Blue Lock Voice Actors Revealed!

Blue Lock Voice Actors Revealed!

As far as sports – or football in particular – manga titles are concerned, we know that Captain Tsubasa is the ultimate title for all fans, but recent years have given us some new interesting titles such as DAYS and Aoashi, but also Blue Lock, which is actually the most recent title on this list. Blue Lock is a fascinating new football manga and in October 2022, we finally had the pleasure of seeing the premiere of its anime adaptation. In this article, we have decided to talk about the amazing Blue Lock voice actors.

What we are about to tell you is a list of the most important Blue Lock characters who are appearing in the series and their voice actors in the anime series. Before we approach each of the characters individually, here is a quick overview:

CharacterJapanese voice actor
Yoichi Isagi Kazuki Ura
Meguru Bachira Tasuku Kaito
Rensuke Kunigami Yūki Ono
Hyōma Chigiri Soma Saito
Wataru Kuon Masatomo Nakazawa
Jingo Raichi Yoshitsugu Matsuoka
Yūdai Imamura Shōya Chiba
Gin Gagamaru Shugo Nakamura
Asahi Naruhaya Daishi Kajita
Okuhito Iemon Ryūnosuke Watanuki
Gurimu IgarashiAoi Ichikawa
Ryōsuke Kira Kenichi Suzumura
Jinpachi EgoHiroshi Kamiya
Anri TeieriEri Yukimura
Shouei Barou Junichi Suwabe
Zantetsu Tsurugi Kazuyuki Okitsu
Seishirō Nagi Nobunaga Shimazaki
Reo Mikage Yuma Uchida
Ikki Niko Natsuki Hanae
Junichi Wanima Ryōta Suzuki
Keisuke Wanima Ryōta Suzuki
Sae Itoshi Takahiro Sakurai
Rin Itoshi Koki Uchiyama
Jyubei Aryu Katsuyuki Konishi
Aoshi Tokimitsu Shinnosuke Tachibana

Yoichi Isagi

Volume 01

Voiced by: Kazuki Ura

Isagi is a fairly tall teenager with average musculature, but over time he develops a stronger physique. He has short dark blue hair in the manga but black hair in the anime. Her hair leaves a V-shaped fringe between her blue eyes. When he was in Ichinan High School, he wore an unbuttoned blazer over a white undershirt and striped tie.

The Ichinan High jersey and gymnastics uniform are light in color with black stripes. At Blue Lock, Isagi wears the standard jumpsuit (black with blue stripes) and tracksuit. In the first selection, he wore the blue team Z jersey No. 11 and wears the gray team Z cleats.

In the second selection, he wore the white team jersey No. 15, and the one -ci later switched to the A-team black No. 15 jersey at Blue Lock Eleven tryouts. Isagi dons an official blue-colored Blue Lock player uniform with No. 11, which looks a lot like the ones seen on the front cover, minus the Japanese flag during the Japan U-20 game.

Meguru Bachira

Volume 02

Voiced by: Tasuku Kaito

Meguru Bachira is a Z team player. He has black hair and yellow eyes. He comes from Chiba prefecture, is a bizarre and extravagant person, and has a habit of humming when he speaks. He has a friendly personality but when he plays, he becomes ruthless. He has always loved football since he was a child, but his passion was not fully shared by his peers, so much so that he was made fun of as being considered a strange child.

To compensate for his loneliness, he has therefore created an imaginary friend whom he calls “Monster”. One of his favorite footballers is Zico. A quick player, he is an excellent assist man, and in offensive action, he makes excellent use of his sophisticated dribble.

In the high school leagues, he was unable to emerge as he was unable to fit into the playing patterns of his teammates, but not for lack of talent: on the contrary, Bachira’s football has always been at a higher level than that of his peers who therefore couldn’t keep up with his pace. He immediately becomes friends with Isagi, but when they play in different teams in the second phase of the selections, he will become a dangerous rival: playing against Isagi, he “abandons” the Monster, having now found in Isagi a worthy teammate with whom to share his love for football.

Rensuke Kunigami

Volume 04

Voiced by: Yūki Ono

Kunigami has a very moral personality. He can take his football career, training, and lifestyle very seriously, but he also knows when to relax and enjoy life. He is considered calm but passionate when it comes to football and can be very rational and cautious at times, but can also be as stubborn as Raichi, whom he often clashes with.

Kunigami won’t let troublemakers and people playing injustice get the better of him when he’s around; he almost looks like a big brother. Although serious most of the time, he can be very grateful and a little embarrassed when others praise him. Meeting Ryusei Shidou impacted Kunigami’s way of thinking and doing things.

