Who Does Choji Marry in Boruto?

Who Does Choji Marry in Boruto?

During the original Naruto and Naruto Shippuden run, we saw multiple different characters develop in front of our eyes for years. Some of them were spending more time on the screen than others but still showed that even supporting characters can be really interesting. One of them is Akamichi Choji, one-third of the famous Ino-Shika-Cho formation and part of Team 10 (Team Asuma). He is one of Konoha’s finest, and it was really interesting what happened to him after the end of the Naruto anime. In this article, we will discuss who does Choji marry in Boruto anime during the New era.

Choji Akimichi is married to Karui, a kunoichi from Kumogakure (Hidden Cloud Village) and Team Samui, which were Raikage A’s right hand. After Karui married Choji, she decided to emigrate to Konohagakure and start a family with him. Choji has a child with her called Cho Cho, who is one of the main characters in Boruto anime.

We will analyze their relationship further, and how did Choji even end up with Karui in the first place? This is a mystery to most people since they are supporting characters in the Naruto manga and anime, and now in the Boruto series as well. If you are interested, definitely stay with us until the end of the article.

Choji’s Potential Love Interests During Naruto Series

In the Naruto series, Choji was always sensitive about his weight. His clan, the Akimichi Clan, is unique in its manipulation of body weight and size, which means that most of its members are overweight. Children of Konoha were constantly making fun of him and preventing him from playing with them until he met his eventual friend, Nara Shikamaru.

Two of his most important role models, his sensei Asuma and his father Choza, recognized his greatest strength as being a polite, kind, and caring person. Choji’s lack of confidence mostly derailed him but he overcame it later in the series with the help of his friends. He was not popular amongst girls because he mostly thought about food. The love of food and his friends were his priorities, and girls were just not on his mind that much.

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However, Choji always said that he dreams of a girl who admires him for his appetite. There weren’t that many but his female friends like Ino, Sakura, and others, always supported him to the fullest.

So yes, Choji was not that popular with girls, and because of that fans did not expect Choji to have a wife in the New Era during Boruto anime.

Who Does Choji Marry in Boruto?

After a thorough background of Choji’s relationships, which to be fair weren’t that many, we finally got to the main point of the article. Akimichi Choji married Karui a kunoichi from Kumogakure (Hidden Cloud Village) and Team Samui. To a lot of fans, this was a surprise since their interactions with each other were not shown in manga or anime.

Who Does Choji Marry in Boruto?

After the manga ended in 2014, there were short stories released during the so-called Blank Period Arc, which shows a period after the end of the Fourth Shinobi War. Karui’s and Choji’s first mention of their interaction and according to Ino, attraction, occurred in the Sakura Hiden: Thoughts of Love, Riding Upon a Spring Breeze.

This is where Ino tells shocked Sakura that Choji is making excuses to travel to Kumogakure, so he can meet Karui. His interest in Karui does not vain and in Sasuke Shinded: Book of Sunrise, in which Kumogakure investigates the disappearance of their shinobi, Karui kept in contact with Choji and informed him of what’s going on.

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In the epilogue of Naruto manga, we finally see Choji and Karui together, waiting for their daughter to arrive. Their relationship is really adorable – while Choji is soft-spoken and kind-hearted, Karui is a fearless and quite emotional person. As adults, Choji is more confident in himself and Karui is more laid-back which could be seen in ChoCho’s personality traits.

In the New Era, even though they are mostly supporting characters, their relationship is put on display more closely in the Boruto series. This is the first time we see them together, and it is quite interesting. During the arc Parent and Child Day, Choji eats all the food Karui prepared for them to eat as a family for breakfast the following day. Karui is enraged and storms out of the house. ChoCho tells her father that he needs to apologize and buy something for her mother to apologize. While their stroll through the Village, Choji talks about how he is lucky to marry Karui and have his daughter and family with her, and because of that he needs to redeem himself.

Who Does Choji Marry in Boruto?

ChoCho then asks Choji what he thinks attracted Karui to him in the first place. He muses it is probably his kindness but eventually settles that his appetite is what attracted her to him. Because of that, Choji enters the eating tournament with ChoCho to impress Karui. Eventually, she expresses her desire for Choji to eat more vegetables so she does not become a widow.

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In the end, Choji realizes that Karui loves him for what he is, and they continue their Parent and Child Day in a good mood. We can conclude that Choji loves his wife and she loves him as well, and their daughter is a perfect mesh of them.

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