to join the expedition to eliminate the Gun Devil, he must make good use of it.

Makima tells Aki that the Angel Devil was killing all the villagers in the town where he was born, more accurately, he was absorbing their life force and turning it into weapons. Aki is surprised at this and Makima tells him that his sword is one of the ones he made, and that they have a lot of special abilities, like cutting a ghost that should be intangible.

After Beam and Denji have escaped from Reze, Aki is shown boxing due to being brought there by Nomo. Moments later, Aki is called by Nomo to tell him that Beam and Denji were badly injured at the door; Aki asks Beam if Denji was attacked by a Devil, and Beam just replies “Bomb coming! Bomb… Gun Devil’s partner!”

Aki is surprised by the answer and threatens him to tell him where he knows that from, but Beam explains that if he tells him he will be killed and that he promised Makima. A couple of seconds later, he approaches Reze at the Second Anti-Devil Division Training Facility, where they were. Later, Aki is in a car with Beam, Denji, and the Angel Devil, and asks them to make Denji drink blood so he can recover.

In that instant, the Future Devil shows him a very bad future. Reze appears in front of them showing him the heads of Nomo and the Lieutenant of the Second Division. Reze asks Aki and the others to hand over Denji to her and to leave since she prefers not to kill anyone else, but he starts speeding up to get away from her. Reze jumps on them falling on the roof of the car with the intention of blowing it up, but at a precise moment, the Violence Devil appears to save them, causing Reze’s plan to fail.

After the intervention of the Violence Devil and Kobeni, Reze again goes out to chase them down the road, but by that time Denji had already woken up. During Reze’s explosion on Denji, Aki hid among the corpses so he could surprise her and cut her with his sword, managing to sever her left arm and bring Denji to safety.


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As they face each other, Aki thinks that the slightest mistake will bring him death and that he can use the power of the Future Devil to see a few seconds of the future, but he doesn’t know if his body will be able to react to that. Just as Reze performs an explosion, Aki is saved again by the Violence Devil. Due to the combination of Typhoon Devil and Reze, a strong current is generated.

In an instant, the Angel Devil begins to be carried away by this current, so Aki decides to hold him by his clothes. Aki, upon hearing that the Angel Devil says that this was his time to die from him, releases him momentarily to grab his hand, despite the fact that he would see his lifespan reduced. The Angel Devil reproaches him for why he did it, and Aki asks him how long he has left to live now, answering that he has two months left to live.

Aki firmly holds the Angel Devil, telling him that he is tired of seeing people die in front of his eyes. After the battle between Denji and Beam against Reze and the Typhoon Devil, Kishibe tells Aki a story about the USSR that mothers tell their children to punish them, which is about the existence of a secret room full of military ammunition, in which children are used as test subjects; in the end, the “tale” was published in the newspapers as something real, but it passed in silence.

Kishibe reveals to Aki that Denji was involved with one of those children, namely Reze, who is known as Morumoto. Several Public Security Devil hunters break into Aki’s apartment, leaving him bewildered. After revealing that the vacation was a lie, Makima mentions to Aki that he will be part of the operation to kill the Gun Devil and asks him not to die until then.

Later, a flashback is shown where Aki and the Angel Devil are eating together, and he explains how the life cycle of Devils works. Aki asks him if he has memories of Hell, and the Angel Devil responds by asking if he has memories of his mother’s womb, and then secretly tells him that no Devil in the special divisions remembers Hell, but they all remember hearing the same sound before they died there: the roar of Denji’s engine.

Later, Aki, Denji, Power, Makima, the Angel Devil, Kusakabe, Tamaoki, and Yoshida are shown near a lake, while taking care of Denji by escorting him. Later, Aki is shown along with the others eating at a restaurant and they inadvertently run into Santa Claus and Tolka. After leaving the restaurant, Aki’s group and the others meet Kobeni, the Violence Devil, and “Kurose”, and Aki tells the latter that he shouldn’t push himself to join the mission, since his friends, Tendo and Subaru, died recently.

“Kurose” replies that he must avenge his friends and begs Aki to be part of the operation. Aki and the others enter a department store to eat while being stalked by Santa Claus dolls. Immediately after entering the place, the dolls enter the store to attack them, but are ambushed by Kusakabe turning them to stone.

Seconds later, many of these dolls burst in, driving Aki’s group back to the second floor and being saved by Nakamura, who was waiting for the order to kill the dolls. As Quanxi charges at high speed into the department store, maiming everyone close to her, Aki manages to intercept her sword at exactly the right time to save the Angel Devil, but they both fall unconscious to the ground.

While Quanxi was facing Kishibe and the other Devil hunters, Aki wakes up and prepares to fight along with the others, but the Future Devil shows her a future that leaves Aki bewildered: he and the others of his group and Kobeni with him. The Violence Devil, along with Quanxi, two of her Devilesses, and Tolka’s doll, is sent to Hell by Santa Claus by making a contract with the Hell Devil.

When they all meet in Hell, Aki realizes that Denji is very bad and pulls his leash so that he can transform, but he does not succeed completely since he does not have enough blood. He also notices that Quanxi is with them and is hostile towards her, but they decide to be in a truce for now, since something is wrong with the Devils.


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Aki asks the Angel Devil if he knows what this place is, to which he replies that they are in Hell and have been summoned by the power of a Devil. Then, the Darkness Devil appears in front of this group and, occupying his power, he extracts the arms of all those present, to show himself to them. The Darkness Devil is orchestrating a massacre as they attack him, and Aki, completely devastated, can only say, while remembering Himeno’s death: “Me… Not again… Me”.

The Darkness Devil stands in front of Aki and, moments after the Angel Devil collapsed, falls to the floor spitting blood. After Makima managed to get everyone out of hell, Aki is left unconscious on the ground along with the others. As a result of the situation, Aki loses her left arm. Aki is killed by the Gun Devil while advancing on Makima; this Devil possesses Aki’s corpse and becomes a Gun Devil Man, so, within this new form, he returns to his residence to ambush Denji.

In his mind, Aki hallucinates the experience as if he is having a snowball fight with Denji. Using his left arm, which became a weapon, he shoots Denji, destroying his apartment and splitting Denji in half. He and Denji then engage in combat, causing many buildings to be destroyed due to his attacks, injuring and killing bystanders in the process.

In his vision, Aki sees Denji crying, causing him to give up, and giving Denji the opportunity to kill him. Aki then turns around to see that his brother has returned with the gloves, and the two of them proceed to play catch together in the afterlife. It is later revealed that in his will he left half of his money with Denji and the other half with Himeno’s family.

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