Who Is Nezumi in Fortnite? (& From Which Anime Is He)


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The announcement trailer of Chapter 4 of Fortnite has just been released, and fans are already excited about the fact that there are going to be a lot of different collaborations in this game. Of course, while there are some familiar collaborations that include the likes of My Hero Academia and The Witcher, there is one character that fans are quite confused about as he was introduced as a collaboration character in the game. We are talking about Nezumi, who isn’t really the most popular out of all of the collaborations. So, who is Nezumi in Fortnite?

Nezumi is actually a character from the anime called No. 6, which is an adaptation of the manga of the same name. The anime was released in 2011, and that means that he isn’t the most well-known character that will be included in Chapter 4 of Fortnite. He is featured on page nine of the battle pass for Chapter 4.

Considering that a lot of Fortnite fans tend to be on the younger side of the demographics, it is clear that Nezumi isn’t the most well-known out of all the characters that will be featured in Chapter 4. Nevertheless, he will be in the game, and fans of this manga and anime series should be delighted to know that he is going to be available for them to use as a collaboration skin.

Who Is Nezumi In Fortnite?

One of the things that fans love about Fortnite is that Epic Games always finds a way to keep the game interesting, even after all of these years. In that regard, collaborations are some of the ways that Epic Games uses to continue to keep the excitement alive for Fortnite no matter how long the game has been around. And Fortnite has been quite active in anime collaborations, considering that a lot of fans that play the game also watch popular anime series.

Of course, Chapter 4 of Fortnite is about to see its release, as the trailer of the game is available for you to check out. This latest chapter has a lot of different collaborations, including The Witcher and My Hero Academia. But one of the things that fans were quick to wonder about the new chapter is the fact that there was a character that wasn’t quite familiar to people. And we are talking about the anime character named Nezumi.

Fortnite has been quite active in anime collaborations recently, as we just saw Naruto and Dragon Ball Z collaborating with the Epic Games title in the past. Of course, we did mention that My Hero Academia has a Chapter 4 collaboration with Fortnite as well. But this Nezumi character seems to be a mystery to other people. So, who is Nezumi in Fortnite?


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Nezumi is actually an anime character from No. 6, which is an anime adaptation of the manga of the same title. This anime was released back in 2011, and that’s probably the reason why not a lot of people are familiar with Nezumi.

Of course, in Fortnite, Nezumi is a collaboration skin that you can gain access to in the game. As such, he is like a lot of the other anime collaborations in the sense that he is a skin that you can use for your character, especially if you are fond of the No. 6 anime or if you’re simply just a huge fan of Nezumi’s character design.

How To Get Nezumi In Fortnite?

As you probably already know, Fortnite releases chapters that allow you to experience new maps and unvaulted and vaulted weapons. There are also skins that you can buy in the shop or gain access to in the Battle Pass. Of course, those who have the extra cash can buy the Battle Pass to gain access to skins without the need to buy them individually. In this case, Nezumi is one of the character skins that you can get if you buy a Battle Pass for Chapter 4 of Fortnite.

nezumi skin

Nezumi, as mentioned, is a character from the manga and anime called No. 6. You can see him on page 9 of the Battle Pass for Chapter 4, as there are also accessories that match him. That means that you can gain access to him quickly if you buy Battle Pass.

However, you can still unlock the base skin for Nezumi without having to buy Battle Pass. For you to do so, you will have to reach level 54 and obtain nine Battle Stars. Of course, there are a lot of different ways for you to reach this level and obtain nine Battle Stars.


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Of course, the best way for you to claim this skin is for you to use your V-Bucks so that you can instantly level your character up to the required level. You would have to use 150 V-Bucks for each level, and that means that you would need around 6,200 V-Bucks to reach level 54, especially if you start from level one. If you purchase your levels, you will also get free Battle Stars which will make it easier for you to get to the desired number of nine in terms of your Battle Stars. As such, you should be able to gain access to the Nezumi skin using your Battle Stars.

Then again, not everyone has the V-Bucks that they could use to buy the levels. As such, you can still level yourself up by completing quests that will reward you with XP for your season level. Of course, as mentioned, you will get Battle Stars for every level you earn, and that means that you will eventually reach the nine Battle Stars you need to get the Nezumi skin. This is the long way for you to get this anime skin, but it is still the most economical way for you to do it if you don’t want to spend money on skins that don’t really do much except for changing your appearance.

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