Whis vs. Beerus: Who Would Win in a Fight?

Whis vs. Beerus: Who Would Win in a Fight?

Dragon Ball is a franchise that relies heavily on martial arts and as such offers a lot of great comparison material. In this article, we will focus on two very powerful characters. One of them is Whis, an angelic being who is the assistant of Beerus, and the other is, well, Beerus, the God of Destruction whose assistant Whis is. Let us see which one of them would win.

According to the official information, although Whis is Beerus’ assistant, he is stronger than the God of Destruction. Whis (in)famously one-shot Beerus with his knee, but one could argue that Beerus was caught off guard there. Still, both Toriyama (out-of-universe) and Beerus (in-universe) have confirmed that Whis is stronger than the God of Destruction.

The rest of the article is going to be all about comparing the two selected characters from Dragon Ball. You’re going to find out who Whis and Beerus are, as well as what their exact powers and abilities are. In the end, based on what we have presented earlier, we’re going to give our final verdict on who is stronger.

Whis and his powers

Whis is one of the sons of the Grand Minister, younger brother of Vados, Korn, and Kus. He is the guide angel in charge of assisting and serving as a teacher to the God of Destruction of Universe 7, Beerus. He had his first appearance in the movie Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods and is a recurring character in the Dragon Ball Super anime and manga.


As Beerus’ martial arts teacher, Whis is extremely powerful. His power level is significantly higher than Beerus’ power level, making him the strongest being in Universe 7, as stated by Beerus himself in Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods. His power proved great enough to easily take out Beerus in a raging rampage with a single neck gash, while Super Saiyan God Goku barely matched Beerus using less than 70% of his full power.

During the Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’ movie, Whis was portrayed as being so intensevly fast (and based on his explanation after training with Goku and Vegeta) that he could react and fight faster than his adversaries’ synapses could not reach their brains, ordering the rest of the body to respond to its movements.

He is also shown to be powerful enough to face and play with Goku and Vegeta casually and effortlessly during their training, showing the ability to casually dodge all of their blows with his hands behind his back. He could even do it with single-finger punches, and all of the Goku and Vegeta punches to each side with one hand each.

In Dragon Ball Super: Broly, Whis plays with the enemy against Super Saiyan Broly and easily dodges all of Broly’s attacks without moving fast and just performing normal moves, even if Broly tries to surprise Whis.

In Dragon Ball Super, Whis says he’s the fastest in the universe since he was shown and confirmed to have moved casually through nebulae (like the time when he got lunch from the 65th Nebula) and big parts of the universe as well. After Beerus’ fight with Goku in space, Beerus reveals that Whis is his teacher and stronger than him.

When Goku began training under Whis while helping Vegeta change Beerus’ sheets, Goku teleported one of Beerus’ hourglasses to Whis before it could explode. Though caught off guard, Whis emerged virtually unfazed from the massive explosion, merely laughing at the event. During the Tournament of Power, Super Saiyan Blue Goku was still much weaker than Whis, who easily dodged and blocked Goku’s punches with just one finger.

He might as well push Goku back, pinning the Saiyan in a grip that Goku can only escape by biting Whis, which Whis still gracefully lands after Goku’s unorthodox attack. Also, although the training battle took place in Vegeta’s gravity chamber, Whis was completely unaffected by the change in gravity.


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As Vados, Whis’ older sister, explains to Goku and Vegeta that she is stronger than Whis, Whis contradicts her and tells her that it’s been a millennium since they trained together, implying that her older sister at that time was stronger than him.

In the present, Whis is convinced that they are equals, even though Vados was convinced that she could prove she was even stronger than him. As demonstrated in the recent Battle of the Gods between Beerus and Champa, Whis is powerful enough to take out Beerus with a single punch to the neck.

During the final fight between Goku and Moro, Whis proved able to stop Moro’s punch with a single finger without looking or forcing while merging with the earth that even Goku, in his Perfected Ultra Instinct state, was harassed. Training with Goku in his Ultra Instinct state, Whis manages to easily defeat his clones and predict Goku’s moves, in part because Goku mimics the angel’s style. Whis can also track and evade all of Goku’s attacks, with the Saiyan unable to land any decisive blows.

