Who Survived At The End Of All Of Us Are Dead Season 1?

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The zombie outbreak drama All Of Us Are Dead is making waves all over the world as it is Netflix’s newest hit show. Of course, like any zombie film or show, All Of Us Are Dead focuses on survival. That means that there should be those who ended up surviving at the end while the others didn’t make it through the outbreak. So, in that regard, who survived at the end of All Of Us Are Dead season 1?



One of the leading female characters of the story is On-jo, who is the childhood best friend and love interest of Cheong-san. She is one of the most responsible students out of the main members of the cast because she seemingly knows what to do to survive, as she learned a lot of things from her firefighter father.

At the beginning of the series, On-jo showed interest in Su-hyeok, who she tried asking out before the outbreak. While she didn’t get to do so, she still sided with him in a lot of the different arguments that Su-hyeok had with his classmates because she had a crush on him.

Meanwhile, On-jo’s father, So-ju, actually spent a good portion of the series trying to find her so that he could save her and take her out of Hyosan. As the students were trying to make their way out of Hyosan before the bombing, So-ju saved them but ended up sacrificing himself so that the others could escape.


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In one of the scenes where the students were baring their hearts out because they didn’t think they would make it out alive, On-jo asked Cheong-san if he liked someone. Cheong-san confessed in front of everyone that he had been in love with On-jo ever since they were six years old. Not knowing what to do with Cheong-san’s confession, On-jo told him that they would talk about their relationship once the entire zombie outbreak was over.

However, On-jo and Cheong-san never got to talk about their relationship. Cheong-san got bitten by Gwi-nam and was about to turn into a zombie. He used the remaining time he had to distract the other zombies and fight Gwi-nam so that On-jo and the rest of the group could escape.

Essentially, On-jo saw the sacrifices of two of the most important people in her life so that she could survive. In the end, she was the one who wanted to return to the rooftop of Hyosan High School, where the other survivors saw Nam-ra, who was still alive and was living her life as a half-zombie or “hambie”.



Su-hyeok is the good-looking and cool male student that serves as one of the main protagonists as well. He used to be a bully that hung out with Gwi-nam before he changed his ways. Su-hyeok also knew martial arts and was able to fight Gwi-nam back, even though the latter had already turned into a hambie and was now stronger than ever.

As one of the male leaders of the group, Su-hyeok is one of the most respected members of the surviving students. He may have encountered arguments with his fellow students, but he showed good leadership skills throughout a lot of the different moments. Su-hyeok is also good friends with Cheong-san.

Su-hyeok is also in love with Nam-ra, the junior student class president. He confessed his feelings to Nam-ra but told her that he never thought that they would ever work out together because he is a nobody and a former bully while Nam-ra was the class president and a star student.

But, throughout a good part of the series, Su-hyeok showed that he really did care for Nam-ra because he was always the first person to help her out whenever she was tempted to eat her fellow students.

At the end of the season, he was the first person that On-jo told about the light she was seeing on the rooftop of their former school. While it was only supposed to be only On-jo and Su-hyeok sneaking out of the quarantine camp to go to the rooftop, he eventually told the other survivors as well.


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Ha-rin is the elder sister of Wu-jin. She is also a member of the archery club and was so good at it that she had a chance to make it to the national team. During a good part of the series, Wu-jin spent time with a different group that was making its way to Hyosan High School together with some of the other members of the archery club, as the team was not at school during the outbreak.

The reason why Ha-rin wanted to return to the school was that she wanted to see if her younger brother, Wu-jin, was still alive. She eventually finds Wu-jin and uses her archery skills to help him escape with the rest of the group.

Even though Ha-rin was reunited with her brother, she had to witness Wu-jin getting eaten by zombies during one of the moments when they were trying to make their way out of the hot zone of the outbreak.


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Mi-jin is one of the companions that Ha-rin spent time with while they were trying to make their way to Hyosan High School to save Wu-jin. She is a senior at the school but was having trouble with her decisions in life because she couldn’t make it to college due to her poor grades. On top of that, she also isn’t the best in archery, and that is why she didn’t know what to do with her life after her senior year.


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Due to her brash mouth and aggressive nature, Mi-jin was always in the middle of arguments with her fellow students. Probably the only person she didn’t argue with was Ha-rin, who she respected the most.

At the end of the series, she decided that she wanted to go to college, even though she really hated studying. The entire ordeal with the zombies allowed her to grow into her own character, as she eventually decided what she wanted to do in life.


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Dae-su is the chubbiest member of the group because of his love of eating. He loves eating so much that he tends to eat a lot of the provisions and supplies that the group has, to the detriment of the other students.

He is also the group’s comic relief because most of the funniest moments involve him. He is also Wu-jin’s best friend and is in love with Ha-rin, and that is why he often calls Wu-jin his brother-in-law. However, Ha-rin quickly turns him down when he confessed to her.

Dae-su, despite being a comic relief, is a great singer. During a scene on top of the roof, he led the group in a campfire song. And while he may not be the most reliable member, he is arguably the strongest student when it comes to brute physical strength due to how he is much bigger than most of his other fellow students.


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Hyo-ryung is probably the most unnoticeable member of the survivors because she doesn’t have a lot of lines and scenes. But she still showed her reliability a lot of times, as she was never someone who held the group back.

One of the most defining things about Hyo-ryung is that she wears a sleeveless pink sweater instead of the usual green sweater that the other female students wear. As such, it is tough to not notice her.


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Nam-ra is one of the female leads in All Of Us Are Dead and is also the love interest of Su-hyeok, who was afraid to confess his feelings for her due to her stature as the class president and as one of the best achievers among the juniors. Of course, a lot of the other students are intimidated by her as well.

Even though Nam-ra is the class president, she is some sort of an outcast. She doesn’t have many friends because she had an identity crisis that forced her to feel like she didn’t fit in with anyone in her class. And, throughout a lot of the early moments of the series, her fellow students even questioned why she was the class president.

Despite lacking leadership skills due to her outcast behavior, Nam-ra is one of the smartest characters on the series and has displayed the ability to keep calm under pressure. She may not be the best leader or the most physically gifted student, but she was able to make up for it with her smarts.

Nam-ra became a half-zombie or a “hambie” when she got bitten. As a hambie, she displayed the ability to fight off her temptations of eating her fellow students. That is why the other students trust her and still treat her as a human. 

Due to her status as a hambie, she became one of the strongest members of the group and was able to easily use her enhanced senses to detect incoming zombies. Nam-ra was also the first member of the group to find out that the military was going to bomb the city, as she used her enhanced hearing abilities to hear the military’s announcement.


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Technically speaking, she is not a survivor in the strict sense of the word because she never made it to the quarantine camp. She deliberately kept the zombies at bay as the other survivors were making their way to the military’s quarantine zone. However, due to the fact that she still survived in Hyosan after the group had made it to the quarantine camp, she is still a survivor.

In the end, the six other survivors found her lighting campfires on their former school’s rooftop. She told everyone that she couldn’t return to normal human society because the military would kill her on the spot. That’s why she decided to live her life with the other hambies that were still in the bombed areas of Hyosan.

Nam-ra, who used to be an outcast, told the group that being with them was the first time she ever felt like she belonged. She was able to find her inner self during the outbreak, as she made real friends for the first time in her life.

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