What Was the Rocky Port Incident in One Piece? (& What Happened There?)

What Was the Rocky Port Incident in One Piece? (& What Happened There?)

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The stories of One Piece are truly amazing, even if we’re not talking about the principal adventures of Luffy’s crew. Many of the interesting stories are still unknown to us, either because they will be explored in the future, or because they happened during the (in)famously notorious time skip. A story belonging to the latter is going to be the focus of this article, as we are going to tell you everything we know about the Rocky Port Incident that happened during the time skip and has to do with Trafalgar D. Water Law.

The Rocky Port Incident was an incident that was caused by Trafalgar D. Water Law during the two-year timeskip in the One Piece storyline. It was first mentioned by Brannew when he reintroduced the Seven Warlords of the Sea as a group. We know that Marine captain Koby protected citizens during the incident and became known as a hero among them, but not much is known besides this.

Trafalgar D. Water Law caused the Rocky Port Incident during the time skip, but not much is known about this event. The story never really explored a lot of the time skip stories, so we are going to bring you everything we could gather about this incident to help you understand what actually happened. Some spoilers might be in this article.

What happened during the Rocky Port Incident in One Piece?

The Rocky Port incident was an incident that was perpetrated by Trafalgar D. Water Law during the two-year timeskip. This was mentioned by Brannew when he introduced Law as one of the new Seven Warlords of the Seas, and then by Rebecca and Kyros during the Levely Arc. Koby, a captain of the Marines, protected the citizens from the incident and became a hero for them.

And sadly, this is where the information runs dry. We actually have no idea what happened there and what Law did. In fact, we don’t actually know where said Rocky Port is. It was obviously something big since Brannew used it as a sort of character reference for Law, but how big and how dangerous – we simply do not know. Not even Koby’s story reveals more about this, although he was the one that seemingly stopped it.

What happened after the Rocky Port Incident?

As for the consequences of this event, we are going to tell you what happened to the two principal protagonists that took part in it – Law and Koby.

Trafalgar D. Water Law

As we have said, Law was somehow connected to the well-known Rocky Port Incident. Sometime later he arrived in the New World and became one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea, giving the World Government a hundred pirate hearts. Two months before the return of the Straw Hat Pirates, he arrived at Punk Hazard providing new legs to Caesar Clown’s subordinates and Brownbeard, who months earlier had arrived on the island after the defeat against Hawkins.

He appears before Smoker as he arrives at the front gate of Dr. Vegapunk’s former research facility, welcoming him and asking why his “vacation home” has been broken into, to which the Vice Admiral tells him that Punk Hazard is out of the picture. the limits of the World Government. Law replies that, if so, his arrival on that island means that he is not within the limits of the World Government either.


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Smoker tells him that he knows what happened in the Sabaody Archipelago; his fight with Luffy and Kid against the marines, and also when he saved him in the Marineford war. He then tells him that he needs to check out the place, but the Sea Warrior doesn’t allow Smoker to enter. He claims that he is alone and that if he sees Luffy or any of his crew, he will kill them.

Right after saying this, Nami, Chopper, Franky, and Sanji appear accompanied by the giant children through the door, being accused by Chopper of kidnapping the children. The pirates, seeing Smoker and the marines, return to the interior of the place, while Law, surprised, tries to explain to Smoker that he did not know anything about them.

The Marines prepare to chase them but Law doesn’t give them way, and uses his ability to flip their ship, apologizing and explaining to Smoker that he can’t let them escape the island anymore. Finally Law and Smoker prepare to fight, in the middle of the confrontation he cuts Captain Tashigi in half and Smoker describes his ability and names the devil fruit he has eaten, the Ope Ope fruit, which turns him into an operation-man and he can create an area where he can absolutely control his interior.

When the captain falls to the ground, she reproaches the Warrior of the Sea that it is a disgrace to be cut off and be able to continue breathing, to which he responds by telling her that the weak cannot choose how to die. The marines shoot at Law, but he changes the bullets for snow. The Vice Admiral continues to engage him with his Jutte, but Law notices the piece of seastone he is carrying and dodges it. In the end, Law takes Smoker’s heart leaving him defeated.


Koby and Helmeppo were promoted to Captain and Lieutenant Commander of the Navy respectively. Koby was involved in the Rocky Port Incident, in which he managed to protect the citizens from the Trafalgar D. Water Law attack. He can already be seen as a Navy captain, on former Vice Admiral Monkey D. Garp’s warship, along with Garp himself, Instructor General Sengoku, and Helmeppo.

Coby marineford

This is where Garp tells Koby and Helmeppo all the history of the previous Admiral Zephyr. He officially reappears after the timeskip saving the ships of Dressrosa and the Kingdom of Prodence from a pirate submarine attack, and offered to escort them. He blushed at Kyros’ compliments and, after reading about Luffy’s exploits, began avoiding Rebecca’s questions about him.

A week after the Levely, Koby headed to Amazon Lily to assist in the capture of the Kuja Pirates following the abolition of the Seven Warlords of the Sea. While on his way there he was called by X Drake, who informed him about the situation in Wano Country.

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