His moral and fair playstyle was matched with a more aggressive and instinctive playstyle and he quit Blue Lock, questioning Shidou’s words by quitting Blue Lock. Back at Blue Lock, Kunigami is noticeably cooler and more focused, has a whole new philosophy on how he plays football, and struggles to assert his dominance on the pitch. Kunigami barely says a word to Isagi and doesn’t talk to anyone during the shift.

Hyōma Chigiri

Volume 03

Voiced by: Soma Saito

Hyoma Chigiri is a footballer on team Z, probably the most talented of the group after Isagi. His eyes, like his hair, are pink. He sees Isagi as a worthy rival as both of them aim to become the strongest strikers in the world. In the past, he injured his knee, and despite recovering, for fear of being injured again, he was not able to fully exploit his skills as a striker.


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In the first phase of Blue Lock, in the match that ends in a draw against his W team, he will be able to his fear of getting injured, and will return to play at the maximum of his strength, proving his incredible achievement skills. His best weapon is his running speed – no one at Blue Lock can run as fast as he can. Because of his feminine hair, the others call him “Princess”.

Wataru Kuon

Wataru Kuon

Voiced by: Masatomo Nakazawa

Wataru Kuon is a member of team Z. On the surface, he seems to be a kind and helpful person; even at the beginning, he was practically the one to keep the group together, but in reality, he is sneaky and manipulative. In the match against team W, he tried to betray his teammates by trying to concede the victory to the opponents, only in the hope of showing himself as the best scorer of his team.

He has always taken football seriously, but not finding anyone who shared his aspirations, he became selfish, but repented for his betrayal, seeing the commitment of Isagi and the rest of the Z team. Seeing in them the ambition that once also drove him, will redeem himself in the victory against team V, sacrificing himself by being expelled in order to prevent his opponents from taking the lead.

Jingo Raichi

Jingo Raichi

Voiced by: Yoshitsugu Matsuoka

Jingo Raichi is a footballer for the Z team. A white-haired boy, he is a brawler and often expresses himself with vulgarity. He gets angry easily; for him, every pretext is good to show himself as a footballer. He is always looking for the goal although he is not gifted with great finishing skills.

Yūdai Imamura 

Yudai Imamura

Voiced by: Shōya Chiba

Yudai Imamura is a footballer of the Z team, he is defined by his teammates as a womanizer. His skills on the pitch don’t really stand out when compared to those of the other members of the academy, he is effectively eliminated during the second selection.

Gin Gagamaru

Gagamaru rebounds the ball 28Team Z vs Team V29

Voiced by: Shugo Nakamura

Gagamaru is a very tall and tall young man with long black hair that is pulled back into a bun that was eventually dyed blonde. At Blue Lock, Gagamaru wears the standard bodysuit (black with gray stripes) and tracksuit. In the first selection, he wore the Team Z blue jersey #6 and the gray Team Z football boots.

In the second selection, he wore the Team Red jersey #88, which is then passed to the white and blue jersey during the third selection. The C-Team In the game against Japan U-20, Gagagmaru dons an official Blue Lock player uniform with the number 1, which looks very similar to the one on the front cover without the Japanese flag.

Asahi Naruhaya

Asahi Naruhaya

Voiced by: Daishi Kajita

Asahi Naruhaya is a footballer of the Z team. A blond-haired boy, his parents are dead, and he aims to become a professional footballer to give him and his brothers a better standard of living. He is very aware of his limits, and in fact, even if he does his best, he knows very well that he is not a talented footballer.

In the second phase, he will join Baro in the 2v2 challenge that will see Isagi and Nagi as his opponents; losing after a hard-fought game, he ends up being removed from Blue Lock, recognizing Isagi’s superiority by admitting that the latter is adaptable to the game superior to his, even though Naruhaya tried to emulate his style of play to defeat him.

Okuhito Iemon

Okuhito Iemon

Voiced by: Ryūnosuke Watanuki

Okuhito Iemon is a footballer of the Z team. A tall black-haired boy, Iemon is a kind and caring person. He does not have great aptitudes, but in the first phase, he played the role of goalkeeper with quite appreciable results.

Gurimu Igarashi

Gurimu Igarashi

Voiced by: Aoi Ichikawa

Gurimu Igarashi is a footballer of team Z, his father runs a temple and he would like him to inherit it but Igarashi only wants to play football. He is easily agitated, not very talented in comparison to many others at Blue Lock but he is competitive and willing.

