Goten vs. Gohan: Who Is Stronger & Who Would Win in a Fight?

goten vs. gohan

The world of Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball is a truly majestic one. Based on the Journey to the West, a classic Chinese novel, the series has expanded and is now a completely standalone fictional universe in its own right. As the series is based on martial arts and fighting, it is understandable that we have had many comparisons involving Dragon Ball characters. This article will compare two characters from the series, as we have decided to pit brother against brother, as you will find out who the stronger character is – Son Gohan or Son Goten.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • is the younger son of Goku and Chi-Chi in Dragon Ball, which makes him Gohan’s younger brother. Son Goten is a powerful character, as has been confirmed in the series, but he has not really been in the spotlight much, which is why a lot of fans do not know his true potential.
  • Son Gohan inherited his father’s powers and has trained with Piccolo. Due to his enormous growth potential, he is considered one of the series’s strongest characters.
  • Although it has been confirmed that Goten and Gohan are more or less on the same level of power, we can confirm that at this point, Gohan is – due to his experience – still a bit stronger than Goten.

Power level

Regarding Goten’s power level, some derivative materials confirm that his power level is at least 100,000 nominally, but we don’t know the exact numbers. We know that Goten is quite powerful as both Gohan and Chi-Chi have trained him, but we also know that he is somewhat weaker than Trunks, which gives us a solid basis to compare him.

Final Gohan, the most powerful version of Son Gohan at the moment, has a level of pure power that is probably the most we have seen from a Saiyan in Dragon Ball so far, as the film Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero made abundantly evident. Final Gohan was so strong that he could defeat this Cell Max in a single blow, even though he was more than capable of taking on some of the strongest fighters still alive. It’s unclear if he has divine or godly skills, but one thing is for sure: he is clearly far stronger than Super Saiyan Blue or Evolved Super Saiyan Blue.

While we know that Goten is on a similar level as Gohan, currently, Gohan is much more powerful, so he wins this point.

Points: Goten 0, Gohan 1


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Techniques and abilities

Despite not having much fighting experience, Son Goten can still use a series of powerful techniques, and in that aspect, we can call him – despite his young age – very skilled. He can use many of the moves and techniques that his brother and father can use, and because of that, he deserves recognition. He has also managed to unlock Super Saiyan, which is impressive.

Everyone knows how good Gohan is, having trained under both Piccolo and Goku, a talented and accomplished martial artist. He has greatly improved his skills and talents over the course of the series, and in his Final Form, he has now attained a level where he is an extremely dangerous foe. Therefore, he is quite adaptable in his fighting style since he is conversant with the range of methods his instructors have taught him. The greatest thing about this version of Gohan is that it is extremely hazardous because it depends on brute force and technical prowess.

Seeing how Gohan has much more experience and training than Goten, he also wins this one fairly easily.

Points: Goten 0, Gohan 2


In terms of Experience, Goten cannot boast with much. He has had some training, and he has sparred with Trunks. He also participated in some battles, but all of that is very little to be taken seriously. But he is still young and will certainly get his time in the spotlight.

Goku once said a warrior must have experience to be a good fighter. Gohan has participated in a series of fights, but he doesn’t have much experience, as he was a child for most of the series, so his experience is limited. Still, he has a respectable amount of experience for his age and is definitely among the series’ strongest characters.

Neither can boast a lot of experience, but when compared, Gohan still triumphs in this category.

Points: Goten 0, Gohan 3


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Goten has a lot of potential, but he still has to reach Gohan’s level of skill

As far as Goten and Gohan are concerned, the situation is quite clear – Goten has a lot of potential, and he is skilled for his age, but he cannot beat Gohan, at least not yet. He has the potential to surpass him, but we don’t know what the future holds at this moment. Who do you think would win in a fight? Let us know in the comments below!

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