Who Is Floch in Attack on Titan? Everything You Need to Know

Who is Floch in Attack on Titan? Everything You Need to Know

Attack on Titan by Hajime Isayama is a series known for its diverse and numerous cast of intriguing characters, present in both the manga and in the anime. Of course, the likes of Eren, Mikasa, Levi, Armin, Hange, and some others are quite well known among the fans, but there is a substantial amount of relevant, but lesser-known characters in the series as well. One of them is Floch Forster and here is everything you need to know about him.

Floch Forster is a central leader of the Yaegerists, serving as their commander in Eren’s absence. He completed basic training with the 104th Training Corps and then joined the Garrison. After the government under King Fritz is deposed and there is a wave of recruits in the Survey Corps, Floch also decided to transfer there.

This article is going to focus solely on Floch Forster and his story. You’re going to find out all the relevant biographical information about him, as well as get answers to some related questions. Floch Forster is an interesting, but relatively unknown character, so it is completely understandable that people want to know more about him and that is why we have decided to write this guide for you.

Floch Forster in Attack on Titan explained

Initially a soldier in the Garrison, Floch, prompted by the recruiting campaign in 850 launched after the Coup, later joined the Survey Corps. He seemed at first not to realize what this entailed, before being confronted with the devastating attacks of Zeke Yeager. This carelessness annoyed Jean Kirschtein. He was confronted with reality by finding himself under the fire of the devastating attacks of the Beast Titan.

Terrorized and in tears, he then asked Erwin Smith for permission to flee, which he accepted. He was, however, galvanized after hearing his major’s speech, and forgot his fear. He then followed the rest of the battalion in a suicide assault on the Beast Titan, which acted as a diversion and allowed Levi to reach the Titan.

Frock Vorster Anime 854

However, he was the sole survivor of his detachment, along with Major Erwin. He first wanted to end his suffering, but finally judged this end unworthy for a man such as him and that keeping him was vital to fight the titans. He then took it to Master Corporal Levi Ackerman, with whom he arrived when he was about to give an injection to a charred Armin Arlelt following his previous confrontation with the Colossal Titan.

A confrontation ensued to decide who would be saved with the injection of cerebrospinal serum, with on one side Hange Zoe, Levi, and himself in favor of Erwin and on the other side Eren and Mikasa in favor of Armin. However, after careful consideration, Levi changed his mind, thinking that Erwin deserved to rest in peace.

Enraged by this outcome, Floch held a deep resentment towards his comrades. He even caused a scandal before the Shiganshina Heroes Medal Ceremony, shamelessly blaming his comrades for letting Erwin be sacrificed in favor of Armin, especially Eren.

Ten months prior to the chaos unleashed by Eren on Liberio, Floch was assigned to watch over Yelena following the arrival of the Anti-Marley Volunteers on Paradis Island.

During the opening ceremony of the railway in the Trost District, Floch does what is necessary to allow Yelena and Eren to establish contact, where she explains the Euthanasia plan that her brother Zeke intended to carry out, however, Eren had his own plans of genocide by means of the Rumbling, which he would secretly execute pretending to be on Zeke’s side.

Although at first, Floch was doubtful of Eren’s plans, he would eventually give in to which he would begin secretly recruiting allies to create the insurgent faction that would later be known as the Jaegers. Floch reappears with the rest of the Corps, in the Battle of Liberio, where they enter attacking the Army of Marley squadrons stationed there.

As part of the operation, Floch and the others go on a rampage and block the entrance ways. However he begins setting fire to residential buildings, for which he is reprimanded by Jean Kirstein. Floch defends himself by arguing that these are his enemies, the enemies of humanity, referring to “humanity” as the inhabitants of Paradis.

When the Jaw, Cart and Beast Titans enter the fray, Floch and the others go into battle to neutralize them. After the battle, and with the main objectives accomplished, the Corps begins the withdrawal using an airship. Floch manages to board safely and, together with some companions, begins to celebrate the first victory of what they call the “New Eldian Empire”.

