Who Is Borros Baratheon in House of the Dragon? (& How Important Is He)

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In the final episode of the first season of House of the Dragon, we get to see Rhaenyra sending her sons, Jace and Luke, on diplomatic missions as Queen’s messengers. Luke was sent to Stormlands to remind Boris Baratheon of his father’s promises. So, we met Borros Baratheon and had a glimpse of his character and appearance. But who is Borros Baratheon in House of the Dragon, and how important is he?

Borros Baratheon is Lord of Storm’s End and the Head of House Baratheon during the reign of kings Viserys I and Aegon II Targaryen. Borros is a temperamental person, like most Baratheons, and is considered to be very bellicious. He sided with the Greens during the Dance of the Dragons and gathered a great army of six thousand men to Storm’s End in support of King Aegon II Targaryen. After Rhaenyra’s demise, he seized the capital and ended the Moon of the Three Kings.

Rhaenyra sent Luke to Stormlands so that Borros confirm the oath of fielty his father gave to her. However, when Jace arrived at Storm’s End, Aemond was already persuading Borros to side with the Greens. When Borros heard the message Rhaenyra sent, he was not pleased as he thought that the Greens were offering him more. Further in the article, we’ll discuss the character of Borros Baratheon, analyze his actions and see what his importance will be as the storyline progresses.

Who is Borros Baratheon in House of the Dragon?

Lord Borros Baratheon is the Head of House Baratheon, Lord of Storm’s End, and Lord Paramount of the Stormlands during the reign of King Aegon II Targaryen. He succeeded his father, Lord Boremund. Lord Borros is known for his temper and for being a seasoned warrior. He also has four daughters: Cassandra, Maris, Ellyn, and Floris. He also has a son, Royce.

When Rhaenyra found out that Aegon had been crowned King, she decided to gather as many allies as possible. So, she sent her son Lucerys to deliver a message to Lord Borros and to remind him that his father swore an oath of fielty to her. Luke arrived at Storm’s, but Aemond was already there delivering the proposal from the Greens.


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Nevertheless, Luke gave the message to Borros, who summoned his maester to read it as he could not. The message stated that Rhaenyra was reminding him of his father’s oath to her. However, he was not pleased with her message because he thought Rhaenyra was taking him for granted. He stated that King Aegon asked for his banners and his swords in exchange for a marriage offer. Aemond will marry one of his daughters if he decides to support King Aegon II. Before Luke arrived, Lord Borros and Aemond were feasting and entertaining themselves in the books.

Nevertheless, Lord Borros asked Luke which of his four daughters will he marry if he were to side with Rhaenyra. Luke answered that he was not able to marry any of Lord Borros’s daughters because he was already betrothed. Lord Borros then send Luke home and bespoke to Rhaenyra that she can’t take him for granted as she pleases. When Luke was set to go to Dragonstone and deliver Baratheon’s answer to his mother, Aemond stopped him and demanded his eye. Lord Borros forbade them to fight under his roof, so the two of them continued their dispute outside in the open air, riding their dragons. The dispute ended with Luke being killed.

According to the book source, Lord Borros was a proud man, and he rather picked a male ruler over a woman. He also wanted to gain something from Greens and Blacks but eventually sided with the Greens.

How important is Borros Baratheon?

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Lord Borros Baratheon is the Head of one of the greatest Houses in the Seven Kingdoms. The importance of Borros Baratheon in the upcoming war will depend on the way the producers of the show decide to use his character. According to the book, Borros gathered an army of six thousand men to Storm’s End in support of King Aegon II Targaryen. However, instead of marching against Rhaenyra and the Blacks, he decided to lead his army south into the Red Mountains to retaliate for incursions from Dorne. Dornishmen were his main enemies for years, and he clashed with them on numerous occasions, even before the Dance of the Dragons.


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However, Borros will most likely have an important part further on in the series when Rhaenyra dies after being the Queen briefly. When Rhaenyra died, he seized the capital and ended the Moon of the Three Kings. He then agreed to wed one of his daughters to the widowed King Aegon II and the other daughter to Lord Larys Strong.

Lord Borros died as a warrior. He was heavily wounded in the battle but slaughtered twelve knights in the process, nevertheless. In the show, Borros Baratheon is played by Roger Evans, and we will see more of him in the following seasons.

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