Who Is Seishiro Nagi in Blue Lock? His Abilities Explained


Blue Lock is one of the most popular sports manga today and is currently being adapted into an anime as exciting as the original material. It follows a grand journey where many characters are competing to become the world’s strongest striker. One of these characters is someone called Seishiro Nagi, and he is supposed to be the best player in the entire event. Some fans might want to know exactly who Seishiro Nagi is in Blue Lock and what his abilities are.

Seishiro Nagi is a part of Team V in Blue Lock’s building 5 and is supposed to be one of the top players of the entire project. He has an incredible ability when it comes to controlling the ball and has a great synergy with his school friend Rikage Reo.

Seishiro Nagi’s character is a very interesting one and has one of the best developments in the Blue Lock series. Let’s go and dive a little deeper into this amazing character and see what exactly he is capable of.

Who Is Seishiro Nagi from Blue Lock?

A significant supporting figure in the Blue Lock story is Seishiro Nagi. He was on Team V when he initially got to Blue Lock, and he was the top player in his particular stratum.

Yoichi Isagi’s younger brother Nagi is a visibly tall teenager who is also younger than Yoichi. Similar to Isagi, Nagi is depicted as having short, white hair that forms a V-shaped fringe around his eyes. His eyes are gray in tone and have big irises.

Nagi used to wear a white jacket with a descending tier star pattern on the neck as part of his high school uniform, but he wore a black hoodie underneath rather than a dress shirt and tie. He also donned formal shoes and dress pants. Nagi is dressed in a black body suit with gray stripes and a tracksuit for Blue Lock. He wore the #11 jersey for Team V during the First Selection and the #7 jersey for Team White during the Second Selection.

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Amazing reflexes, speed, and leaping skills make Nagi a freakishly talented soccer player, but despite this, he first refuses to put any effort into the game, including training and mocking others who are untalented and weak. Much to the dismay of his rivals, he knows little about the top soccer players in the world. He is first depicted as being uninterested in playing soccer and improving his striker skills; instead, he would prefer to play games or avoid training.


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What Are Seishiro Nagi’s Abilities in Blue Lock?

With his flawless ball control, adaptable movements, and technical prowess, Nagi is able to give even the most challenging or hopeless plays new life. Due to this talent, he has been the only player in Blue Lock to score the most absurd goals, and he is still developing as a playmaker.

Here are some of his abilities in detail:

Ball Control

Every soccer player understands the importance of having control of the ball. The person who has the ball has an immediate advantage due to their ability to rapidly and effectively handle an awkwardly bouncing ball. In the majority of match circumstances, the first touch frequently makes the difference between winning and losing.

Nagi consistently displays his superb ball control by trying to set up traps and shooting with almost pinpoint precision. He consistently makes quality shots, particularly when placed in bad situations and up against tough competition. He once pulled off one of the most amazing tricks: a false volley shot. Nagi, although having only just begun playing soccer soon before the program, is a truly prodigal talent due to his genuine sense of keeping the ball with his own body. He is one of the best players in Blue Lock.


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Nagi possessed extraordinary trapping skills before Blue Lock, being able to catch a smartphone in midair while leaping down a set of stairs. Reo chose to make him his teammate after recognizing his football talent from this accomplishment alone, which was so amazing. He is deadly effective at trapping with his full body and is always looking for methods to improve unfavorable circumstances. Nagi has shown the flexibility of his trapping by catching the ball with his toes, heels, and even his back. He can trap just about everything, and he frequently employs trapping to deceive and perplex his adversaries when making a move down the field.


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This is basically all there is to know about Seishiro Nagi, the best player participating in the Blue Lock project. He has just made his debut in the anime and is going to bring a lot to the table. Let’s just wait and see his best moments being animated on screen.

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