However, the celebration is interrupted by Gabi Braun and Falco Grice, who manage to board unnoticed and fire a shot that hit Sasha Blouse and ended up killing her. Floch and the others capture and subdue the two boys and even go so far as to suggest throwing them into the void, however Jean rebuffs him.


Who Are the Azumabito Family in Attack on Titan? Everything You Need to Know

Arriving in Paradis, Floch and some of his fellow recruits are summoned to the army barracks for the crime of leaking information about Eren’s arrest to the press and other sectors of the civilian population.

Once in the establishments, Floch demands Eren’s immediate release on the grounds that only he could save Eldia through the use of the power known as the Rumbling, and Hange denies this request while ordering Floch and his colleagues to be placed under arrest as well. Sometime during the attack on General Darius Zackly, Floch and his colleagues are released from their cells by some prison guards who also secretly support Eren.

Having escaped, Floch and his gang reunite with Eren, who orders them to begin the search for Zeke Jaeger. The first thing they do is go to the restaurant where Nicolo works, a Marleyan prisoner of war thanks to another prisoner named Grior reporting that the reconnaissance legion was there.

Once they are all arrested, Hange tries to warn Floch that they are all being manipulated by Zeke because the wine that the high-ranking officers within the Army of the Walls drank was contaminated with their cerebrospinal fluid and was liable to transform into blood. Titans as soon as Zeke yells. Floch then with a sadistic expression, tells Hange to shut up by letting him know first that he was more than aware of the plans that Zeke and his brother Eren had in mind.

Who killed Floch?

Floch was initially heavily wounded by a shot fired by Gabi Braun, who shot Floch during the fights in the port of Paradis, but he was ultimately killed by Mikasa Ackerman, who shot an anchor into his neck, effectively killing him. During the battle, the Azumabitos tried to reach the boat and Floch, realizing that they want to take it, desperately orders his soldiers to kill them. When they fail to kill the Azumabitos, Floch orders his troops to target the flying boat instead to ensure that it cannot be used to reach Eren.

When the Cart Titan appears, Floch tries to attack it himself but is surprised by the appearance of the Jaw Titan. While his soldiers are killed, Floch manages to escape the Jaw Titan and attack the boat. He tries to sink it with a thunder spear while saying that he will be the savior of Eldia. However, when he shoots, he is shot by Gabi Braun, which distracts him from the target and makes him fall into the sea injured.

Mikasa kills Floch

Despite his injuries, Floch manages to attach the anchors of his maneuvering equipment to the boat and follow the group across the ocean to Odiha. Badly injured, Floch manages to drag himself to the hangar where the Azumabito’s mechanics are preparing the flying boat for takeoff, and he begins shooting at them. He manages to hit the boat’s fuel tank, but Mikasa quickly shoots one of her anchors into his neck.

While the mechanics try to repair the boat, Floch, with his last breath, begs Hange and Jean to stop pursuing Eren, since his rumble, although immoral, is the only hope for Paradis’ survival in the long run.

Is Floch a villain in Attack on Titan?

Attack on Titan doesn’t really have your classical villains like most other shows, and one’s moral alignment really depends on which side you take. Even the I-Want-To-Destroy-Everything version of Eren, the genocidal monster, isn’t necessarily a villain and there are ways to explain his actions from a different point of view (Floch, ironically, had one such view). So, as for Floch, his role in the series actually depends on which side you take. He fought loyally for his comrades, but whether you agree with him or not is up to you.

Is Floch a boy or a girl?

We’re not sure where this one comes from, really, but Floch Forster is a boy and we don’t really see why anyone would think otherwise. He is not feminine like Armin or ambiguous as Hange, so we don’t know where this one actually came from.

What is the relationship between Floch and Eren?

Floch considered Eren an immature and stubborn person because of his behavior in the battle of Shiganshina. However, after seeing that Eren was willing to do anything to secure Eldia’s freedom, Floch changed his mind about Eren and considered him a savior and the one who should rule Eldia.

Eren looks back at Armin

In his last moments, Floch pleaded with Jean and Hange not to stop Eren’s Rumbling. He called him a devil, but the only hope for Eldia’s survival, and emphasized how much trust and faith Floch had in Eren.

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