Chainsaw Man: Does Makima Actually Like Denji? The Reason Explained

Does Makima Actually Like Denji in Chainsaw Man? The Reason Explained

In the world of Chainsaw Man, Denji is a young boy with his heart merged with a chainsaw devil. After the fusion occurred, Makima, the leader of an experimental team of devil hunters took Denji under her wings. On the outside, Makima looks like a kind-hearted woman with a gentle voice who is fascinated by Denji. But does Makima actually like Denji? Is it something romantic or something fully different?

Makima does not like Denji. What she feels about Denji is a pure obsession. She is not in love with him because it’s her ability that does not let her fall in love. Makima intends to use Denji to achieve her goal of creating world peace in the worst way possible.

If you have not read the manga yet, you will be shocked to learn about Makima and what she is capable of. Let’s not elongate the suspense any further and dip into the main part of this article.  

Who is Makima?

Do you know what is cooler than a powerful female protagonist? A very well-written female antagonist. Makima is a character who appeared in the manga as one of the main characters and was later revealed as the main antagonist of Chainsaw Part 1 (up to volume 11 and chapter 97). She is the manifestation of the Control Devil, one of the strongest devils ever existed in the series.


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Makima’s abilities and weaknesses

Makima is as old as the human race which has granted her unlimited knowledge. As the Control Devil, Makima can control anybody who is inferior to her including dead bodies and animals. She controls a mischief of rats that she uses as her ears. There is nothing she does not hear. One of her two flaws is that she can not differentiate people or devils based on their physical appearances. She identifies them by their smell. She also possesses the powers of a few of the strongest devils in history.

Makima’s greatest strength is her manipulation technique and she used it very well to become an absolute (almost) immortal. As a devil, she can make a pact with a human. But since she is the Control Devil, she can also force people in making pacts with her. The most significant pact she made was with the Japanese Prime Minister. In exchange for working for the government, Makima was promised that any wounds or attacks that will come upon her will be transmitted to a random Japanese citizen in the form of a disease or accident.

This literally means, if Makima gets hit, some random Japanese citizen will get hurt, if Makima is shot in the head, someone else will die instead. 

Is Makima good or evil?

Though her dream of creating world peace does sound nice, Makima is nothing but evil, or a necessary evil as Makima likes to call herself. She is an absolutely wicked woman who loves to lie. It makes her extremely untrustworthy. Her ability makes her not see eye to eye with anyone. As it is always about control, she can not see another person/devil as her equal which makes her unable to love someone. It is like an ironic paradox that becomes her weakness while fighting with Denji. Since it is always about staying above everyone, she can not empathize with anyone.

Makima is a sadist devil who likes the idea of creating peace for the sake of destroying it. She likes torturing and manipulating people and devils, she enjoys it a great deal, just like how she felt joy when she took Power and Aki away from Denji. 

Makima has done so many questionable things that fans have put her evilness in the same category as Griffith from Berserk. Now can you imagine that? 

Chainsaw Man may seem a lot similar to Jujutsu Kaisen but comparing the antagonists, Makima is far more complex than Sukuna and Kenjaku combined. 

What does Makima want with Denji?

When the devils in this series are killed, they go to hell from where they reincarnate in the world. This is an endless process where devils die and reincarnate over and over again. But Chainsaw Man has a unique ability that makes all other devils fear him. He can erase the existence of a devil once and for all without leaving any possibilities of reincarnation.

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Makima’s plan is to control Chainsaw Man and use him to eradicate every devil from the world. Now you may wonder, that doesn’t sound so bad, why are people so against it? Because that is not where Makima will stop. Her plan of achieving world peace is not just by killing devils but by eliminating all bad and negative things from this world, including death, fear, sadness, and anger. If no one dies, if you don’t feel sadness, how will you feel happiness? Isn’t it the worst kind of world peace, where the word peace does not hold any meaning since chaos does not exist anymore? 


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Is it love or just a selfish obsession?

Makima is a fan of Pochita AKA Chainsaw Man AKA the strongest devil that ever existed. But she does not like Denji and she believes Denji is not worthy of being fused with the Chainsaw Man. But she plays nice to him, because the wicked side of her likes making people fall in love with her, the one thing she is unable to do in return. 

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