30 Best White Villains of All Time, Ranked

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White is usually a color we associate with something good. However, in reality, and popular media, that may not always be the case. People have seen villains dressed in white for decades now. Here are 30 of the best white Villains we can see in tv, movies, comics, and other forms of media.

30. Yue (Cardcaptor Sakura)


While he may be one of the good guys now, but Yue gave Sakura a hard time with his challenge back then. Yue is one of the Clow Cards’ two guardians created by the cards’ original master Clow Reed. Yue, at first, did not accept Sakura as the cards’ new master but eventually accepted her after she managed to defeat him.

Yue’s borrowed form is Yukito. Unfortunately, in the first part of the series, Yukito has no clue who Yue is or was ever made aware of his Alter Ego.

29. Society of Light (Yu-Gi-Oh GX)

Socirty of Light

There are too many members in this group, but anyone who has watched the series that these clad-in-white duelists are up to no good. The Society is a cult-like organization led by a character named Sartorius. The organization served as one of the central antagonists of the series, particularly in the anime’s second arc.

The Society’s uniform is pretty similar to the Obelisk Blue uniform; only the colors are alternated. Instead of the majority of the uniform being blue, it was altered to be primarily white with lavender trimmings. Some of Jaden’s group members ended up becoming temporary members of the cult.

28. Snowflame (DC)


Snowflame is a one-shot supervillain who fought the New Guardians. He is apparently drug-powered. When this super villain smokes cocaine, he can control what appears to be white-colored flames. He also has a white and red motif. Unfortunately, people only got to see this villain once in The New Guardians.

27. Drows (Dungeons & Dragons)


Well, they’re both black and white. Drows are dark elves who have white-colored hair. They are a subrace of elves and are connected to the subterranean Underdark in Dungeons & Dragons. While you can play a “good” Drow, these elves are traditionally evil due to them being connected to the goddess Lolth who is evil. However, in recent years, there have been Drows being created in the game that are not connected to the goddess Lolth.

26. Vicious (Cowboy Bebop)


Pale skin and white hair, Vicious was one of the most feared members of the Red Dragon syndicate. Before he died, he attempted a coup d’etat and managed to become the syndicate’s leader for a brief moment. However, his reign didn’t last long due to him getting killed by the series’ main protagonist, Spike Spiegel. He is also counted as Spike’s Dark half as Spike does show the same beliefs and attitude towards several things. However, Vicious is known to be more sociopathic. 

25. Kingpin (Spiderman)


Kingpin is a supervillain sporting a white suit jacket who regularly appears in Marvel comics. He made his first appearance in issue #50 of The Amazing Spider-Man. His name Kingpin is a reference to the Mafia title in their slang. Kingpin serves as one of the powerful and feared crime lords in Marvel. 

Despite his obese appearance, Kingpin is heavily muscled and an expert in hand-to-hand combat. According to his background, he has been mocked as a child due to his size. However, due to bad experiences with society, he decided to train himself to become strong and soon formed himself a gang to terrorize his neighborhood.


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24. Krad (D.N. Angel)


Don’t let his angel wings fool you. Krad won’t hesitate to harm civilians and even his host to get what he wants. He is an entity that is closely similar to Dark, who dwells inside his host Satoshi Hiwatari. 

His name backward spells Dark, hinting that the two are opposites from each other. Also, while Dark’s color schemes are on the cooler dark side, Krad has blond hair, an all-white attire, and would always speak formally. Krad is the other half of an artwork called Kokutoku, which was created by the artist Hikari hundreds of years prior to the start of D.N. Angel. 

A Niwa thief appeared at the ritual Hikari hosted to breathe life into his artworks, interrupting him. Unfortunately, the magic went out of control and split the statue in half. Krad’s part attached itself to the DMA of his creator. Meanwhile, Dark’s attached itself to the thief.

