What Would the Fusion Between Beerus and Whis Look Like? (& How Strong Would It Be?)

What Would the Fusion Between Beerus and Whis Look Like? (& How Strong Would It Be?)

An EX-Fusion is an unnatural fusion technique created by the Capsule Corporation in the world of Dragon Ball. It is heavily featured in the Dragon Ball Fusions video game and it has allowed the fans to let their imagination run wild and fuse various different characters from the series. One such combination is the one between Whis and Beerus, two extremely powerful characters. In this article, we are going to tell you what the fusion between Whis and Beerus would look like and how powerful it would be.

The EX-Fusion between Whis and Beerus exists and is known as Whirus. This Fusion looks more like Beerus, but it has some traits of Whis, like the skin color, which is blue instead of purple. It is also extremely powerful, combining the powers, abilities, and weapons of both Whis and Beerus, making it one of the more powerful fusions in the franchise.

In the rest of this article, we are going to explain three things to you. The first one is the concept of EX-Fusion as introduced in the world of Dragon Ball. The second is Whirus, the fusion between Whis and Beerus, and the third are the powers and abilities of Whirus. This will give you a detailed insight into the fusion and how it functions on a general level.

What is EX-Fusion in Dragon Ball?

EX-Fusion is an unnatural fusion technique created by the Capsule Corporation. To perform EX-Fusion, both users must wear the Metamo-Ring at the same time and then perform the Fusion dance. The result is a fusion of the two. Physically, the result is similar to the Potara fusion, as their clothes are combined, thus instead of gaining a Metamoran jacket. This type of fusion has an unlimited time, like the fusion, and can be deactivated at will by removing the Metamo-Ring. However, this form of fusion is not as powerful as the Fusion dance. Known examples of EX-Fusion are:

  • 1617 (A-16 + A-17)
  • 1718 (A-17 + A-18)
  • 1920 (A-19 + A-20)
  • Arale 18 (A-18 + Arale Norimaki)
  • Baroto (Bardock + Goku)
  • Brapan (Bra + Pan)
  • Burce (Burter + Jeice)
  • Cell 17 (Cell + A-17)
  • Cellza (Cell + Frieza)
  • Coolieza (Cooler + Frieza)
  • Chiaohan (Chiaotzu + Tien Shinhan)
  • Chiaoldo (Chiaotzu + Guldo)
  • Chiaoman (Chiaotzu + Saibaman)
  • Colohan (Piccolo + Gohan)
  • Daccolo Daimaoh (Dabura + King Piccolo)
  • Damira (Dabura + Mira)
  • Dodobon (Dodoria + Zarbon)
  • Eclon (Eclain + Kallon)
  • Gogeta EX (Goku + Vegeta)
  • Gohanks EX (Teen Gohan + Kid Trunks)
  • Gotenks EX (Goten + Kid Trunks)
  • Gotenks EX (Goten + Kid Trunks)
  • Prillin EX (Piccolo + Krilin)
  • Tiencha EX (Tien Shinhan + Yamcha)
  • Trunks EX (Trunks + Future Trunks)
  • Vegenks (Vegeta + Future Trunks)
  • Ginyuman (Captain Gineu + Gran Saiyaman/Gohan)
  • Ginyuza (Capità Gineu + Frieza)
  • Gomasu (Kid Goku + Zamasu)
  • Gorilin (Kid Goku + Krilin)
  • Gorus (Goku + Bills)
  • Great Jaco (Great Saiyaman/Gohan + Jaco)
  • Great Saiyaman 12 (Great Saiyaman 1/Gohan + Great Saiyaman 2/Videl)
  • Great Satanman (Great Saiyaman/Gohan + Mr. Satan)
  • Janembuu (Janemba + Kid Buu)
  • Janks (Jaco + Future Trunks)
  • Karoly (Goku + Broly)
  • Karoly Black (Broly + Goku Black)
  • Kibeerusshin (Kibito Kai + Bills)
  • Kibicoloshin (Kibito Kai + Piccolo Jr.)
  • Krigohan (Krilin + Kid Gohan)
  • Kuhan (Kid Goku + Teen Gohan)
  • Majin Satan (Majin Buu + Mr. Satan)
  • Minlee (Mint + Kiclee)
  • Pandel (Pan + Videl)
  • Pannan (Panna + Kallon)
  • Perfect 16 (Perfect Cell + Android 16)
  • Piccon (Piccolo + Pikkon)
  • Pinita (Pinich + Vegeta)
  • Rappa (Raditz + Nappa)
  • Reguldo (Recoome + Guldo)
  • Sushinku (New Shenron + Goku)
  • Taks (Tapion + Future Trunks)
  • Tirara (Tirami + Chocora)
  • Towale (Towa + Arale Norimaki)
  • Towane (Towa + Gine)
  • Tutz (Turles + Raditz)
  • Whirus (Bills + Whis)
  • Yamta (Yamcha + Vegeta)

Who is Whirus, the fusion between Whis and Beerus?

