When Will Enel Return to One Piece?

When Will Enel Return to One Piece?

Over the years, Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece has introduced us to some really great characters. Some of them are heroes, and some are villains, but the gist is that they were greatly written, and fans love them. Some of these characters have not appeared for some time, and it is only natural that fans wonder when they might see them again. One such character is Enel, the “God” of Skypiea, whom Luffy defeated during his journeys. Enel did not die during the fight, and we know where he is and what he is doing, so we are going to tell you when Enel could be returning to One Piece.

It is currently unknown when and if Enel will return to One Piece. We know that, after his defeat at the hands of Luffy, he fled and, along with his automata, established an empire on the Moon. Now, since Enel is still a threat and is alive and well, there is some potential for his return, but it doesn’t seem likely at this moment, and we simply don’t know when it could happen.

While fans have not gotten a glimpse of Enel in ages, many people have begun anticipating a comeback – and theorizing how exactly Enel could return in One Piece later down the line. Stick around to find out about Enel in One Piece, the last time fans saw him, as well as how fans think he could come back during the later stages of the One Piece story’s progression.

Enel was defeated by Luffy, but he did not die

Since we’ve already talked about the epic fight between Luffy and Enel, which was one of the best fights in the whole series, we won’t actually reveal too many details here, as we have decided to simply skip to the final moments of the battle and then tell you what happened to Enel after the battle, i.e., how he managed to survive it and what he did later on in the story.

So, while the Enel cloud is charging to destroy the Upper Yard, Luffy returns to the ark thanks to Nami and throws a punch toward the cloud itself, which fragments into various pieces due to the electrical conductivity of the metal. At this point, Enel, furious, unleashes all his powers, transforming himself into a kind of big Buddha of pure electricity and piercing Luffy with the trident.

Luffy plummets again but grabs onto a solid cloud and uses his rubber body as a catapult to launch himself back up to the Maxim ark. His punch is so fast that Enel can’t dodge it; the huge golden sphere damages the ark and reaches the golden bell of the ancient Shandia, which rings again after four hundred years of silence. Despite being unable to destroy the Upper Yard, Enel moves away with his ark in the direction of the Fairy Vearth or the Moon.


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Enel fulfills his dream of reaching the Fairy Vearth, finally arriving on the Moon with Maxim. After descending and discovering that the atmosphere is breathable, he finds a crater inside which there is a strange being. As a precaution, he attacks it with an electric shock, which reactivates it, before standing to attention. The latter brandishes his rifle and walks away, so Enel follows him, not quite understanding what he is. Shortly after, the automaton finds three of his companions unconscious and despaired.


Suddenly Enel sees a pirate stabbing Spacey with a spear. The enemy also attacks him, piercing him in the abdomen with his weapon. Still, the latter does not suffer any damage, being intangible and counterattacks, hitting him instead with a kick in the face, with which he gains the upper hand. Immediately afterward, he sees an explosion at a certain distance, and angry with those who have damaged his precious Fairy Vearth, he goes there and discovers that his ark has been destroyed. There he finds other pirates directing some excavations, which he defeats by using his powers after destroying their ship.

Spacey reaches him, carrying his companions with him, but he hits all four of them with a shock, reactivating the others as well. At that point, Enel descends into the tunnel previously dug by the Space Pirates and arrives in a large underground city. First of all, he spreads his lightning in all the buildings. However, his attack also affects automatons similar to the previous ones but equipped with wings, which are reactivated with electricity. Enel, therefore, is surrounded by automatons who show him their gratitude.

He then begins to observe the paintings on the walls: he learns that the city was formerly called Birka and that the inhabitants had built automatons to serve them. The population subsequently abandoned the Moon to head to a place richer in resources, the Earth. Enel realizes that he has a vast new territory and many followers under his orders and thus begins to build the empire of his dreams.


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Enel’s return might be possible, but not soon

As for the possibility of Enel returning, his story is definitely open for continuation. He is not dead, and he seems to have built an army of loyal followers on the Moon. But, seeing how the story has developed since, Enel’s return doesn’t seem to be a likely event, at least not soon. Namely, there doesn’t seem to be a way to reintegrate Enel into the story at this moment, although future events might open up that possibility.

Enel might come back for revenge, or the Moon might somehow be tied to the mystery of the One Piece treasure. Still, unless that happens, we don’t really see a smooth way to reintegrate him into the plot. It is possible that Oda simply decided to “retire” Enel to the Moon and give his narcissistic ego a false sense of importance. In contrast, he is just a guy on an empty piece of rock with a robotic army.

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