23. Mildred Avalon (Arcana Hearts)


Mildred is the first game’s main antagonist. However, she shows up in later games as an Arcana instead. In the story, she is interested in the skies above Tokyo and regularly conducts studies about them. She dreams of becoming an archangel by using the other maidens’ arcana and wants to combine our world with the elemental world.

22. Gilbert Durandal (Gundam SEED Destiny)


Gilbert serves as the main antagonist of Gundam Seed Destiny. He is the chairman of the Supreme Council at PLANT. While he wants to end all conflict through the Destiny Plan, he plans on having everyone’s life predetermined upon birth.

For a Coordinator in that world, they will be born leaders due to their superior genes. While this does mean no more wars, people will no longer have the ability to choose. Durandal also doesn’t seem to mind using people to get what he wants and is not above killing people who are against his cause. While he is later seen in more grey, black, and white outfits, the series would occasionally show him in white and gold outfits.

21. Lady Death (Marvel)

Lady Death

While she is decked in black, Lady Death is actually just bones underneath. However, she wasn’t afraid to show her true form to Thanos either. Lady Death is “Death” itself and was born when all the other cosmic entities came to be. She actually has no physical form, but she can choose what form she can manifest to interact with objects and living beings.

Lady Death has played a huge role in Thanos’ life as she was the one who influenced him to take revenge on the death of his friend. Death eventually became Thanos’ confidant and may as well be the reason why he seems to enjoy killing or see nothing wrong with the act.


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20. Lusamine (Pokemon Sun & Moon Game Ver.)


Lusamine in the anime has always been on the side of the heroes. However, we can’t say the same for the game. Lusamine serves as Pokemon Sun and Moon’s main antagonist. She is the president and overall head of the Aether Foundation and the mother of Gladion and Lillie. She seems to be obsessed with collecting Pokemon, especially the Pokemon inside ultra wormholes.

Her obsession with the Ultra Beasts started after losing her husband in Ultra Space.

19. Ash Landers (Black Butler)


Ash acts as Queen Victoria’s butler, and he is the male counterpart of Angela Blanc. Ash is a Fallen Angel, and he thinks of himself as superior. He is also annoyed by the Queen’s human qualities. It was Sebastian Michaelis who figured out Ash is a Fallen Angel.

Both Ash and Angela fall at the hands of Sebastian. He gets torn into pieces by Sebastian’s proper demonic form.

18. Debbie Jellinsky (Addams Family)


She is usually seen in white outfits. Debbie is the wife of Uncle Fester and is said to kill all of her husbands so she can take the fortunes for herself. She marries Uncle Fester, thinking he is wealthy so she can kill and get his fortune later.

At the age of ten, she killed her own parents because they failed to buy her the doll she wanted on her birthday. As she grew older, she started killing her husbands. She killed her first husband, who was a heart surgeon with an ax. 

17. Guardian Angel (Adventure Time)

Guardian Angel

Probably one of the scariest characters I have seen while watching Adventure Time. The Guardian Angel appears in the episode Dungeon and at first acts like a proper angel healing Finn. However, as she leads him to the Chamber of the Crystal Eye, he traps him in a cage and transforms into a monster. 

It turns out the Guardian Angel has intended to eat him in a stew she was preparing. In addition, the monster seems to have holy-like abilities such as removing scars, mending clothes, and even healing wounds simply by touching a person. 

The creature is not really an angel, but it takes the guise of one. When Finn meets her, she has blue skin, long white hair and white angel-like wings, and a white dress.

16. Michael Morbius (Marvel)


His villain ways are more because he cannot help it due to his new disease and his search for a cure. Morbius was originally a biogenetic scientist who was searching for a cure for his own blood-destroying disease. Unfortunately, when he found it, he wasn’t prepared for the side effects that would come with it. So, he injected himself with a cure he made from radioactive DNA from an altered vampire bat which caused his transformation into a pseudo Vampire.

Due to the incident, he developed a craving and a need for human blood. He even went against Spider-Man because he believes the hero has the blood, he needs to cure his cravings for human blood.


