When Does Deku Get His Quirk In My Hero Academia?

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It is no secret that the main character of My Hero Academia is Izuku Midoriya, who goes by the hero name “Deku.” During the early part of the series, he was revealed to be quirkless and was one of the few people in the world that didn’t have any powers, even though he wanted to develop a quirk so that he could become the same kind of hero that All Might was. Nevertheless, Deku did indeed get the same kind of powers that All Might had. So, when did Deku get his quirk in My Hero Academia?

Deku received his quirk during the third episode of My Hero Academia when All Might himself decided that he wanted to pass on his quirk, One For All, to Izuku Midoriya when he saw that he had the heart of a true hero. That was when Deku became the newest inheritor of One For All.

It is worth mentioning that Deku never had any quirk at all and was actually only able to have a quirk because One For All had the ability to be passed on from one person to another. Nevertheless, Deku’s body wasn’t made for this quirk, and that was why he needed to work hard to become stronger so that he could use One For All effectively. Now, let’s look at when and how Deku got his quirk in My Hero Academia.

What Is Deku’s Quirk In My Hero Academia?

The entire premise of the My Hero Academia manga and anime relies on the fact that the world’s population has developed powers called quirks, which are abilities that people are naturally born with. Only around 20% of the entire world population doesn’t have any quirk, and that means that almost everyone in the MHA world has a special ability. And those who have quirks often train to become heroes so that they can use their abilities for the betterment of society.

Izuku Midoriya, the primary protagonist of the series, was introduced as someone who idolized a hero named All Might, who was the strongest hero in the world and was the symbol of peace for Japan. He idolized All Might so much that he wanted to be like him when he grew older. However, he learned at a very young age that he couldn’t become a hero because he didn’t have any quirks, and that was a heartbreaking moment for the young character.

However, as the series went on, Deku actually met All Might in person. That was when he found out about All Might and how the character had become so weak that he couldn’t maintain his muscular form for an extended period of time. It didn’t take too long for All Might to choose Deku as the next successor of his quirk, which is called One For All.

As such, Deku has the same quirk that All Might has in the sense that it was passed on to him by the mightiest hero in the world. That means that Deku has what is potentially the strongest quirk in the entire world, but with the problem that he wasn’t cut out for this quirk due to his weaker body.

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Basically speaking, the basic premise of the way One For All works is that it allows the user to increase their physical capabilities using the energy stored by the quirk. Neito Monoma, who has the ability to copy quirks, later confirmed that Deku’s quirk is a stockpiling quirk that allows him to stockpile enough energy that he could use as his source of strength. And the power stockpiled within One For All goes back to the very first user of this quirk.

All For One, the supervillain running the criminal underworld in MHA, once gave his younger brother a stockpiling quirk because he felt that this quirk was useless and so that he could force his brother to submit to his will. However, what he didn’t know was that his brother’s quirk was the ability to pass his quirk to other people. And the stockpiling quirk combined with this quirk to become One For All, which continued to stockpile energy from one inheritor to another as the quirk was being passed all the way from the very first user.


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As such, when Neito copied Izuku Midoriya’s quirk, he couldn’t do anything with it due to the fact that he hadn’t stockpiled enough power in his body to use it effectively. And because Deku was the ninth user of the quirk, it had stockpiled enough power.

It was also revealed later on in the fifth season of the series that Deku’s quirk stockpiled not only energy but also the quirks that its previous inheritors also had. It was only during Deku’s time that the “core” of One For All had already grown big enough that Midoriya was now able to gain access to the quirks of all of the previous users of One For All. Such quirks include:

  • FaJin – the ability to build up kinetic energy for explosive movements.
  • Danger Sense – the ability to sense threats within the surrounding area.
  • Blackwhip – the ability to manifest tendrils of black energy that can be used for grappling.
  • Smokescreen – the ability to generate a cloud of smoke.
  • Float – the ability that allows the user to suspend themselves in the air.

When Does Deku Get His Quirk In My Hero Academia?

Izuku Midoriya actually received his quirk quite early in the manga and anime. In the anime, he received it in the third episode when All Might decided that he was going to be the new inheritor of One For All. However, Deku had to undergo strict physical training for ten months before he eventually inherited this power from All Might.

However, Midoriya was only able to gain access to his other quirks later in the series. He first manifested Blackwhip in episode 98 of the anime when he accidentally used it during the joint training between Classes 1-A and 1-B.

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Meanwhile, he steadily gained access to his other quirks in the latter portions of the manga, as Deku started to understand how One For All works and why he was the only one that was able to gain access to the quirks that the other inheritors had in the past.


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But it can all be traced back to the time when Izuku Midoriya received One For All from All Might, as all of the other quirks were just stored within One For All because of the fact that one of the original quirks of One For All was a stockpiling quirk. Essentially the quirks of the other users are stockpiled within One For All.

How Did Deku Get His Quirk In My Hero Academia?

Basically speaking, Deku got his quirk in My Hero Academia during the earlier part of the anime. What happened was that a slime villain attacked the city and endangered the life of Katsuki Bakugo.

Izuku Midoriya was within the vicinity. Despite not having quirks or special physical abilities, he was the only one who tried to save Bakugo. That time, Bakugo was sort of a bully to him, and that meant that Midoriya had no reason to save him. But his inner heroic self made him want to save Bakugo because that was what a true hero and his idol, All Might, would have done.

All Might arrived just in time to save both Midoriya and Bakugo, and that was the first time that Deku met his childhood hero. It was also that moment that convinced All Might that Midoriya was the one that he needed to pass his quirk on to because he was impressed by the fact that the boy was willing to take action even without a quirk.


In episode 3 of the anime, All Might decided to make Izuku Midoriya his successor but needed him to undergo intense physical training to prepare his body for One For All, which required the user to be strong enough physically to handle the energy stored within it. 

After ten months, All Might made Midoriya eat a strand of his hair because the only way to pass One For All to another person is to make them eat a DNA sample of the current inheritor, who should have the intent to pass it on. That was how Izuku Midoriya became the new inheritor of One For All.

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