Ryōsuke Kira 

Ryousuke Kira

Voiced by: Kenichi Suzumura

Ryousuke Kira is the footballer who defeated Isagi in a match where the latter did not have the courage to shoot and score in the high school championship of Saitama prefecture. He is successful with the girls. He is kept under observation by the Japan Under-18 national team; among his favorite players are Keisuke Honda and Shinji Kagawa.

He too is selected for the Blue Lock, immediately finding himself in disagreement with Ego and his way of conceiving football. He finds himself in team Z, but is eliminated and kicked out of Blue Lock, failing the first test, after being beaten by Isagi. This leads to the abrupt end of his career on the national team, as being eliminated at the first test of Blue Lock means that he would not get a call to the team, although Kira was considered a young prodigy of his country.


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If in the beginning, he treated Isagi with kindness, he will end up despising him since he himself has put an end to his future as an international footballer. This experience will make Isagi understand that to fulfill one’s dreams. one must be ready to destroy those of others.

Jinpachi Ego

Volume 11

Voiced by: Hiroshi Kamiya

Jinpachi Ego is a trainer with a very egocentric philosophy, which makes him a very different trainer from others in Japan. According to him, an attacker is the master of the field and all the other players are there only to pass to the attacker. Despite all his differences with the point of view of most of his compatriots, Ego loves his country and wants him to win the World Cup by creating the best striker in the world.

Ego has shown several times that he is very intelligent. For example, he said to himself during the game against Japan U20 that apart from Yoichi Isagi’s goal, he planned everything else.

Another time, Anri Teieri asked him if he had foreseen Baro’s awakening, implying that he had foreseen other awakenings. He must also be someone very good at calculations because he was the one who made the first BL ranking by evaluating the potential of all high school players in the country.

Anri Teieri

Volume 18

Voiced by: Eri Yukimura

Anri is a calm yet very determined woman whose biggest dream is to see Japan win the World Cup. Anri is a football enthusiast. Although the majority of the Japan Football Association makes fun of her and treats her as a woman with big dreams and big breasts, she sticks to her goals and vision. She also speaks her mind, uninfluenced by the business ideologies of the Japan Football Association.

Shoei Baro

Volume 07

Voiced by: Junichi Suwabe

Shoei Baro is the strongest player on team X. He was Isagi’s first rival at Blue Lock, nicknamed King. Since childhood, he has always shown an extraordinary talent for football. He has excellent dribbling and exceptional shooting power, with which he is able to score by kicking even from a distance of over 27 meters from the goal. Both by nature and technique, his game is extremely individualistic.

He undergoes hard training every day to keep fit. According to Isagi, he is one of the few Blue Lock players who can pose a threat to Rin as Baro’s instinct-based game is not easily predictable for him, forcing him to give up his strength (Rin being good at predicting and reacting to the moves of his challengers).

He is very attentive to order and hygiene. He considers himself the strongest, but even if his pride in him does not allow him to admit it, he sees in his rivals an incentive to improve; for example, by recognizing the superiority of Isagi and Nagi, he was able to awaken his latent potential.

Zantetsu Tsurugi

Zantetsu Tsurugi

Voiced by: Kazuyuki Okitsu

Zantetsu Tsurugi is a footballer of team V. Tall with black hair, he is the best scorer of the team after Mikage and Nagi, with whom he shares a strong sense of fairness, but unlike the two, he was unable to show off like them with the progress of the tests. He has a great shot but is not very fast Unlike his two companions, he is more attentive and meticulous.

Seishirō Nagi 

Volume 05

Voiced by: Nobunaga Shimazaki

Nagi is a supernaturally talented footballer with incredible reflexes, good speed, and jumping abilities. Nevertheless, he doesn’t want to deal with football at first, like, for example, training, and belittles those who are weak and untalented in the game. He doesn’t even know much about the best footballers in the world, much to the chagrin of his rivals.

Initially, he is shown that he doesn’t care about playing football and becoming the best striker and would rather play video games or skip training. However, after playing against Team Z in the match, Nagi takes the initiative and tries to score goals himself.

This only happens because he notices his teammate Reo Mikage looking lost to the opposing team. Despite his initially indifferent appearance, Nagi struggles to improve his soccer skills following his team’s loss to Yoichi Isagi. This urge to improve follows him in later arcs, and it even tarnishes a friendship as a result.

Reo Mikage


Voiced by: Yuma Uchida

Reo Mikage is a V-team footballer. He has purple eyes and hair and comes from a very wealthy family with assets of 705,800,000,000 yen. He has always been successful in all sports, but, having lived a life of privilege, he has always had everything served to him. This is why he wants to win the World Cup (the most coveted football trophy), precisely for the satisfaction of earning something with hard work, but his parents never shared his passion as they wanted him to go to college and inherit the family business.