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15. Ernesto De La Cruz (Coco)


Ernesto serves as the antagonist in the animated film called Coco. He was a famous musician who captivated his audience through his good looks and charisma. He became a source of Mexican Pride even after his death. Miguel believes that Ernesto is actually his great-great-grandfather at the beginning of the film, so he searches for him in the Land of the Dead.

It turns out that Ernesto actually caused the death of his real great-great-grandfather Hector. Ernesto used to be Hector’s partner, but Ernesto decided to murder him in order to take credit for the music he had created.

14. Solf J. Kimblee (Full Metal Alchemist)

Kimblee fma

He is also called the Crimson Lotus Alchemist, but the guy is usually seen in a white and lavender suit. He was a former State Alchemist and special agent that worked directly under Fuhrer King Bradley. He ended up behind bars due to his unauthorized killing of people during the Ishval Civil War.

13. Ghirahim (Zelda)


Ghirahim is a recurring character from the video game series The Legend of Zelda. He also serves as one of the main antagonists in Skyward Sword. He is a high authority figure in the land below Skyloft and constantly tries to hunt for Zelda. He is after Zelda so he can use her spirit as a goddess to resurrect Demise.

12. Rufus Shinra (Final Fantasy 7)


He serves as a primary antagonist in Final Fantasy 7 but is a supporting character throughout the Final Fantasy expanded universe. Rufus hates his father and has always plotted to kill him so he can take over Shinra Electric Power Company. While Rufus and his father share the same goal of making the company powerful to the point that it has a hold on the world. However, Rufus believes that he needs to instill fear to control everyone.

Rufus believes that everything under the Shinra Company is something he owns. Thus, he believes Cloud Strife is Shinra’s property in the remake.

11. Zero Two (Kirby)


Zero Two or 02 serves as Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards’ final boss and main antagonist. Zero Two resides in the depths of the Dark Star. Based on where Kirby will find Zero two, it can be assumed that the creature is the mastermind behind the Dark Matter than has invaded the Fairies of Ripple Star. Their first priority was to destroy the crystals found in Ripple Star because Zero Two knows that the crystals pose some kind of threat.

10. The White Witch (The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe)

White Witch

Her real name is Jadis, and she is the main antagonist of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. She makes another appearance as the villain again in The Magician’s Nephew. She is referred to as the White Witch due to her freezing Narnia in the Hundred Years Winter. Jadis is the final Queen of Charn, a city that exists somewhere beyond Narnia, and she comes from a long line of royalty. However, while there were good kings and queens, the rule of tyrants and evil leaders started somewhere along the line.

At some point, Jadis, who was fighting a losing war, decided to cast Deplorable Word that ended all life in her kingdom except her own. So, she traps herself in a magical sleep and will be awakened once a bell she has enchanted is rung. Several years later, a pair of friends woke her up only to transport her to Narnia. IN Narnia, she eats an apple that she believes will grant her immortality, but the apple instead bleaches her skin white and causes her immense misery due to the evil doings she has done.


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9. Momoshiki Otsutsuki (Boruto)


He is the main antagonist in Buruto: Naruto the Movie. Like a lot of villains in the series Naruto, Momoshiki also seeks to capture the Nine-Tails beast that resides within Naruto Uzumaki. He serves as the first big bad Boruto will have to face as a full-fledged ninja. 

Similar to other members of the Otsutsuki clan, he has pale skin and light-colored hair. He also has brown horns. In addition, he has Byakugan eyes. Meanwhile, he also has Rinnegan eyes on his palms.

8. Frieza (Dragon Ball)


Frieza was one of the major antagonists the Z fighters had to face in the anime. He is a leader of his own imperialist army and arrived on Earth with the goal to conquer every planet in Universe 7. To everyone’s surprise, in Dragon Ball Super, he is chosen to represent Universe 7 as its tenth member for the Tournament of Power.

