Where to Watch Harry Potter? The Complete 2021 Guide!

Where to Watch Harry Potter? The Complete 2021 Guide

Harry Potter is one of the most popular movie series today. The popularity remains high even today, almost a decade after the last movie was released and 24 years after the first book was published. It is safe to say that the demand for the book series and the movies never flattened. Despite all of this, if you recently wanted to revisit the series you found out finding a streaming service that features the entire series is way more difficult than it should be. Given the massive success of the franchise, your first question after why can’t you find the series anywhere was probably is it till featured anywhere. So where can you watch Harry Potter in 2021?

The Harry Potter series is currently available on Amazon Prime, Peacock TV, and Spectrum On Demand. You can also technically watch it through your Hulu subscription through the SYFY channel. And of course, if everything else fails you can get a physical copy of the movies on Amazon.  

To make sure you check if a platform you already have an account on features the story of everyone’s favorite trio and their adventures make sure to read this article all the way through since it goes through all popular platforms and whether or not they have the movies available in 2021. The topic is quite interesting so if you also want to know why the movies seem to be absent from virtually every platform you can find the answer inside the article.

Is Harry Potter on Netflix?

Where to Watch Harry Potter? The Complete 2021 Guide

Netflix is one of the most popular TV franchises in the world. It would be only fitting that you can stream it on the most popular streaming service in the world right now.

Netflix is known for constantly switching up its catalog which is why popular movies come and go every now and then. The Harry Potter franchise was never featured, but it isn’t completely gone from the site.

Netflix uses something called geo-location filters which makes the catalog different depending on where in the world you are located. This is why you often hear things like Canadian Netflix is better because different countries have different content available on the platform.

However, The Boy Who Lived can actually be found on Netflix despite never being featured worldwide. This being said the Harry Potter series is present in a few countries around the world. All movies are featured in France, Belgium, Spain, Australia, and New Zealand and a portion of the series can be found on Canadian Netflix as well.

Luckily, if you happen to be anywhere outside these countries, there is a way you can still watch the movies on Netflix if you have an account (or if you are stealing your friend’s, no judgment here).

The wonders of technology introduced us to the marvelous invention of a VPN server. Among other useful things, a VPN allows you to change your location. This means that you simply need to change your location using your VPN server and you’ll be able to access a version of Netflix that features the series even if you aren’t really in that country.

As for the versions, Netflix features theatrical versions of the movies. Technically the series only has a theatrical version, except for the first two movies. The extended versions of the first two movies can be found as special releases in the Wizarding Collection or as separated movies on Amazon. 

Is Harry Potter on Hulu?

Hulu is another popular streaming service. It is often used alongside other streaming services since the site features a lot of movies and series that are usually not available on other sites or are present but missing some movies or episodes.

The same applied to the Harry Potter series. Given its massive popularity of the streaming site and apparently never-ending demand for the franchise, all eight movies were originally featured on the site.

However, sometime in 2020, the series got removed from the site to the dismay of many fans. Although this may seem like a clear sign that there is no way to watch the adventures of everyone’s favorite trio on Hulu, this is actually not the case.

NBC Universal has the rights to the entire series and as such, they play the series quite often since the franchise is still extremely popular despite the last movie being released almost 10 years ago.

One of the able basic channels owned by NBC Universal is SYFY. The channel is every nerd’s dream since it is centered on science fiction, fantasy, and horror content.

Due to the extremely popular content featured on it, it is no surprise the massive popularity and the demand the channel has amassed since its founding in 1992.

In what was an amazing marketing move The channel has paired up with a few streaming services in a deal which allowed the users of these streaming services to watch content featured on SYFY through those streaming services.

One of the services that offered this deal was Hulu. As of right now you can cheat a bit and use the one-week free trial to watch the series and then cancel it. 

Although you could hold onto the service if you are a fan of the genres it features since the channel plays a bunch of popular content all the time. The subscription is around 65 dollars a month but you could get it for cheaper with few other partners.

If this seems like a good solution and you are interested in getting SYFY the same deal is featured with FuboTV, Sling TV, AT&T TV, and even places like YouTube TV. Although it is a bit unclear on the policy some people say they can also access it through their iTunes account.

Is Harry Potter on Disney+?

Where to Watch Harry Potter? The Complete 2021 Guide

Disney+ is another massively popular streaming platform. Even before the platform was released in the early November of 2019 people were eager the learn more about this new platform.

The platform became even more popular after the announcement that it will feature exclusive content from some of the most popular Disney properties such as Marvel and Star Wars.

After the release of now extremely popular series like The Mandalorian and WandaVision, the platform became as popular as it has ever been. The combination of content managed to accumulate the fans that were looking forward to the additional content and the fans who subscribed to the platform for the original Disney content.

With its quick launch into popularity, many who were interested in getting the platform wondered if the site will feature popular content such as the Harry Potter series.

Unfortunately, the site does not feature our favorite magical series. It is also unlikely the platform will ever feature anything aside from the Disney content. 

