Who Are Henry Cavill’s Brothers? Meet the Cavill Family


Often considered the sexiest and most handsome man alive by most people and called the “King of the Nerds” by most men, Henry Cavill has been one of the most popular actors ever since he first appeared as Superman in ‘Man of Steel.’ Of course, while we do know that Superman’s entire family was killed on Krypton, Henry Cavill has a pretty big family that includes four brothers. Yes, there is more than one Cavill man existing in the world, and maybe we aren’t ready for that amount of sexiness. So, if you want to learn more about the Cavill brothers, you can continue reading on.

How many brothers does Henry Cavill have?

Henry Cavill has a total of four brothers who have their own careers. There are three older Cavill brothers who have careers outside of the film industry. Meanwhile, the youngest Cavill brother has experienced the film industry but has since become an entrepreneur.

Henry Cavill’s brothers

We have established that Henry Cavill has three older brothers and one younger brother, making him the second-youngest member of the Cavill brothers. Of course, while Henry has been successful in the film industry, his brothers have also enjoyed their own fair share of success in their respective fields. As such, we are here to look at what we know about Henry Cavil’s brothers and what they do for a living.

1. Piers Cavill

  • Date of Birth: 1971
  • Occupation: Business and Finance

The oldest of the five Cavill brothers is Piers, who was born around 1971. He is around 12 years older than Henry and was born British. He grew up in Jersey and went to the University of West England before graduating in 1996 with a degree in business. As such, Piers’ career path steered him toward the world of business instead of film or acting


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Piers could have eventually enjoyed a successful career in the corporate but opted not to do so immediately. Instead, he joined the British Army after graduating from university and spent around ten years in service. He left the Army in 2006 and joined the corporate world, where he became quite successful in his field, having worked with different large companies throughout his career.

He eventually decided to enhance his skills by learning more about the world of finance. As such, Piers was able to become a successful portfolio manager for private wealth companies, including Aberdeen Private Wealth Management and Collins Steward Wealth Management. Piers went on to serve as the COO of an investment management services provider called Brooks MacDonald. He is now working as the country director of Annexio Jersey Limited, which is an online gaming company.

Due to the fact that he prefers to fly under the radar, the eldest of the five Cavill brothers has almost no social media presence. That is why a lot of people aren’t aware that Henry actually has a brother 12 years his senior.

2. Niki Richard Cavill

  • Date of Birth: 1975
  • Occupation: Officer in the Royal Marine Corp

The second Cavill brother is eight years older than Henry and is named Niki Richard Cavill. Niki also joined the British Army, following the footsteps of Piers. He joined in 1999 after graduating from school. Unlike Piers, who stayed for only a decade, Niki has been serving the Army since 1999 and went on three operational tours in Afghanistan.

In 2012, Niki Cavill was made an MBE by the Queen herself after he proved his courage and valor on the field. He received this distinction after serving in Afghanistan from March to September 2011. During that time, Niki led a counter-insurgency campaign wherein he found a way to work together with the local police to make sure that the local areas in the country were safe and secure. He also engaged opposing forces with extraordinary care instead of going all out, as he proved himself capable as a soldier who knew what to do on the field.


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It was in 2016 when Niki found his name all over the news again as he was appointed the commander of an elite unit within the Royal Marine Corps. This unit is called the 30 Commando Information Exploitation Group, which has been around since World War II and is tasked with gathering information behind enemy lines so that they can pass on any useful intel to the Commando Brigade Operations.

Niki’s appointment to that elite group made the headlines because that was also the time when Henry’s Superman character was on the rise in Hollywood. As such, Niki was dubbed as a real-life superhero, just like the hero that his brother played on-screen.

We can assume that the nature of Niki’s job as an officer in the British Army is the reason why he keeps a low profile. However, we do know that he and Henry are close, as the latter has been known to publicly support the efforts of the Marines.

3. Simon Granville Cavill

  • Date of Birth: September 1979
  • Occupation: Business executive

The third Cavill brother is Simon Granville Cavill, who is Henry’s immediate older brother. He is around four years older than Henry and has also spent time serving in the British Army. However, Simon eventually left his career with the Army and entered the world of business, just like the oldest Cavill brother.

Simon is known for his role as a compliance officer and as the director of several different companies, including Kensington Films Limited and Gary Knight Services Limited. While Simon’s social media presence is also scarce, he has always supported Henry, especially in red-carpet premieres of his younger brother’s movies.

4. Charles Edward Cavill

  • Date of Birth: 20th April 1985
  • Occupation: Actor, Producer, and Entrepreneur

The youngest of the Cavill brothers is Charles Edward Cavill, who is two years younger than Henry. He followed his oldest brother’s footsteps by attending the University of West of England, where he graduated in 2008 with a degree in accounting, marketing, and economics, making him the most well-rounded out of all of the brothers in terms of his educational background.


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Charles has experienced different jobs in the world of business, including sales, because he worked as a sales professional and a project manager at IDG Communications for one year. He eventually dove into the world of film, serving as the senior vice president of film and media production at HCMT from 2011 to 2015.

Currently, Charles is based in Alberta, Calgary, Canada, where he has his own company called Cavill and Wicks Candle Co. Charles Cavill may have enjoyed a short career in the world of acting but has had his fair share of experience as a film producer. However, he is more of an entrepreneur nowadays.

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