Why Does Nick Fury Have Both of His Eyes in Secret Invasion?

Secret Invasion

As we all know, one of the most important characters in the grassroots of the MCU is Nick Fury, who was responsible for having the original Avengers come together to form the superhero group that eventually launched the entire MCU. But what we all know is that, ever since we first saw him, he already had only one good eye because the other one was covered by an eyepatch. The thing is that this isn’t the case in the Secret Invasion trailer. So, why does Nick Fury have two eyes in Secret Invasion?

Nick Fury always had two eyes, but he covers the bad one with an eyepatch. In the Secret Invasion trailer, it does seem like he no longer cares about covering the bad eye and is simply leaving it without wearing an eyepatch. It is still probably blind, but he just keeps it uncovered the entire time.

The story of Nick Fury’s eye is quite interesting because it got blinded in an uncanny way, as everyone who saw Captain Marvel would know. Since then, Fury has always worn his eyepatch, especially because there were security risks involved with his other eye. So, with that said, let’s look at why Nick Fury has both of his eyes in Secret Invasion.

How Did Nick Fury Lose His Eye?

Since the very beginning of the MCU, we all know that Nick Fury was one of the most important characters. That’s because, as the head of SHIELD, he was the one with the initiative to put the Avengers together by contacting all of the superheroes the world had to offer. Of course, ever since we first saw him, he was already difficult to forget because of the eyepatch that he wore over his left eye. Since then, he has always been seen with his eyepatch.


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But in the Captain Marvel movie, which takes place in the 90s, during a time when Nick Fury was still rising through the ranks, he had both of his eyes. Of course, the movie allowed us to see certain moments when we thought he would lose his eye, only to realize that the movie was simply trolling us with those moments. So, with that said, how did Nick Fury even lose his eye?

Well, Captain Marvel also provides the answer to how Nick Fury lost his left eye. This happened during one of the scenes wherein Fury was playfully celebrating with the Flerken cat named Goose. However, while he was doing so, the cat scratched his left eye, as Fury merely dismissed what happened because he believed that this was only a minor injury. 


Nevertheless, as we saw later in the movie, the injury became permanent, as Fury had lost his eye. On top of that, he never really discussed how he lost his left eye, probably because it would have been embarrassing to reveal that he got scratched by a Flerken while he was playing with it. Still, Fury ended up taking care of the cat permanently as it became his pet.

Why Does Fury Have Two Eyes In Secret Invasion?

Ever since Nick Fury lost his left eye when Goose scratched him, he began wearing an eyepatch over his bad eye. This gave him an air of mystery while making him look more badass. And the eyepatch also became a part of his signature look.

But one of the things that we learned in the Secret Invasion trailer is that Nick Fury, while speaking with Maria Hill (or a Skrull version of her) quite early in the trailer, didn’t have his eyepatch on as it did look like he had both of his eyes. So, why does Nick Fury have both of his eyes in Secret Invasion?


Well, for starters, Nick Fury actually wears a prosthetic eyeball on his left eye. While his left eye is still bad, he simply wears an eyepatch over the prosthetic not only because of the fact that he still has scars from Goose’s claws but also because there were security issues related to that prosthetic eye.


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In the events of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, we saw that Nick Fury, the former director of SHIELD, got his retinal scanner clearance wiped off by Hydra when it took over SHIELD. However, what Hydra didn’t know was that Fury also has a profile of his left eye in case someone deleted the profile of his right eye. As he himself said, “you need to keep both eyes open.”

So, in that sense, the reason why he kept his eye covered was not only for aesthetic purposes but also for security reasons, as his enemies wouldn’t think that he would have scanned his left eye as well. And even after the events of Winter Soldier, he still kept the eyepatch over his left eye.

Going back to the trailer of Secret Invasion, it was clear that Fury didn’t have the eyepatch over his left eye. It was probably related to the fact that he was no longer on active duty. While Fury was meeting with Maria Hill, his former subordinate was wondering what had happened to him (take note that we haven’t seen Nick Fury ever since the events of Spider-Man: Far From Home).

Of course, this could be related to the possibility that Nick Fury had “retired” from his post and was not exactly mentally and emotionally stable, as seen by the fact that he didn’t look like he was taking care of himself. So, with that said, there was no reason for him to wear an eyepatch over his left eye, considering that any security concerns regarding it were already irrelevant at that point in time. 

Nick Fury avoiding Earth and refusing to talk to Hill and his other former subordinates may also have something to do with the possibility of him not caring how he looks or whether or not he needs to wear the eyepatch over his eye. But the fact is that he didn’t “regain” his left eye but, instead, only decided to no longer cover it.

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