Whirus is the EX-Fusion that originated from the union between Beerus and his master and assistant Whis through the use of the Metamo-Ring. He is a God who appears for the first and only time in the 3DS video game Dragon Ball Fusions. Following the names with puns referring to alcoholic beverages, his name is a combination of the name Whis and Beerus, forming the name Whirus.

Beerusis Artwork

He has most of the traits of Beerus, with the difference that in this one the light blue color dominates all his skin and fur, giving rise to thick fur on the upper part of his body giving him an appearance similar to a lynx. Another difference is that his eyes have circular black pupils with completely white eyes.

Whirus wears the outer part of Whis’s robe set, but leaves his torso bare on the sides, and like Beerus wears golden ornaments all over his body. He sports the Metamo-Aro on his left arm. He emerges as the Ex-Fusion between Beerus and Whis joining through the Metamo-Ring invented by the Capsule Corporation. He is one of the participants in the Jikuuichi Budokai (World’s Most Powerful Tournament of Martial Arts)

How powerful is Whirus?

Based on what we know about Whirus, he is the strongest character in his universe, being the combination of the Universe’s two strongest characters – Whis and Beerus. Some of his powers and abilities include:

  • Flight, the ability of flight using Ki.
  • Ki Blast, the most basic form of any type of energy attack.
  • Godly Ki, being an amalgamation of a God of Destruction and an Angel, Whirus can tap into and sense Godly Ki.
  • Beerus Ball, a powerful ball of fiery energy used by Beerus. Can be used by Whirus in Dragon Ball Fusions and his super attack in Dokkan Battle, both times as Sphere of Destruction.
  • Symphonic Destruction, a finger Energy Wave used by Whis in the Xenoverse.
  • Headshot, an extremely powerful frontal punch used by both Beerus and Goku during their intense fights. Acquired from Beerus and a special move learnable in Dragon Ball Fusions.
  • Ultra Afterimage, a more powerful version of the Afterimage technique.
  • Hyper Barrier, a stronger version of the Barrier technique.
  • Time Rewind, the ability to time travel up to three minutes, allowing him to undo any events that have happened. One of Whirus’ special moves acquired from Whis in Dragon Ball Fusions.
  • Power Up, a procedure used to collect more Ki and increase its power level so that a greater advantage can be gained in battle.
  • Instant Transmission, a technique of instantaneous movement over long distances. This action is usually accompanied by the user placing their index and middle finger on their forehead to help focus, although the technique can be performed without this assistance if additional time is needed. A special move that allows Whirus to teleport allies or enemies to a chosen ally or enemy.
  • Guard Boost, this is a variant of Ki Transfer where the user transfers Ki to an ally to increase their GRD. It is one of Whirus’ special moves in Dragon Ball Fusions.
  • All Guard Boost, it is a variant of Guard Boost that affects nearby allies around the selected ally, increasing their GRD. It is one of Whirus’ special moves in Dragon Ball Fusions.
  • Life Link, Whirus’ life is linked to Shin’s via Beerus.
  • Quick Attack EX, allows him to instantly mobilize an ally. However, this is Whirus’ special ability, which does not require Ki, and can only be used once per battle.
  • God of Destruction, Whirus inherits Beerus’ status as a God of Destruction, increasing damage dealt by 30%. It is one of Whirus’ passive abilities acquired by Beerus in Dragon Ball Fusions.
  • Capricious, allows him to change his stats with every action. It is one of Whirus’ passive abilities in Dragon Ball Fusions.
  • Nice Pass, allows him to fly towards your allies when they are knocked back. It is one of Whirus’ passive abilities in Dragon Ball Fusions.
  • Ultra Speed, the ability that allows him to take less time to act. It is one of Whirus’ passive abilities in Dragon Ball Fusions.

He also carried the Angel Attendant’s Staff and the Metamo-Ring. The staff is capable of creating a hologram that can project a specific event, whether it is an event in the present that is in full swing at the time the scepter is used, or the event in question has occurred in the past. It can also locate any person in the universe just by knowing their name, race or place of residence, and allows its user to intercommunicate with other beings whether or not they possess the scepter and who are also in distant places. It also allows Whirus to travel at superluminal speeds, teleport people into the Divine Ki Dimension, and fire ki waves.


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The Metamo-Ring is a special accessory invented by Bulma at Capsule Corporation. This item allows the users to perform the EX-Fusion, a technique identical to the Fusion Dance. He appears for the first and only time in the Dragon Ball Fusions game.

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