What Happens to Your Unused Battle Stars in Fortnite?

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Fortnite offers tons of awesome features and activities for fans, topped with unique additions that come with each new season. A plus in Fortnite is gaining Battle Stars, which can be handy for many extras in the game, but plenty of fans still wonder what happens to unused Battle Stars in Fortnite.

Battle Stars in Fortnite are used as currency to purchase Battle Pass items and cosmetics, with level 100 granting 500 Battle Stars on average. Battle Stars cannot be carried over to the next season, as they will automatically be used to redeem the Battle Pass items in chronological order.

Gaining Battle Stars in Fortnite is pretty straightforward, but it’s definitely not easy – there are tons of reasons you’d want to get the most out of each Battle Star that you earn in the game. Stick around to find out about Battle Stars in Fortnite, how they work, as well as what happens to unused Battle Stars.

Battle Stars In Fortnite

Battle Stars is a type of currency that was initially introduced to Fortnite: Battle Royale, which can primarily be useful for purchasing some nifty extras like cool cosmetic items in the Fortnite Battle Pass. They were introduced alongside the release of the Battle Pass, after which they were removed in Chapter 2: Season 1 and re-introduced in Chapter 2: Season 7.

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In the beginning, these Battle Stars would act as a means to tier up in the Battle Pass, which afforded numerous benefits with steady leveling. Battle Stars could primarily be obtained by earning XP in the following ways:

Completed a Daily Challenge5 Battle Stars
Completed a Weekly Battle Pass Challenge5 Battle Stars
Completed a Hard Weekly Battle Pass Challenge10 Battle Stars
Leveled up when the level ended with a 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 92 Battle Stars
Leveled up when the level ended with a 55 Battle Stars
Leveled up when the level ended with a 010 Battle Stars
Acquired a Secret Battle Star from the map10 Battle Stars
Completed a limited-time challengeVaried

These Battle Stars now are awarded to Fortnite players when players earn sufficient XP to complete a level in the game, with 5 Battle Stars being awarded for each level that is gained. Battle Star rewards include levels that are purchased with V-Bucks, and each Battle Pass item can cost different amounts of Battle Stars depending on the Fortnite season.

How Many Battle Stars Do You Get for Level 100?

As of Chapter 2: Season 7, Fortnite players can use Battle Stars to choose what items that they want most from the Battle Pass, which allows some more flexibility. However, players will need to get to level 100 in order to get everything out of the standard Battle Pass.


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Reaching level 100 will require nearly 8,000,000 XP, which is an insanely high amount of XP and is definitely worth a solid reward. Each of the rewards and items that are given within different Fortnite Battle Passes will differ in terms of how many Battle Stars they will cost, and each page comes with several rewards.

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All in all, it would usually cost a player 500 Battle Stars in order to get everything they can out of the standard Battle Pass. Considering that it’s claimed players will earn enough Battle Stars by getting to level 100, we can assume that reaching level 100 in the Fortnite Battle Pass will reward players with 500 Battle Stars per season.

Do Your Battle Stars Carry Over To The Next Season?

While Battle Stars can be used for some really awesome and exclusive items, many Fortnite players may want to grind the game and save up for something special over time. Considering how much effort it takes for players to get Battle Pass XP and earn Battle Stars as a result, it’s really no surprise that you’d want the currency to be carried over.

However, this is not the case with Fortnite, as players cannot simply save up Battle Stars in bulk while waiting for their ‘dream’ Battle Pass to come out. Plenty of fans have hoped they could hold onto their Battle Stars and use them on whatever they’d like, whenever they’d like – but, it’s just not possible.

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Any items that are purchased using the Battle Stars, such as gliders, awesome Fortnite pickaxes, cosmetics, and skins, will be carried over to the next season if it’s in your inventory. Pretty much everything apart from Battle Stars will carry over, including V-Bucks that were earned throughout the Battle Pass as well.

If players continue to push past level 100, Battle Stars will not be the main reward since players would have already gained enough Battle Stars to get everything in the Battle Pass, and do not have the ability to carry them over and save them for later. Instead, players pushing past level 100 will be rewarded with XP.


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Since the Battle Stars will not be carried over to the next season, your best bet is to use whatever Battle Stars that you have. There are some V-Bucks rewards as well which can make spending the Battle Stars more worthwhile, where getting to level 100 in the Battle Pass will at least get the cost of the Battle Pass back plus some extra V-Bucks.

What Happens To Unused Battle Stars In Fortnite?

While the earned items and Fortnite cosmetics or skins that players earn during Battle Passes cannot be removed, the Battle Pass level and player level will be reset. Battle Stars cannot be carried over to the next season or Battle Pass, but they do not exactly disappear if you don’t use them either. According to the Fortnite Wiki:

“If the player does not use up their stars for the season, they will automatically be used to redeem the items chronologically in the Battle Pass.”

This means that, if players do not use their Battle Stars and choose the Battle Pass items that they want within the provided timeframe, the Battle Stars will automatically be used before the next season – specifically by automatically redeeming the Battle Stars for items or prizes, starting with the earliest possible unlocks.

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