Whis admits that his power pales compared to that of his father, the Grand Minister. He is also heavily outclassed by Zeno and Future Zeno, so he should always treat them respectfully.

Beerus and his powers

Beerus is best known as the God of Destruction of Universe 7. He first appears as the main antagonist in the film Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods and then, subsequently, becomes a major character in the Dragon Ball Super series, although not necessarily as a villain anymore.

He physically resembles a large anthropomorphic cat that is purple in color and with bunny ears. With a rather childish temperament, he can easily get angry and become very violent if he does not get what he wants.

beerus Cropped

Not being from planet Earth, he shares, with his master Whis, a fascination with the food that abounds on the planet, especially local desserts such as ice cream, flans, puddings, and strawberries. Despite everything, there is still someone lenient, being ready to pass the sponge for anyone who does something stupid.

He tells Goku, in order to motivate him, to train for the tournament pitting him against his twin brother Champa, the God of Destruction of Universe 6. According to his master Whis, he was only using 70% of his power during their fight, and that other people would be even stronger in universes other than this one.

As the God of Destruction, he remains neutral in the conflicts of his universe, as is the case during the clash between Golden Frieza and Son Goku, taking sides neither for one nor the other. When Frieza destroys Earth, Beerus points out to Son Goku that all of this is the result of his excessive mercy and that he should have eliminated Frieza when he was at his mercy.

Beerus, who is quite adamant about time travel, lets Whis go back in time so that Son Goku can undo his mistake and eliminate the tyrant before he destroys Earth. Beerus is somewhat troubled that he is partly responsible for saving Earth, when in theory he is rather supposed to destroy it.

He doesn’t hesitate to investigate Zamasu’s true intentions with Whis, and destroys him after discovering that the latter was planning Gowasu’s murder. Although he is a god, he still shows certain respect towards others, he will even congratulate Ten Shin Han and Master Roshi for their combativeness during the Tournament of Power.

He is very worried that Son Goku will be appreciated by Zeno, who has the power to destroy entire universes, convinced that Universe 7 risks being wiped out if Son Goku makes an irreparable blunder that could upset Zeno.


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He seems to have a dispute with Quitela, the God of Destruction of Universe 4. The rivalry between the two characters is palpable during the Tournament of Power, the two gods not hesitating to challenge each other following a disagreement over the use of the mafūba by Master Roshi.

He is Son Goku’s most powerful opponent, surpassing him on every level and announcing that he was only the second in the universe to stand up to him, another person having already given Beerus a hard time; it is clear that this is his master Whis, the only being in the universe capable of standing up to him.

His main technique is called Destruction (Hakai) and gives him the ability to destroy absolutely anything he wants, even a soul. He even destroys a ghost of Dr. Mashirito, a character from the manga Dr. Slump, who makes a cameo appearance in Dragon Ball Super. He nevertheless believes that Son Goku and Vegeta could become threats in the certain future, without knowing why or against whom.

Whis vs. Beerus: Who would win?

Those of you who know who Beerus is will probably wonder why we’ve said that Whis is stronger, but that is just because you don’t know who Whis is and how powerful this guy actually is. Namely, Whis is known as Beerus’ mentor and teacher, so everything that Beerus knows, he has learned from Whis. Okay, we have to be fair and state that Whis did not give Beerus his powers, but he did teach him everything he knows. What does that say about Whis?


Well, as a son of the Grand Minister, Whis is incredibly powerful and as an angel, he is a level above the God of Destruction. Sure, Beerus is the strongest among the Gods of Destruction and he has beaten Goku easily in the past (and Goku is always a good point of reference in these cases), but even he himself has admitted that he cannot beat Whis. There is that famous scene where Beerus defeats Goku and then introduced him to Whis, explaining that Whis is even stronger than him. This is, in part, the reason why Goku became Whis’ student and why he will reach Beerus’ skill level soon.

If you want some precise numbers, simply know whis: when asked about the power level of Goku’s Super Saiyan God, Akira Toriyama said that if we took Beerus’ powers as being a 10, Super Saiyan God would be a 6, whereas Whis would be a 15. This is a whole 50% increase, which means that Whis is significantly stronger than Beerus and that is why we have Whis win this one. We cannot, after all, go against the author’s personal statements regarding the series.

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