When Does Sasuke Come Back in Naruto?

When Does Sasuke Come Back in Naruto

After a final battle with Naruto, where Sasuke loses his arm, he finally reconciles with Naruto and leaves  Konoha (Leaf Village) to travel the world. A journey to find himself, reflect on his past and future, and escape from his mistakes and memories stemming from his brother Itachi and his training. He decides to leave Naruto and the village is the best thing he can do for himself and the village. So, when does Sasuke come back to Naruto?

Sasuke comes back in episode #478 of Naruto Shippuden. The episode is titled “The Unison Sign.” Sasuke can not stay away from Leaf Village for good, and he returns to his beloved Leaf Village once again after the 4th Great Ninja War to help protect the village from enemies. He never resides in the village again, only making short stays and appearances when needed. 

In the rest of the article, we will look at the different times Sasuke left and returned to Leaf Village and the reasons why. We will also examine the relationship between his long-time teammate, friend, and enemy, Naruto.

Does Sasuke ever come back to the Leaf Village?

When Does Sasuke Come Back in Naruto 01

As Sasuke and Naruto grow up, from training together and youth and being part of Team 7 to when Sasuke tries but fails to defeat his brother Itachi who murdered his entire clan and family, Sasuke grows more skilled yet more determined to get revenge. He turns to the dark arts and becomes an outlaw and the enemy of his once-good friend Naruto. In contrast with Naruto, Sasuke is a cold, independent, and revenge-driven character who doesn’t seem to have deep connections with people or society. 

He is scarred by the trauma of his childhood when his entire clan is murdered in front of him, including his parents by, his older brother Itachi. His life goes from respecting his brother and training to be a good ninja to attaining the power to kill his brother. But his brother is always stronger. 


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From this failed attempt to destroy his brother and seek redemption for his clan, he decided to leave the Leaf Village and train further with Orochimaru to finally gain the power, skills, and strength needed to kill his brother. 

When does Sasuke come back from Orochimaru in Naruto?

At the end of Part I, Sasuke has left the Leaf Village to train with Orochimaru, a former ninja of Leaf Village, and get all the power and training he needs no matter what he has to do. Orochimaru is a character who uses unethical and inhumane experimentation to cheat death. 

Having immortality, possessing snake qualities, and using snakes in battle, he is a villain and quite the opposite of Sasuke’s friend Naruto. Yet he decided to join and learn from him. Putting aside morals, decency, or honor, he becomes cold, sadistic, and power-hungry. 

When Does Sasuke Come Back in Naruto 03

Initially intent on continuing his criminal activities and fighting for more power, he works with Tobi’s terrorist group to kill the mastermind of the Uchiha massacre that killed his clan. 

But during this revenge battle, he confronts Team 7 of his past, including Naruto, and is set to a duel to death. Instead, he must unite with the team once again to protect the village from evil forces. 

When does Sasuke come back in Naruto?

Re-joining Team 7 and returning to the village, Naruto and Sasuke again join forces to battle, various enemies, like the Ten-Tails monster, to keep order in their village. Despite teaming up with his past allies and being on good terms with Naruto, his motivations still seem devious as he focuses on revenge and redemption. 


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Once again, the friendship turns violent, with Naruto and Sasuke fighting to decide the village’s fate. Sasuke eventually loses both the fight and his left arm. He is defeated and finally surrenders to Naruto and decides to reconcile his friendship with him. 

Defeated but pardoned by the town leader and reconciled with Naruto, Sasuke leaves the village on a world journey. Sasuke leaves the town behind and continues his training and journey outside the village. This is the last time he will reside in the village.

Why is Sasuke never home?

After leaving the village and trekking around the world, he finally does return, ends up marrying his life-long friend and fellow teammate Sakura, and has a child. Despite having a family, he doesn’t stay in Leaf Village. Instead, he continues his long-distance relationship away from his wife and his daughter Sarada. 

When Does Sasuke Come Back in Naruto 02

He occasionally returns to the Leaf Village throughout his journey to meet his family and help the village when needed, but he stays in the shadows and decides it’s best to protect the village from afar. 

His love-hate relationship with the village and Naruto, as well as his past with his brother Itachi and those involved in the Uchiha massacre, are too deeply rooted in his mind for him to return to Leaf Village for good. 

Guilt about the methods he used to gain his powers and all the crimes and evil things he did to attain the power also makes him feel like staying away is better. But despite his feelings, he still has a connection with the village and the people living there, so he continues to fight to protect it from enemies. 

When does Sasuke come back in Boruto?

Boruto is the spin-off of Naruto and the name of Naruto’s son. In these stories, Sasuke returns to the village when evil characters connected to his past teacher Orochimaru threaten his village’s safety and peace. He teams with Naruto and his daughter Sarada to fight these enemies and protect his village. His chance to bond with his daughter and support Naruto brings him back to the village. 

There are also instances when he must return to the village to help fight other intruders when he meets Naruto’s son Boruto. 

Sasuke becomes Boruto’s mentor and teaches him some fighting skills as well. Sasuke takes a liking to Boruto and takes him under his wing. They are partnered when Boruto’s father, Naruto, is kidnapped and must be saved. The trio of Naruto, Boruto, and Sasuke team to try to defeat the Momishiki. They join forces for the common good to attack and defeat outside enemies. 

However, in another fight against the evil known as Jigen, the ninjas are unsuccessful, and Sasuke retreats to the Leaf Village despite leaving Naruto prisoner to the enemy.

Do Sasuke and Naruto become friends again?

Despite the ups and downs and roller coaster of events both characters face, they seem to end on good terms. They often cross paths and have major battles with and against each other, but they are true friends in the end. 

Not only do they seem to reconcile after the final fight, where Sasuke loses his arm, but even though Sasuke doesn’t return to the village for good, he is always there to help the village and his friend Naruto. 


And the most undeniable reason why Sasuke is considered Naruto a friend is seen in the Borotu spin-off. Not only does he consistently find information and provide it to Naruto to help keep the town safe, but he also decides to mentor Naruto’s son. Like a brother to Naruto and uncle to Boruto, Sasuke risks his life and goes off to battle enemies to strengthen the bond between the two friends.


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Whether you are a fan of Naruto or Sasuke, it can’t be argued that Sasuke is an important character in the story and part of the reason why Naruto is the way he is. Without Sasuke, Naruto could never fully reach his potential and vice versa. Naruto and Sasuke are two characters that work together and against each other to form their true final temperaments.

And whether Sasuke is a hero or a villain can be ambiguous, but what is certain is that he is definitely a deep, strong-willed, sensitive, and true character.

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