Who Is the Hyde Monster in Wednesday? Identity Revealed


Throughout the majority of the Wednesday series on Netflix, one of the biggest mysteries that the titular character needed to solve was the problem regarding the monster that has been killing people in the small pilgrim town of Jericho and attacking students in Nevermore. However, it took a while for her to discover that this monster was actually called Hyde. So, who is the Hyde monster in Wednesday?

The Hyde monster in Wednesday is actually Tyler. At first, Wednesday thought that it was Xavier because he had what seemed to be a psychic link to what the monster had been doing. However, when Wednesday kissed Tyler and saw a vision, she realized that he was indeed the Hyde.

This mystery regarding the Hyde was solved near the end of Wednesday as the people behind the things that were happening were clever enough to cover their tracks. As such, Wednesday took a while to find out that the monster was indeed the boy that she actually had feelings for. So, with that said, let’s look at the identity of the Hyde monster in Wednesday.

What is a Hyde monster in Wednesday?

The Wednesday series on Netflix didn’t take time to introduce one of the major mysteries behind the entire storyline. Just before Wednesday entered Nevermore as a transfer student, there were already deaths happening all over the small town of Jericho, as people were mysteriously getting killed in a manner that was clearly done by a monster or a beast. That’s because the victims all died in gruesome ways that had several of their body parts getting dismembered.

Of course, Wednesday was quick to realize that this monster was something related to her as she saw it as early as the first few episodes when it attacked one of the students, a boy named Rowan, who attempted to kill her because he believed that she would bring about the destruction of Nevermore. Ever since then, Wednesday spent the entire series finding the truth behind this monster, as she even asked the help of different people, such as her classmates and even Sheriff Galpin.


Throughout the entire series, she also had two other people who were working closely with her. The first was a Normie named Tyler, who was also the son of the sheriff of Jericho. Meanwhile, the second was Xavier, an Outcast with psychic abilities that allow him to see visions that he brings to life through his paintings.

Wednesday seemed to hit a rough patch while she was trying to find out the identity of the monster that had been attacking people, including her friend Eugene. That was when Uncle Fester came to Nevermore to provide some insight. He revealed that the monster that had been attacking the people of Jericho and the students of Nevermore was called a Hyde. So, what is a Hyde monster in Wednesday?


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You may be familiar with the gothic story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, which tells the story of an ordinary man with a split personality. This different personality is a lot different compared to his usual self as he transforms into an entirely different person with evil intentions. In that regard, Hyde in Wednesday is basically similar because of the fact that a seemingly ordinary person could turn into a monster with murderous intent.

Wednesday found out that the Hyde is something that gets unlocked by a person that will serve as its master. This usually happens when a person with mental problems gets mentally affected and unlocks the Hyde personality. Of course, only Outcasts that have this genetic condition will turn into a Hyde.

Who Is The Hyde Monster In Wednesday?

At first, Wednesday thought that the master that had unlocked the Hyde was none other than Dr. Valerie Kinbott, who was the very same doctor that had been working with her as her counselor after the court ordered Wednesday to undergo psychiatric evaluation. Wednesday thought that Kinbott was Laurel Gates, who was the daughter of the family that wanted to kill all of the Outcasts decades ago when Morticia and Gomez were still attending Nevermore.

Kinbott, however, was killed by the Hyde. That led Wednesday to believe that the Hyde was actually Xavier, as he had a habit of painting portraits of the things that the Hyde have been doing. On top of that, she thought that Xavier’s sessions with Kinbott, a psychiatrist, allowed the doctor to unlock the Hyde and become its master. As such, Wednesday’s conclusion was that Kinbott was actually Laurel Gates and was using the Hyde to take revenge on Nevermore for the death of her entire family.


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After Xavier was arrested, Wednesday went to Tyler to tell him that she trusted him enough to want to be more than friends with him. As such, when they shared their first kiss, Wednesday had a psychic vision of the Hyde killing Dr. Kinbott, as it was clear that Tyler was the monster the entire time.

However, Wednesday had no definite proof other than her vision. That was when she entrapped Tyler with the help of the other students of Nevermore and tried to torture him to admit that he was indeed the Hyde. Wednesday revealed to him that she knew that his mother was an Outcast and was actually a Hyde—a fact that Sheriff Galpin was afraid of because it might get passed down to his son. But Tyler continued to deny everything until Wednesday got arrested.

At the police station, Tyler asked for a moment with Wednesday, and that was when he admitted that he was indeed a Hyde. But the thing is that he knew what he was doing the entire time, especially after he had adjusted to the transformation.

Wednesday was expelled but was able to find out at the very last moment that the one who had been in control over the Hyde was actually Marilyn Thornhill, who was her dorm mother over at Nevermore. Thornhill was Lauren Gates the entire time, as he used her knowledge of botany to find a way to chemically force Tyler’s transformation. This was something she admitted in front of Wednesday and Tyler.


But the Tyler that was with Wednesday during the confession was actually Principal Weems, who had shapeshifted into the boy to force Thornhill to admit her guilt. Thornhill, however, killed Weems and later admitted that she needed Wednesday’s blood and the body parts of the people that Tyler had killed to resurrect Joseph Crackstone from the dead so that he could take revenge on all of the Outcasts.

In the final battle involving Crackstone and the students of Nevermore, Tyler transformed into the Hyde to try to stop Wednesday. Luckily for Wednesday, Enid wolfed out and transformed into a full werewolf for the first time to fight Hyde. Despite the size disadvantage, Enid successfully defeated Tyler, who was forced to return to his human form after getting gravely injured. 

Tyler was last seen getting taken away by the authorities while he was securely bound. However, he seemingly transformed into a Hyde and escaped his shackles while he was still in transit. As such, it is possible that we haven’t seen the last of Tyler yet.

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