Why Aemond Calls Jace & Luke ‘Strong Boys’? (& Why Are They Offended by It?)

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In the eighth episode of House of the Dragon, we witnessed an interesting gathering of the whole Targaryen family. Although the main object of the gathering was to determine who the next Lord of the Tides would be, some other interesting things happened also. King Viserys, whose illness got the best of him, gathered the family to enjoy the meal together, and glasses were raised to make toast. King gave his speech, and Princess Rhaenyra and Queen Alicent showed some respect toward each other. However, things escalated when Aemond Targaryen made a toast regarding his nephews, Jace, and Luke, and called them ‘Strong Boys.’ Let’s see why Aemond calls Jace & Luke ‘Strong Boys’ and why they are offended by it.

Aemond calls Jace & Luke ‘Strong boys’ as a reference to the fact that they are bastards because their real father is Ser Harwin Strong. Although Aemond gave his speech regarding his nephews and gave them compliments that they are handsome, wise, and strong, it was clear what he meant by the word ‘Strong.’ Jace & Luke are offended because they know Aemond is provoking them on purpose.

Although it seemed like the family meal would bring the family somewhat closer as the King gave a sentimental speech and Rhaenyra and Alicent tried to get along, the situation got heated between their children. First Aegon started to tease Jace because of an arranged marriage between him and his cousin Baela Targaryen. And then Aemond gave his speech which escalated into a fight. Let’s see what exactly happened.

What happened during the meal and why did Aemond call Rhaenyra’s children ‘Strong boys’


The eighth episode of House of the Dragon resolved some very important matters like who the next Lord of the Tides would be. It was also arranged that Rhaenyra’s children Jace and Luke going to marry Daemond’s children, Baela and Rhaena. After all these matters were resolved, the whole family gathered together to have dinner. King Viserys has never been weaker and it seemed like the illness has won over his body after all these years.

However, King Viserys has shown his wisdom and his affection toward his family. His speech even moved Rhaenyra and Alicent enough to show each other respect and acknowledge that they are both mothers who love their children. During all this, the tension between their children was present. Aegon started teasing Jace that he was finally to lie down with a woman and made smirking comments about whether Jace knows how the act is done. The tension was growing only bigger, but Aemond didn’t speak much. He didn’t speak at all actually.


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When Aegon’s wife Helaena mentioned that he is neglecting her, Jace took her dancing on purpose. Aemond realized that his brother is annoyed by that but he still remained silent. The thing that triggered him the most was when a roasted pig was served at the table right in front of him and Luke started laughing. This reminded Aemond of the time when Jace, Luke, and Aegon dressed up a pig as a dragon because at that time he did not have a dragon of his own. So, he stood up, raised a cup, and made a toast to his nephews Jace, Luke, and Joffrey.


He toasted the health of his nephews, Jace, Luke, and Joffrey. He stated that each of them is handsome, wise, and strong. Queen Alicent tried to stop him at that moment but he continued. He repeated it again that they are three ‘Strong’ boys. Jace confronted him and dared him to say that again and Aemond asked him does he did not think of himself as being strong and that it was only a compliment. Jace punched Aemond and the fight arose. Jace and Luke were clearly offended by his words, but why?

Why are Rhaenyra’s children offended when Aemond calls them ‘Strong’?

Jace and Luke are offended because they know that Aemond was referring to them as being bastards. Even though Rhaenyra was married to Laenor Velaryon and she presented her children as his, it is a known fact that her children are not his. Their father is actually Ser Harwin Strong which means that Jace, Luke, and Joffrey are bastards.

However, anyone who mentions that puts himself in great danger to lose his tongue or worse, because a statement like that puts Rhaenyra in peril of losing her claim to the throne and for her enemies to prosper. So, when Aemond called Jace and Luke ‘Strong’, not only that he indirectly called them bastards, but he also offended their mother.


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The eighth episode of House of the Dragon resolved the question of who the next Lord of the Tides would be and was decided that Rhaenyra’s sons are going to marry Daemond’s daughters. Members of the Targaryen family were gathered to have dinner together and while everything seemed to be normal between the adults, the situation between the children escalated.

Aemond was triggered when a roasted pig was served at the table because he was reminded of the time other children made fun of him. So he decided to hurt his nephews by stating that they are ‘Strong boys’, referring to that they are bastards and that they are ashamed of that. Aemond grew up into a fearsome and intelligent young man who will surely be a great threat in the future to Rhaenyra and her sons.

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