Who Does Wednesday End Up With? Is It Tyler or Xavier?

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While the Wednesday series on Netflix was always going to be a spooky mystery thriller, the thing is that it also involved a teenager in a school setup. That means that it was inevitable for Wednesday to get romantically involved with her fellow teenage Outcasts while attending Nevermore, despite the fact that she was always vocal about hating the company of people. Two of the boys that became quite close with Wednesday were Tyler and Xavier. So, who does Wednesday end up with?

Wednesday doesn’t end up with either Tyler or Xavier at the end of season 1. Tyler became her boyfriend for a very short while before she found out that he was the Hyde monster. Meanwhile, the door is still open for her relationship with Xavier, who was cleared of all of the charges against him.

Like any series involving a teenager in a high school setup, Wednesday Addams was bound to get romantically involved with a teenage boy. Of course, the two boys she ended up getting involved with were also very important to the storyline, especially Tyler, who was one of the antagonists the entire time. So, with that said, let’s look at who does Wednesday end up with in the end.

Who Are Wednesday’s Love Interests?

When the Wednesday series was introduced, the one thing we knew was that Wednesday Addams was going to be moving into a new boarding school called Nevermore after getting kicked out of her normal high school. Nevermore, of course, is a school that was meant for Outcasts such as her

So, the fact that the series was all about a teenage girl in a new school full of other teenage Outcasts turned the series into your not-so-usual teenage coming-of-age story. That meant that Wednesday, like most other teenagers, was going to end up with her own teenage love story while attending high school. As such, who are Wednesday’s love interests in the series?



Tyler is a teenage boy that grew up in the Normie society in the town of Jericho, which is quite close to the Nevermore school grounds. He worked in a café called the Weathervane, as he spent his days as a barista that made coffee. It was through his job that he and Wednesday stumbled upon each other.

During her first session with Dr. Kinbott, Wednesday attempted to escape Jericho and Nevermore by going to the Weathervane to ask for help from Tyler, who she didn’t even know. She helped him fix the café’s broken-down espresso machine in exchange for helping her escape from town. As such, Tyler volunteered to drive her to the train station after his shift.

But before Wednesday could escape, she ended up getting caught by Principal Weems. Still, Wednesday contacted Tyler using her roommate Enid’s computer and asked him to help her escape Nevermore and Jericho by using the weekend carnival as a cover. Wednesday, however, failed to escape town because she ended up getting attacked by Rowan, who wanted to kill her due to how he believed that she was destined to destroy Nevermore. But it was the fact that Rowan was killed by the very same monster that was terrorizing Jericho that made her want to stay in Nevermore as she wanted to investigate the matter.


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Of course, while she was in Nevermore, Wednesday spent time in the Weathervane, where she became closer to Tyler. The two spent time together while Wednesday was trying to solve the case involving the monster and the weird things that were happening in Nevermore and Jericho. And with the help of Thing, Wednesday was even forced to go to the Rave’n Dance Ball with Tyler.

After Tyler asked Wednesday out on a date in Crackstone’s crypt, he actually told her that he wanted to be more than friends. But the date was interrupted before Wednesday could give a definite answer. Still, after Xavier was arrested as a suspect for the killings happening in the town, Wednesday and Tyler shared a kiss and became a couple for a very short while because that was when the biggest twist was revealed.


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Xavier is one of the students attending Nevermore Academy. Before the events of the series, he was dating a siren named Bianca, who also attended the school and was the so-called queen bee of the student population. Xavier took an interest on Wednesday when he saw her standing up to Bianca in fencing class.

When a statue was about to fall on Wednesday, Xavier was the one who rescued her from certain death, as he revealed to her that they knew each other when they were still kids. In fact, Wednesday rescued him from being cremated to death when he got himself locked in his grandma’s coffin.

As such, Xavier immediately became quite interested in Wednesday and was even giving her signals that he wanted to be with her. He was also one of the members of a secret society called the Nightshades, and he wanted to induct Wednesday into it, only for her to decline the invitation. And Xavier was originally supposed to be the one who was going to attend the Rave’n Dance with Wednesday, but things between them turned sour.

Xavier, of course, as an Outcast, has special abilities. He is a psychic, just like his father. However, his psychic powers manifest in the form of visions that he tends to paint right after he sees them. As such, he is a gifted painter that tried to help Wednesday using his paintings.


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However, Wednesday suspected Xavier as the Hyde monster because he seemed to have a connection with it in the sense that he mostly paints things that are connected to it. As such, Wednesday had him arrested when evidence regarding his association with the monster was planted in his room. That was when he became so angry at Wednesday that he told her mean things during the time that Wednesday visited him in jail.

Of course, Wednesday eventually found out the truth about the Hyde monster. But Xavier was still the prime suspect and was locked up until the final portion of the season when Thing helped him escape the sheriff’s car. He was instrumental in the defeat of Crackstone and in the evacuation of Nevermore.

Who Does Wednesday End Up With?

In the final episodes of season 1 of Wednesday, the titular character learned that Tyler was actually the Hyde monster and that he had been working with Marilyn Thornhill, who was actually Laurel Gates the entire time. As such, Xavier was innocent and was not the Hyde monster. It is needless to say, because Tyler was an enemy the entire time, Wednesday did not end up with him.

After the battle against Crackstone, Thornhill, and Tyler, the entire school year was canceled, and that meant that all of the students needed to go home. Before going home, Wednesday met up with Xavier and they reconciled because Wednesday took an arrow that was meant for him. Xavier gave her a smartphone so that they could communicate over the summer.

However, Wednesday did not end up with Xavier as well because the verdict regarding their relationship was still up in the air. Nothing came out of their reconciliation during the final episode. But the thing is that the door is still open for Wednesday to end up with Xavier in the future if the series is going to get a second season. As for Tyler, let’s just say that the ship has already sunk.