‘The Wheel of Time’: Will Moiraine Get Her Powers Back? Here’s How She Might

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The Wheel of Time‘ show is in its second season, and it follows the consequences that appeared after Moiraine lost her powers in the first season’s final episode. She has to adapt to a new way of life and pushes the most important people in her life away. In this article, we’ll focus on the possibility that she might get her powers back and discuss how that might happen.

Moiraine will most likely get her powers back since her powers are only blocked, not stilled. While there is a possibility that her powers are stilled, many more reasons lead us to believe that the Dark One just ‘tied a knot’ and blocked her access to the source of One Power. Nynaeve could be the one to unblock Moiraine’s power in the future.

Moiraine is one of the most important characters in the show, so when she lost her powers, it became clear that various problems could arise from that. So, let’s see in more detail how she lost them and if she will get them back.

How did Moiraine lose her powers?


At first, Moiraine’s journey to find the Dragon Reborn led her to Two Rivers, where four potential candidates lived: Rand, Mat, Perrin, and Egwene. Once she found them, the main priority was to keep them safe, but once she was severely wounded, she was in no condition to protect them, so Lan decided it was best that he and Moiraine separate from them. Eventually, they all found each other once again.

It has been a long time speculated who among the group is the Dragon Reborn, and it seemed either could be the one. Eventually, Rand realized that he was the one, and once he was ready, he came forward and admitted it to Moiraine. Aes Sedai hid her trail from Lan so he couldn’t follow her and took Rand to the Eye of the World to face the Dark One.

The journey to the Eye of the World was filled with obstacles since they had to cross the Blight. Once they arrived at the Eye, Rand started having visions and being influenced by the Dark One’s lieutenant, Ishmael. Rand and Moiraiene initially thought it was the Dark One they were facing, but that wasn’t the case. Ishmael wanted Rand to embrace the Dark One so that he could rewrite the reality in any way he’d like.

Rand was tempted but eventually confronted Ishmael by using the One Power and destroyed the cuendillar seal at the Eye of the World, even though that is something that was never done before. At the same time, Ishmael also messed with Moiraiene’s mind and prevented her from touching the Source, meaning she could no longer harness the One Power. That also meant her bond with her Warder, Lan, was gone.


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After the bond between Moiraiene and Lan is broken, Lan is sad and feels like his Aes Sedai wants him to leave her alone and that she is pushing him away. Eventually, that proved true, as she urged him to continue his journey without her. The second season depicted Moiraiene struggling and at her lowest point in life. She is lost without her powers and is struggling to find a new way to cope with such a huge loss. She stays true to her cause, but nothing is the same without her powers.

If Moiraine’s powers are blocked, Nynaeve might be the one to untie the knot


Whether or not Moiraiene will get her powers back has everything to do with the fact that she lost her powers. There are two possibilities: she’s been either stilled or shielded. If her powers have been stilled, his connection to the One Power is completely broken, and it is unlikely that she will ever have her powers back.

However, if Moiraine has been shielded, a block is created between her and One Power, but the good news is that the block can be lifted. For now, either is possible, but many fans theorize that Moiraine has been shielded and not stilled.

The reason for this is the importance Moiraine has for the overall storyline, as she is one of the pivotal characters in the show. And even though her powers are not the most important thing about her, but her willingness and determination to destroy the Dark One, it is still important for her to have powers. She is vulnerable and dependent on others without her ability to channel One Power.

The other theory states that she’s been blocked and that there is a way for her to get her powers back, and it’s because of compression with Logain. After falsely presenting himself as the Dragon Reborn, Logain was caught by Aes Sedai and contained. We know he is one of the most powerful men who can channel the One Power and gather many worshipers.

However, his powers were first shielded when caught, so he could not use them. Later, he broke off that block and attacked his binders, killing many. Eventually, the Aes Sedai linked together and gentled his power, and the deed left him crying on the ground. Gentling is basically the same thing as stilling, only done to a man. Its effects are the same, leaving a man unable to channel anymore.


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Manifestations of shielding and stilling are different; when stilling is done, it is much more painful. Usually, there is crying involved, and there is Power exploding out of the person being gentled or stilled. And that is what happened to Logain but not Moireine.

All of this indicates that Moriene’s powers are blocked. One theory states that Nynaeve is the one that will most likely untie the knot the Dark One bonded and unlock Moriene’s powers in that way.

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