Is Luffy Gay, Straight, or Asexual?

Is Luffy Gay, Straight, or Asexual?

There are plenty of iconic anime characters with vague preferences, and while sexual orientation is by no means a way to classify the characters themselves, it can give better insight into the overall premise. Luffy in One Piece is one of the most mysterious characters concerning sexuality, and tons of fans still wonder what or who this hero is attracted to. So, is Luffy gay, straight, or asexual?

Luffy is believed to be asexual by many One Piece fans, but this is primarily due to him being “Pure of Heart” with a genuine love for adventure rather than romance. There have been ambiguous cues to indicate that Luffy may be somewhat interested in females, meaning he could be straight beneath his pure protagonist persona.

Although unraveling the preferences of Luffy can be tricky, there is actually quite a lot that points to his sexual orientation – or, lack thereof. Stick around to find out everything you need to know about what Luffy is into, backed up with theories from the community and evidence from the One Piece saga.

Luffy’s Orientation (Debate)

Before getting into all of the shreds of evidence and opinions of One Piece fans, it’s worth noting that Luffy’s sexuality has been an ongoing debate for years. In all honesty, many threads have gotten way more heated than necessary, and many cues could be taken in different ways.

Still, we’ve narrowed down some of the most probable arguments for you to have a clearer understanding of this iconic anime character. As a result, all of these perspectives should be taken with a pinch of salt, as it should have no impact on Luffy himself or how much anyone loves One Piece!

Is Luffy Gay?

A large chunk of the argument stems from Luffy’s interactions and overall attitude towards women. But, this could be due to a handful of other factors (which we’ll touch on later) and it does not concretely mean that he is interested in males as a result. Many fans have also argued that Luffy could be gay due to his excitement when fighting alpha males.


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But, there is a lot to consider here, as anime/ manga guys being hyped to take on big sweaty men in a battle would not be anything new – cue Goku, who has no idea why Vegeta kisses Bulma but miraculously has children with Chi-Chi. There are the least amount of cues that give indications to Luffy being gay – if there are any at all.

Is Luffy Straight?

Most One Piece fans believe that Luffy is not straight, as he was able to stare at Boa Hancock undressed without showing any interest, as seen below thanks to One Piece Fandom:

luffy straight

But, it has only been confirmed that he is not sexually attracted to females in a physical or lustful sense – which could mean many things. This could link directly to his pure-hearted nature and ability to see past the physical.

Some One Piece fans also argue that Luffy cannot be straight since Hancock was not able to turn him to stone. However, there may be other reasons for this, such as the fact that Luffy does not objectify women and the key point was that it turns those with lust or perversion into stone.

One Piece fans may also argue that Luffy could be straight since he did not react to Boa but did give some type of reaction to Nami on separate occasions, both with Nami and with an impersonator, as seen below:

luffy straight nami
Luffy straight 3

However, this was apparently debunked since many fans feel he only reacted in the way everyone else did, such as Usopp. At the same time, Oda apparently stated that he is straight, and the nose bleeds that Luffy gets while seeing Nami naked is definitely on the table in terms of evidence.

There are certainly hints to Luffy being straight, but there is no concrete evidence – which is somewhat understandable for his age. Still, quite a large portion of the community feels that although he may show an overall lack of romantic interest in females, Luffy may begin showing more interest in females as he matures and gets older.

Is Luffy Asexual?

Luffy being asexual is by far the easiest to understand, as it would make a lot of sense considering all of the events that transpire throughout One Piece. The vast majority of One Piece fans believe that Luffy is asexual, primarily due to his character and personality – not to mention his life goals and ambitions.

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Instead of the classic representation of a hard-hearted, wicked, and cruel pirate, Luffy’s motive for being a pirate is remarkably pure. He chooses to be a pirate due to a sheer sense of wonder, keen to take on any and all adventures that may await himself and the Straw Hat crew – of course, with the ultimate goal of finding the One Piece.

He follows in the footsteps of his childhood hero, traveling across the Grand Line while experiencing a whirlwind of turmoil and trials and unraveling dark mysteries along the way. They battle strong enemies and face some really hard times, and the only thing that seems to get Luffy through it all is his will and passion for exploration.

Bottom Line

Throughout the One Piece saga, there has been no concrete evidence to suggest that Luffy has been interested in love, romantic relationships, or anything in between at all. He has only shown genuine interest in adventure and food, which has to stem from a pure-hearted alignment – fair, since One Piece started with his childhood and spans through adolescence.

Luffy does not objectify women or men, he rather sees the person inside, which can still lead to a vague sexual orientation that may change at any point in time. Even if Luffy is confirmed to identify as asexual, it does not rule out a potential romantic relationship with a man or a woman in the future.


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As a result of everything we’ve seen, Luffy has typically been considered one of the few asexual anime characters to date. That being said, there will always be the argument that Luffy is more ‘pure-hearted’ than specifically asexual – it is quite possible that he is somewhat attracted to females but is simply not interested in the concept at all.

While there is no official confirmation for Luffy being into either males or females, it’s pretty clear that this character is more focused on goodwill than romance and relationships. Not that Luffy’s sexual orientation really matters, however – this anime hero is infamous and he has been an iconic fan favorite within the manga/ anime-loving community for ages!