Who Does Luffy Love in One Piece? His Love Interests Explained

One Piece has plenty of iconic anime characters, many of which have some really strong friendships with one another. But, romance is not a massive aspect throughout the One Piece storyline, with Oda stating that the plot is far more focused on friendship. Still, this has left many fans curious to know who Luffy loves in One Piece.

Luffy’s potential love interest is believed to be Boa Hancock, as she openly states she loves him and wishes to marry him. There is a chance Luffy might love Nami, although their relationship seems more platonic. But, many fans believe the Pirate King and Pirate Empress would be the most probable One Piece ship.

Luffy’s romantic relationships, if there are any, are not made clear to the audience, but many fans have gathered shreds of evidence in order to identify who his main love interest could be at some point in the future. Stick around to find out about Luffy’s potential love interests in One Piece, as well as who Luffy is most likely to end up with at some point later on.

Luffy’s Love Interests

Monkey D. Luffy is definitely a loveable hero, and he could be seen as one of the most popular anime characters of all time for cuntless fans. But, as with many protagonists, Luffy’s love life has not been touched on much throughout the One Piece storyline.

In fact, there is very little evidence to suggest that Luffy is truly attracted to anything other than his first loves – food, and adventure. So much so that many One Piece fans still speculate whether Luffy is gay, straight, or asexual.

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Luffy is believed to be straight by most One Piece fans, and we’ll be using this as a base for his potential romantic relationships – but the motive for even questioning is completely understandable. Luffy is quite a pure character with little interest in romance or anything of the sort.

Instead of the classic representation of a hard-hearted, wicked, and cruel pirate, Luffy’s motive for being a pirate is remarkably pure. He chooses to be a pirate due to a sheer sense of wonder for the vast world around him, keen to take on any and all adventures that may await himself and the Straw Hat crew – of course, with the ultimate goal of finding the One Piece.

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He has developed quite a few relationships with One Piece characters, and he has not really shown a specific romantic attraction to anyone in particular. Many have speculated the possibilities of Luffy having a romantic inclination toward characters like Robin and others, but there are two primary female main characters that may be a good romantic fit for Luffy – at least, once he is older and actually interested in the idea.

Does Luffy Love Nami?

Nami becomes quite a close friend to Luffy throughout the story’s progression, and many fans have begun wondering if Nami likes Luffy. These two characters do not seem to have a romantic interest in each other at first glance, but they do have an incredibly strong, trusting, and solid relationship that may head past friendship – the law of opposites attracting may just be the case here.

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Luffy does show a fair amount of interest in Nami throughout the One Piece storyline, and he even states that he does not want to sail without her. He trusts Nami deeply, as she is one of the very few people who he entrusts with his treasure, the “Straw Hat”.

He also shows reactions to seeing Nami undressed numerous times throughout the saga or in other situations such as when she was impersonated, and he occasionally has nosebleeds when seeing Nami in certain contexts.

Another point is that Luffy and Nami have pretty similar life goals, and Nami wants to draw a map of the entire world while Luffy wants to be the Pirate King and travel the world. However, these goals could line up with or without romance, and Luffy has made it very clear that he likes having her as a navigator – it may have even been the reason he didn’t want to sail without her.

The chances of Luffy and Nami ending up together are high considering how far he goes for her – and, the two are featured together in color spreads or official One Piece artwork quite often. But, all of their interactions may just indicate a really strong friendship as well. In addition, many One Piece fans believe that Nami is more likely to end up with Sanji, which can change things quite a bit.

Does Luffy Love Hancock?

Boa Hancock, the Pirate Empress, started off having quite an antagonistic relationship with Luffy, specifically within the Amazon Lily Arc. However, she began to notice his innocent and selfless nature, seeing that he did not judge her – even after he finds out about her being a slave in the past.

She starts to develop strong romantic feelings for him quite quickly, and being around Luffy actually begins to change her personality over time – to the point where she turns against the World Government on numerous occasions as a result of her feelings towards him. Hancock never tries to hide the fact that she has feelings for him, as she has a special attitude when he’s around and she has a hard time looking Luffy in the eye.

Hancock has a tendency to blush when Luffy is around her, and she constantly daydreams about him in various romantic instances, as seen below thanks to the Love Interest Wiki. She is extremely defensive over Luffy, defending him from Smoker and Pacifistas, and she regularly becomes angry at anyone who tries to hurt Luffy.

But, it’s not clear if Luffy actually feels much towards Boa Hancock in return. Luffy does not really give much reaction when he sees Hancock undressed as well, as seen below thanks to One Piece Fandom:

However, this could point to Luffy not objectifying people and not being attracted to women in a lustful way, since Luffy does not see the physical appearance or appeal of women, he rather sees the person inside. It’s very possible he sees her for much more than her physical appearance, and he definitely cares about her a lot.

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The two still have a really good, healthy relationship. Hancock is very loyal to Luffy and she still continues to love him openly, despite his rejection of her idea of marriage and of him not having the same kind of romantic feelings towards her – at least, for the time being.

It’s quite possible that Luffy might pursue Boa in return once he achieves his main goal. After Luffy matures a lot, the chances of him and Boa getting together will increase – this especially considering that there is a large age gap between Luffy and Boa.

Many One Piece fans still anticipate Nami and Luffy developing a romantic relationship later down the line, although it seems they have formed a more platonic and sibling-like relationship. There are some pieces of evidence that might indicate Luffy being romantically interested in Boa Hancock, and seeing the Pirate King being matched with the Pirate Empress would make for the ultimate couple ship ever, but it’s still all yet to be confirmed.

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