The platform serves as a medium of releasing additional content exclusively, which enabled Disney to become independent from other streaming services and in turn maximizing Disney’s profits. It also allows Disney to release additional content in relation to their recently acquired properties such as Star Wars which served as a means of introducing those franchises to new fans.

Is Harry Potter on HBOMax?

If you are one of those people who first tried to find the Harry Potter series on Netflix and then found it missing from the site, chances are your next logical conclusion was to check out HBOMax.

It would make sense that the platform features the story of the boy who defied the One Who Must Not Be Named since the platform is owned by WarnerMedia, the same company that produced the Harry Potter Franchise.

Depending on when you tried these, chance are you found all eight moves, however today you wouldn’t be able to find the movies. This may be a bit confusing since WarnerBros own the rights to the franchise and it wouldn’t be logical to exclude it from their own streaming services.

However, most people don’t know that the film rights to the franchise were sold to NBC Universal. The dal for both on-air and digital rights for the franchise. The deal started having an effect in April 2018 and is scheduled to have the effect until 2025.

Although this deal complicates streaming of the movies a bit there were a few announcements with good news following the deal’s closure. NBC made plans to air all the movies and is currently in negotiation to release the director’s cut, something the fans have been waiting from the moment it was released that only the first two movies would be getting extended versions. 

This also gave time to HBOMax and the owner of the platform to deal with a recently announced live-action show centered on Harry Potter. Although there is no news about the series it is safe to assume WarnerBros won’t miss out on such an opportunity, even after the recent controversy surrounding the author of the series.

Is Harry Potter on Amazon Prime?

Where to Watch Harry Potter? The Complete 2021 Guide

Amazon Prime is one of the few services which still feature the series surrounding everyone’s favorite wizard. Although it is a bit complicated all eight movies are available to you if you have a Prime account.

One thing to note is, even though the movies are available, you can’t actually stream them. You can still get access to the movies since all eight are available for rent. 

This does complicate things a bit, but it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your favorite story. For starters, the price for renting each of the eight movies from the franchise is 2.99 dollars.

After that, you’ll have 30 days to start watching the movies before they get removed from your library. Once you start a movie you rented you’ll have three days to get through it.

If you want a more permanent solution you can always purchase the movies on the site. The starting price from the movies is 12.99 dollars. By doing this the movies will remain in your library forever and you can watch them whenever you feel nostalgic and want to revisit your favorite world.

Another added bonus of this is the fact that Amazon Prime is one of the few places you can get extended versions of the movies, so if that is something you are after this is a great solution for your problems, since the extended versions are notoriously hard to find.

If you just want to get to know the story there is more good news for you. If you happen to be an Amazon Prime member, you can get a digital copy of the books for free since it was available in the Kindle Lending Library.

If you want something more permanent and reliable you can always get a set of all eight movies from Amazon. 

Is Harry Potter on Peacock?

As it became evident through the course of this article, despite the franchise’s massive popularity the movies are actually quite difficult to track down and watch with only a handful of streaming services featuring it in their catalogs.

If you ask any Potterhead this is a real problem which is why most fans rely on owning a physical copy of the movies to avoid any unpleasant surprises which may be caused by a constantly rotating collection of movies featured on different streaming services.

Luckily, all of this came to an end once Peacock TV was announced. Peacock TV is a new streaming service owned by NBC Universal which was released in July of last year.

Due to the deal which NBC Universal made with WarnerMedia to acquire the film rights for the series, they now have the ability to feature it on their new streaming service.

The Harry Potter franchise first made its way to the site in October 2020, but by November it was removed from the site. Luckily in early 2021, all eight moves were returned to Peacock’s library. 

Although the fate of the movies on the site is quite unclear due to the frequent changes between different streaming sites the most likely explanation is that the series will either be featured on both Peacock TV and HBOMax or will rotate between the sites periodically.

Peacock TV is a great option for anyone since the base package with a limited library is actually free. From there on you can actually get individual movies for a certain price.

The movies are also available for the users to rent for 3.99 dollars and can be purchased for 14.99 dollars, which makes Peacock TV a bit more expensive than Amazon Prime.

Luckily another option that ends up being the cheapest one is getting the premium plan which comes to around 5 dollars a month, or alternatively around 50 dollars annually. The premium plan gives the users access to the endless library of movies Peacock TV has to offer.

Is Harry Potter on Spectrum On Demand?

Where to Watch Harry Potter? The Complete 2021 Guide

Spectrum on Demand is another platform that allows you to revisit the adventures of the boy who lived. Unfortunately, the movies are not available for streaming and purchasing, however, you can rent the entire series and some additional Harry Potter content.

This being said the renting time is the same as it is with Amazon Prime. The renting process is similar, given that you have a 30 day time period to watch the movies you rented. 

However, this is plenty of time to watch the movies and even enough time to watch it a few times if you are up for that. One major plus is the fact that the streaming platform features the entire series and finding it in its entirety can be a challenge if you aren’t subscribed to certain streaming platforms, or in some cases even then. 

However, since spectrum offers the renting ability alone it may not be the best choice for people who want to watch it more than once after the 30-day rental period is over. Despite this keep it in mind as a viable option if everything else fails.

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