What Episode Does Sasuke Fight Itachi In?

What Episode Does Sasuke Fight Itachi In

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Naruto Uzimaki’s polar opposite, Sasuke, has transitioned from a villain to a very specific brand of antihero. Sasuke’s story was marked by several tragedies, including the massacre of his whole clan by his brother, Itachi. In the Fated Battle Between Brothers Arc, Sasuke faced Itachi and killed him in battle, after which he found out the truth behind his actions.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • The fight between Sasuke and Itachi takes place during the Master’s Prophecy and Vengeance anime arc, starting with episode 135 (“The Longest Moment”), and ending with episode 138 (“The End”).
  • In the manga, the fight begins in Chapter 384 (“Two Paths…”) and ends in Chapter 394 (“Sasuke’s Victory”).

The fight between Sasuke and Itachi

As we have said, the fight between Sasuke and Itachi takes place during the Master’s Prophecy and Vengeance anime arc, starting with episode 135 (“The Longest Moment”), and ending with episode 138 (“The End”).

Sasuke arrived at the Uchiha hideout and confronted Itachi. The battle began with the two utilizing their taijutsu skills, soon ending with Sasuke bowing to Itachi and asking him one last question before killing him. Sasuke asked, “Who is he?” Sasuke then remembered when his older brother had said that there were only three members of the Uchiha Clan capable of using the Mangekyō Sharingan, including himself, if Sasuke were able to awaken it.

Itachi explained that the person who had assisted him when he murdered the entire clan was none other than Madara Uchiha, one of the founders of Konoha, and revealed that one of the Sharingan’s gifts was the ability to control the Nine-Tailed Fox that Madara had given him 16 years ago when he attacked Konoha.

He also revealed that once the Mangekyō Sharingan was activated, it would progressively lead to blindness. Itachi also referred to Madara as the founder of Akatsuki and his mentor. It was also discovered that the battle between Sasuke and Itachi, until then, was nothing more than a Genjutsu.

Itachi finally activated his Sharingan, and revealed that the only way to stop the blindness was to take the eyes off another Sharingan user, he stated that this was the reason he had left Sasuke alive, and why he had motivated and encouraged him to do so. Get stronger. After a flashback to his childhood, Sasuke declared, “Finally… it all ends here.”


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During the conversation, Zetsu watched from hiding in the ceiling, and the halves of him began to comment on the battle. After pinning Sasuke to the wall with a clone, Itachi then proceeded to gouge out Sasuke’s eyes. Then, the fight until then that was a genjutsu, the Tsukuyomi, is broken by Sasuke, who takes over the fight.

Sasuke soon lectured Itachi on the tools of a ninja and how a tool would only be as powerful as the ninja who uses it. Itachi told Sasuke that he would make his dream come true, that of gouging out his eyes and preparing for Amaterasu. Itachi and Sasuke used the Fire Style: Great Fireball Technique for a long time, and Sasuke had a slight advantage until Itachi released his Amaterasu, which burned Sasuke’s fireball immediately and also burned through his remaining cursed seal level 2 wing as well as burned his body.

Itachi prepared to gouge out the badly burned Sasuke’s eyes, but the corpse turned out to be an empty casing left behind, and the real Sasuke had dropped himself downstairs, his Hydration Technique copied. He then used a new ninjutsu, Fire Style: Great Fire Dragon Technique, from where he was.

Itachi dodged, but his arm was still burned. Soon, it started to rain, and Sasuke said that this new technique would be inevitable. Zetsu continued to watch the fight, narrating his moves and adding meaning to other mysterious and strategic moves.

Sasuke then performed his final technique, Kirin. The massive creature made of lightning appeared, powered by the Great Fire Dragon Technique that had dumped an enormous amount of residual heat into the high atmosphere, and Sasuke’s chakra remained suspended in a usable form, changing with the atmosphere from a simple chakra charge with fire affinity into a blast of lightning, heading quickly towards the perplexed Itachi.

Sasuke finished the technique on Itachi, from whom he appeared to be dead. Itachi was then shown to be alive yet had somehow escaped, and revealed the third Mangekyō Sharingan technique — Susanoo, from which he drew the legendary Sword of Totsuka. Suddenly, several white snakes emerged from Sasuke. One of the heads revealed Orochimaru inside its mouth.

Sasuke, having used up almost all of his chakra fighting Itachi, could no longer suppress Orochimaru, who had been inside Sasuke since his failed attempt to take over his body. The snakes were all killed in a battle against Itachi’s Susanoo, and Orochimaru was stabbed by Totsuka’s sword, sealing him in an eternal dream state, and the remains were later sucked into the flask from which Totsuka’s sword was released. Itachi then asked Sasuke if that was all he had.


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Sasuke then proceeded to attack Itachi, again ending in a futile attempt, with all of his attacks being reflected by another boon granted by Itachi’s Susanoo artifacts, Yata’s Mirror, reflecting all attacks directed at Itachi. Sasuke was then knocked back by his own attacks and fell to the ground. Itachi appeared to be invincible as Susanoo began to fade. Itachi walked towards his brother, searching his eyes.

When Itachi reached Sasuke, he touched Sasuke’s forehead, saying, “I’m sorry, Sasuke. There won’t be a next time”, a reference to his constant broken promises to train with Sasuke in his youth. Itachi then died of exhaustion. Zetsu noted that Itachi must have been injured before the battle started, also noting that Itachi was not able to dodge attacks he normally would have been able to do.

Sasuke smiled and closed his eyes before collapsing, just as Itachi’s Amaterasu continued to burn around them. Meanwhile, Naruto and the other members of the eight-man squad continued to fight Tobi. Shino attacked with his bugs and even managed to completely envelop Tobi in the swarm with them. Tobi escaped the swarm unharmed, however.

Zetsu came to tell him that Sasuke had won the battle and that Itachi was dead. This came as no surprise to Tobi. Zetsu also said that Sasuke was probably dying, too. Just before Tobi and Zetsu left the place, Kakashi noticed Tobi’s Sharingan. Kakashi commented on this as Tobi and Zetsu fled the battlefield. Hinata saw storm clouds and Amaterasu’s flames with her Byakugan.

Naruto and the group then headed towards the location. Meanwhile, Tobi and Zetsu reached Sasuke. Tobi told Zetsu to take Itachi’s body. Naruto’s team arrived, encountering the flames, and Yamato used Earth Style: Earth Flow Split to create a path through the flames. Naruto was furious when he realized they were too late.

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