Who Is Christian Slater Playing in the Willow Series?

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It hasn’t been a secret that the upcoming Willow series will follow entirely new characters that will be adventuring alongside Warwick Davis’s Willow. Of course, these new characters are all young in their own right, but there are also other veteran actors that will be joining the series as supporting characters. One such actor that has been confirmed to play a role in Willow is Christian Slater. So, who is Christian Slater playing in Willow?

Christian Slater’s character is still an unnamed person. However, what we do know is that his character is going to help the six adventurers during their quest, as it is said that he will aid them because he is a friend of Madmartigan. As such, there is a good chance that he has an important role in the series.

The good thing about Disney is that it keeps on wowing us with new characters that are going to play important roles in Willow. Of course, while the central characters are still going to be the six adventurers, someone like Christian Slater’s character is set to become an important addition to this series, even though his role may not be that big. That said, let’s get to know more about Christian Slater’s mystery role in Willow. 

Is Christian Slater In The Willow Series?

Fans were delighted to know that Disney is going to be releasing a Willow series that continues the story of the original Willow movie that was released back in 1988. Of course, the series is directly connected to the movie as it is the sequel story to the universe that was established by the 1988 film. That means that, while the series will still revolve around Willow Ufgood, he is now an older character that is set to lead a band of younger characters in this narrative.


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The Willow series will revolve around Willow and five younger characters as they go on a quest to try to save the world while learning more about their own capabilities through overcoming their inner demons. Of course, this is going to be a somewhat big production that will include a lot of different characters aside from the central figures that will be playing the most important roles. And one such actor that is set to appear as a supporting member of the cast for this series is Christian Slater.

As a veteran actor, Christian Slater was never going to play a huge central role in a series that focuses on the adventures of a new breed of heroes. However, it was confirmed a few months ago by Deadline that he will indeed be in Willow. That means that, aside from Warwick Davis and Joanne Whalley, there are going to be veteran actors that will be playing important roles in this series, as it is clear that the storyline might allow us to see the dynamic between older characters and the younger heroes that are set to inherit the torch in this fantasy adventure show.

Of course, Christian Slater himself was excited about the fact that he was going to appear in this new adventure because he has always been a fan of the fantasy adventure genre. In the same deadline report, Slater said:

“I love the fantasy, the sci-fi, just getting to be a part of this show was, I will be honest with you an absolute dream come true. This was a very fun character, we got to have some improv, ad-libs we came up with stuff on the spot, which was fun.”

Slater, as a veteran actor, isn’t new to diverse roles as he has played a lot of different roles throughout his career. He’s been in superhero movies and shows and has appeared in animated productions. But this is probably his first true fantasy adventure role, and that’s why he was very excited about being a part of the Willow series.

Who Is Christian Slater Playing In Willow?

When it was reported that Christian Slater would appear in Willow, his role wasn’t disclosed. That means that he is still a mystery character that is set to surprise fans when he finally appears in the series. But what we also know is that the mystery behind his character could be somewhat related to Madmartigan.

We all know Madmartigan as the Han Solo of the Willow movie as we were able to see his character development from a renegade personality that turned into a hero. This was also one of the roles that allowed Val Kilmer to become a more prominent actor. And we do know that Madmartigan went on to marry Sorsha and quite possibly had a family with her.


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In an interview at the D23 Expo a few months ago, series creator Jonathan Kasdan clarified that Val Kilmer will not be appearing in the series but will have a huge impact because he has always been an important Willow character. Of course, the reason why Kilmer won’t be in the Willow series is the fact that he lost his ability to speak after battling throat cancer. Regarding Madmartigan’s role, Kasdan said:

“It’s a hard thing to articulate because while he’s not onscreen, he does have a presence in our show, and a meaningful one.”

This basically means that Madmartigan is still pretty much going to have a huge impact on the events of the series, even if he won’t be appearing onscreen. Of course, this goes back to the possibility that Kit, who is one of the heroes of the series, is probably his daughter with Sorsha. Meanwhile, Willow, Kit, and four other adventurers are set to go on a quest to try to rescue Kit’s brother. But how is this related to Christian Slater’s role in Willow?

There are rumors that point to the possibility that Slater is quite possibly going to be someone related to Madmartigan, as there is a chance that he might be a good friend. The possibility is that he will be playing a supporting role wherein he would be aiding Willow and the young adventurers in their journey because he is one of Madmartigan’s closest friends. 

As such, Madmartigan’s presence could still be seen in the character that Christian Slater will be playing in Willow. But we still don’t know the actual details behind this mysterious character or what the series is about. The only thing that we know is that Slater will be there in the series and will probably have a role that’s related to Madmartigan’s meaningful presence in the new adventure that is going to unfold in Willow.

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