Who Is Dove in Willow? Meet Ellie Bamber’s Character

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There are a lot of fans that are excited about the upcoming Willow series on Disney+ because the Willow movie that was released in 1988 is still one of the most underrated films in the past four decades. The new Willow series is set to continue the adventure but will introduce new characters that are going to be important. One such character is Dove, who is set to have a big role in the series. So, who is Dove in Willow?

Dove is just a simple kitchen maid in Willow but ends up joining a quest that involves rescuing the twin brother of Kit and quite possibly saving the entire world. Played by Ellie Bamber, Dove is probably going to be one of the most important characters despite having a very humble background in the storyline.

One of the most common themes in Willow and other fantasy adventure stories is the rise of an ordinary and simple person to greater heights as a hero. It is possible that Dove is going to have the same kind of rise in the Willow series as she is but a simple kitchen maid that gets dragged into a grand adventure. That said, let’s look at what we know about Dove in the Willow series.

Who Is Dove In Willow?

One of the things that fans of fantasy adventure storylines are excited about is the upcoming Willow series. The reason why fans are excited about this is that this series is directly connected to the Willow movie that was released back in 1988. That means that it is the official sequel to the film and is set to continue a storyline that was never given a sequel movie despite how popular it was among different fantasy adventure fans.

Of course, considering that the Willow series takes place years and quite possibly decades after the Willow movie, as there is a 34-year gap between the release of the movie and the series, it only follows that the storyline will no longer revolve around the old characters but will actually include new personalities that are set to pave their own paths. 


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The series will still follow Willow, who we know is going to be reprised by Warwick Davis. But he will be going on a new adventure with new characters. One of the young heroes that Willow is set to go on a quest with is Dove. But who exactly is Dove in Willow?

At this point, we don’t know a lot about Dove except for the things that have been released by Disney so far. However, we can already make a few assumptions based on the information that has been released about this character.

In that regard, Dove is unlike any of the other characters that are going to be playing big roles in this fantasy adventure storyline. That’s because she is the most ordinary out of all of them, as she is but a humble kitchen maid. In comparison, the other characters are capable fighters or are nobles that have become involved in this grand quest. And it is probably the fact that Dove is an ordinary character that makes her special.

What Is Dove’s Role In Willow?

Of course, at this point, what we know about the Willow series is quite minimal because we haven’t heard a lot from Disney. The only thing that we know is that the series will involve six adventures that will go on a journey that will allow them to face their own inner demons while saving the world in the process. As such, Dove’s role might be related to this grand quest to save the entire world because she is one of the six heroes that are going to be introduced in this series.


The fact that she is a kitchen maid is what makes Dove so interesting as a character. After all, it has always been a staple in fantasy adventure storylines that the simplest of characters turn out to be the biggest of heroes. That was what we saw in the first Willow movie when Willow, who knew little to nothing about magic and had spent his entire life as a simple farmer, was called to become the guardian of the baby that was set to overthrow Queen Bavmorda.

It is possible that the series will take on a similar approach to the Willow movie in the sense that Dove will be the unlikely hero that will have to rise up to do great things that she never knew she was capable of. After all, that was what happened to Willow in the Willow movie back in 1988, as he was actually quite hesitant to take on the task of guarding Elora because he wasn’t capable of a lot of things due to his small stature and lack of training in magic.

As such, there is a good chance that Dove will be some sort of a chosen one or a hero that is set to do great things. We don’t know how a simple kitchen maid will end up getting entangled in a grand quest but what we do know is that she will be one of the six adventurers that will go on a mission to save Kit’s twin brother. As such, this perilous journey might end up becoming the adventure she needs to get to know herself more and understand what she is truly capable of as a character.


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With the help of Willow, who is set to be the leader of this party, Dove might understand more about what it means to be a hero and how she could contribute to this grand quest that could potentially affect the fate of the entire world.

Who Plays Dove In Willow?

Young actress Ellie Bamber is set to play the role of Dove in Willow. She isn’t exactly new to acting as she has been around since 2012 and has appeared in movies, such as Pride and Prejudice Zombies and the Nutcracker and the Four Realms. She is even set to appear in several more upcoming projects, including Willow, which might be her biggest role as of yet.

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Ellie Bamber isn’t new to working with some of the other actors that will be appearing in Willow. That’s because she actually appeared in the 2019 Les Misérables mini-series, which also included Erin Kellyman, who will be playing Jade in Willow, as one of the young actresses that appeared in that storyline.

She is set to have a breakout role in Willow as Dove, who is surely going to become one of the most important characters in the storyline. As such, all we can do is wait and see what Ellie Bamber has in store for us in her portrayal of Dove. 

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