Who Is Madisynn in She-Hulk? Meet Patty Guggenheim’s Character

Episode 4 of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law continued to bring in the laughs and entertainment with the addition of new characters into the series. Some of them may not have had huge roles in the larger scheme of things, but they did add a lot of charm to a developing She-Hulk storyline that has allowed us to see the mystical side of things. One such character was Madisynn, whose role allowed the major issue of the episode to progress. So, who is Madisynn in She-Hulk?

Madisynn is a party girl that was in the audience during Donny Blaze’s performance. Using the mystic arts, Blaze opened a portal to a different dimension, where Madisynn saw goblins and demons before she ended up in Kamar-Taj. It was this that prompted Wong to file a cease-and-desist order against Blaze.

The introduction of Patty Guggenheim’s character made things fun and entertaining in episode 4 of She-Hulk, especially because she allowed us to see a portrayal of the usual LA party girl. Of course, her friendship with Wong was also a nice touch, especially because we saw a less serious side to the Sorcerer Supreme. Now, with that said, let’s get to know more about Madisynn in She-Hulk.

Who Is Madisynn In She-Hulk?

We all know that She-Hulk: Attorney at Law is a legal comedy that allows us to see Jen Walters as She-Hulk juggling her personal life with her career as a lawyer. That means that the series explores different cases involving different superhuman characters, especially because of the fact that Jen is now the head of the Superhuman Law Division of GLK & H. And we did see the fact that Wong, the Sorcerer Supreme, was a contributing character in the case regarding the parole Emil Blonsky (the Abomination).

Of course, episode 4 allowed us to see more of Wong but in a different way. This time, the major legal issue in the episode involved the mystic arts, of which Wong is a master. Tasked with the protection of the universe as the Sorcerer Supreme, Wong has to make sure that everyone who uses the mystic arts uses it in a responsible way. And that’s where our new characters step in to make the episode a lot more interesting.

One such new character that added color and flavor to the episode was a girl named Madisynn, who is played by Patty Guggenheim. She first appeared as one of the audience members watching a somewhat boring magic show by a new character named Donny Blaze. But who exactly is Madisynn in She-Hulk?

Well, not much is known about Madisynn except that she was first shown as an enthusiastic audience member that volunteered to take part in Donny Blaze’s next magic trick. She introduced herself as “Madisynn,” spelled with two N’s and one Y, but “it’s not where you think,” as she would say. It was this party girl’s enthusiastic and overly friendly personality that made Madisynn look like the stereotypical Los Angeles party girl. And another thing that we know about Madisynn is the fact that she grew up in Fort Lauderdale, as she herself told Wong early in the episode.

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But while Madisynn is only a minor supporting character in the episode, it was her role that helped in the progression of the episode’s major legal issue involving the mystic arts. That is where we will talk more about what happened to Madisynn in this episode.

What Was Madisynn’s Role In She-Hulk?

Again, Madisynn’s role in episode 4 of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law only served to progress the major issue of the series. Of course, her personality also added color and humor to the episode. But what exactly was Madisynn’s role in She-Hulk, and what happened to her?

As mentioned, Madisynn enthusiastically volunteered to take part in Donny Blaze’s next act in his magic show. Unknown to her, Blaze used a Sling Ring to open a portal to a different dimension, to which Madisynn was sent. In that regard, Donny Blaze was not a mere fake magician but was actually a practitioner of the mystic arts, albeit an amateur.

Meanwhile, the next scene involved Wong, the Sorcerer Supreme, who we saw in episode 3 during the Blonsky case. While he was about to watch an episode of the Sopranos, Madisynn suddenly came out of nowhere from a portal. That was what prompted Wong to ask where she came from and whether or not it was a third-rate magician that sent her there.

Madisynn told Wong that a magician sent her to a different dimension where there were goblins. She also said that there was a talking goat that saved her from a lava pit in exchange for six drops of her blood, as she was telling her story in a manner that was stereotypical of an LA party girl. And Madisynn wasn’t even terrified one bit while telling her story to Wong.

Wong, who was already used to such things happening by now, simply told Madisynn that he was going to take her home. However, the party girl saw that the Sorcerer Supreme was about to watch the Sopranos, and that was when he spoiled the events of that episode. Wong was visibly angry about the fact that the episode had just been spoiled to him, and that was what prompted him to take revenge on Donny Blaze.

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Of course, this all led to Wong filing a cease-and-desist order against Blaze, who he said used to be a student in Kamar-Taj but was too irresponsible with the use of his magic. And Wong called Madisynn as his primary witness in the case against Blaze.

It did appear that Wong and Madisynn had developed a good relationship with one another as she called him Wongers, a nickname that the Sorcerer Supreme clearly did not like. Madisynn did indeed testify against Blaze while telling everyone that she had a fun yet terrifying experience while she was in another dimension. And it was her testimony that allowed the case to progress.

Of course, that was not the last we saw of Madisynn. She returned in the post-credit scene, where she was once again hanging out with Wong in Kamar-Taj. They were watching the Sopranos, and that was when Madisynn spoiled the events of the episode once more, as we saw Wong visibly frustrated by his new BFF.

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