As a footballer, he doesn’t excel at anything, but his individual skills are well-balanced. He is referred to as a “chameleon” because he is able to copy another footballer’s style of play just by looking at it. Having discovered Nagi’s talent, he is possessive towards him, having always played alongside him; also, for this reason, he is a bit envious that Nagi considers Isaki a better teammate. In the second phase of Blue Lock, he will have Nagi as an opponent and this will prompt Reo to rely more on his abilities alone.

Ikki Niko


Voiced by: Natsuki Hanae

Ikki Niko is a player from team Y. His eyes are almost always covered with hair. It is he who secretly leads his team, creating scoring chances. In the beginning, his style of play is identical to that of Isagi at the beginning of the manga: focusing only on the steps but without putting grit into it.

After losing to Isagi and team Z, he will decide to become more competitive, so much so that he becomes the best finalizer of their team, which earned him a promotion to the second phase. Although Ego sees him as one of the best forwards in the academy, he thinks he is more suited to the role of a central defender as Niko has a very good view of the pitch.

Keisuke & Junichi Wanima

image 45.png

Voiced by: Ryōta Suzuki

Keisuke Wanima and Junichi Wanima are two twin brothers who play in team W. Keeping short distances between them, they are able to advance, passing the opposing defense thanks to their exchange of passes. The two have an excellent understanding, but they are not talented players. They tend to become vindictive, angry, and violent when their plans do not go the way they hoped; in fact, they start beating Kuon when he fails in the plan to make them win against Team Z, getting only a draw. They were schoolmates of Chigiri.

Sae Itoshi

Volume 17

Voiced by: Takahiro Sakurai

From an early age, Sae was cold, outspoken, and very serious. All he cared about was becoming the best striker in the world and only had time for things that would bring him closer to his goal. Sae can also be arrogant and condescending, looking down on others even though they are older than him and have more organizational authority.


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He is selfish in his football game but has shown an ability to hold back and play his position without trying to upstage others unnecessarily. Sae is very proud as a football player and despises Japanese football and everyone involved in it.

Sae says he would much rather die or play in Europe with students than play in the J-League or the Japan national team. He is very confident in his abilities and wholeheartedly believes that no one in Japan is worthy of his abilities as a teammate. He doesn’t like the fact that he was born in Japan and says things like he was just born in the wrong country.

Rin Itoshi

Volume 06

Voiced by: Koki Uchiyama

As a young boy, Rin was very innocent and in awe of his brother Sae. He wanted nothing more than to become strong and cool like his older brother. He started playing football just because his brother told him to and he followed his orders no questions asked. As they played soccer together, Rin listened to everything Sae said and adjusted accordingly.

When Sae left for Spain at Real Madrid, Rin found football more difficult without his brother but strove to become like him and replace him, doing whatever it took. A bit of Rin’s selfish style of play came through during this time. Rin is often portrayed as cold, brutal, and serious. He is also very selfish, as he always puts his goals ahead of everyone else and their motives.

His personality alone makes him the top candidate for Blue Lock’s supposed best forward. Rin has a lot of pride as a striker, which borders on arrogance, as he often describes football and other people’s way of thinking as ‘lukewarm’. All of Rin’s current mannerisms and behavior come from his brother. In an attempt to be like his brother, Rin copies his words and lives his mindset. All Rin does is allow him to beat his older brother and end the rivalry.

Jyūbei Aryū

Volume 09

Voiced by: Katsuyuki Konishi

Aryu is known to say “stylish” a lot and wants everything to be “stylish”. He loves those with a good sense of fashion and is not shy about asking anyone how they maintain their beauty, as he showed when he asked Chigiri what hair treatment he used and admired. her hair up close.

Aryu also has a self-confessed “complex” about his name, believing it to be his only awkward point. He feels that his name is very old-fashioned and therefore not in line with his preferred aesthetic. Aryu was shown trying to “get over” this by striking stylish poses as his name would be dated.

Aoshi Tokimitsu

Volume 10

Voiced by: Shinnosuke Tachibana

Aoshi Tokimitsu is one of the strongest players in Blue Lock and, together with Rin and Arya in the second phase (in the 3v3 challenge), they proved to be an unstoppable trio. Although he easily gives in to nervousness, he is able to channel it to give his best during the game. He is fast and has incredible explosiveness when shooting. He has a servile character, and always speaks with a trembling voice. He knows practically every piece of information about the best players playing in the European leagues.

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