7. Mister Negative (Marvel)

Mister Negative

Mister negative is a recurring supervillain usually appearing in Spider-Man, the Punisher, and Cloak & Dagger. His name is a reference to photo negatives because his colors are inverted once he transforms into his super-powered state.

He was a gangster and human tracker who was captured along with Cloak and Dagger for an experiment involving the injection of synthetic drugs on a living human subject. The three of them managed to survive and escape. Mister Negative ended up with both Darkforce and Lightforce, which also led to creating two different personalities inside him.

6. Byakuran (Katekyo Hitman Reborn)


While his current self is good, one of his future self becomes an antagonist in the Katekyo Hitman Reborn anime and manga. He is the form Boss of the Gesso Famiglia but now takes the lead of the Millefiore Famiglia.

In the Future arc, Byakugan is known for hiding his true evil persona behind a cheerful and friendly facade. It seems his current self is saved from turning evil as he was given the memories of his future self and has regretted what he has done. He also considers Uni his savior from the loneliness he was experiencing after learning what he had done in the future.

5. Arkaam (W.I.T.C.H.)


Arkaam is the antagonist featured in the 8th Saga of W.I.T.C.H comics. She is also said to be one of the strongest foes the gang had to face. Arkaam is the evil empress of the Fast World and is also called the “White Queen.” Her design is inspired by two playing card characters: the chess queen and the jester card. The White Queen Arkaam attempted to take over Earth, but the Guardians defeated her.


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4. Nemesis (Marvel)


Nemesis was originally the only living being at the beginning of existence. This cosmic being took part of itself to create a companion, but she ended up unhappy with it and eventually destroyed the other entity. While the entity might not be a bad person per se, it also created the demon horde and other evil beings in the universe. Nemesis also created the Infinity Gems and transported them to the Ultraverse along with several other heroes and villains.

Nemesis eventually had to be defeated by the Avengers and the UltraForce when she got revived. 

3. Bakura (Yu-Gi-Oh!)

Yami Bakura

Specifically, Yami Bakura or Even Bandit King Bakura. This character is the soul that resides in the Millennium Ring. Throughout the series, he was always a villain, only to become the main big bag in the final arc. About 5000 years prior to the start of the series, a shard of Zorc Necrophade’s spirit was sealed in the Millennium Ring. It combined with the Bandit’s king soul to create Yami Bakura. 

While the spirit has no memory of either Zork of the Bandit King, Yami Bakura would still seek out the other millennial items to resurrect Zorc and unite with him.

 2. Kabuto (Naruto)


None of us probably saw it coming, but Kabuto proved to be an even bigger bad than Orochimaru himself. Kabuto spent the majority of his life as a spy working for different people. He is talented when it comes to gathering information and even has extensive knowledge of medicine, enough to attract the attention of Orochimaru.

He later breaks away from Orochimaru and allies himself with Tobi during the Fourth Shinobi War. However, he doesn’t stay on the bad side. After fighting against Sasuke and Itachi, he decides to turn over a new leaf and becomes the adopted son of Nono Yakushi. After the war, he returns to Konohagakure to run the orphanage there. He even helps save Sasuke’s life at one point in the war.

1. Sephiroth (Final Fantasy)


While Sephiroth wears primarily black, most final fantasy fans would recognize him for his long flowing white/silver hair. He’s probably the most popular antagonist in the Final Fantasy franchise. Sephiroth serves as the main antagonist in both Final Fantasy 7 and its Remake.

He is depicted as Cloud Strife’s archenemy and a symbol of Cloud’s past that continues to haunt him. Sephiroth was a well-known and talented SOLDIER before he fell from grace.

He was considered one of the best success stories that were made under the Shinra Electric Power Company’s SOLDIER program. However, when Sephiroth learned about the experiments made to create him, he fell into insanity and grew to hate Shinra. His insanity also led him to start a desire for the world’s destruction.

Not only does he serve as an antagonist in Final Fantasy, he has also made an appearance in Kingdom Hearts as a boss the party will eventually encounter.

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