Why Is Zoro’s Eye Closed in One Piece? (& When Will He Open it)

The One Piece saga has a ton of incredibly unique and fascinating characters for fans to unravel, many of which come with a range of mysteries – and some rather interesting One Piece theories as well. Zoro’s left eye has brought a flood of questions among fans, leaving many wondering why Zoro’s eye is closed in One Piece, as well as when he will open it.

Oda has stated that he wanted Zoro to be a “one-eyed swordsman” from the very beginning of One Piece, but he did not elaborate on how he ‘lost’ his eye or why, although fans believe it’s due to training with Mihawk during the time skip. There are numerous fan theories, with the most notable including Zoro having Observation Haki, Conqueror’s Haki, complex Asura powers, or as a result of ocular dominance.

Although there are still plenty of loose ends in figuring out why Zoro’s eye is really closed, there are a few hints as to what could really be going on. Stick around to find out everything you need to know about why Zoro keeps his left eye closed in One Piece, as well as if there’s a chance he will open both of his eyes sometime in the future.

What Happened to Zoro’s Left Eye?

The leading thought is that Zoro somehow lost his left eye, but nothing has been made clear to fans outright. This is because he was only shown keeping his left eye closed after the time skip.

But, Oda has opened up about his decision to nearly blind Zoro in light of One Piece’s 100th chapter. It actually seems that the mysterious injury was planned from the very beginning of the One Piece storyline, choosing to make Zoro a “one-eyed swordsman” – although, Oda still did not reveal exactly what happened, or why.

More details on the specific interview have been shared by @sandman_AP on Twitter, detailed below:

So, there is certainly a range of possibilities. Some fans have even gone as far as joking that Zoro has a special power from a different anime became he got lost during the time skip, as seen in the meme below thanks to fans on Quora.

Either way, the only thing we know for certain is that there is a visible slash across his left eye. This would indicate that his left eye has been injured, lost, or altered in some way – meaning he either cannot open it or chooses not to for a more mysterious reason.

Why is Zoro’s Eye Closed in One Piece? (Theories)

One Piece has countless unsolved mysteries that have sparked some seriously creative and often comedic theory-crafting among fans. While Zoro’s eye has been a point of humor for some, many of these theories pertain to Zoro only keeping one of his eyes open by choice.

Some of these theories have been based on real-life concepts while others highlight more mystical aspects of Zoro’s unique traits and techniques. But, the majority of running theories revolve around Zoro being injured either by himself or Mihawk during training (whether it be on purpose or by accident).

1. Zoro has Mihawk’s “Hawk Eye” Observation Haki

One of the more interesting theories is that Zoro has Observation Haki in his left eye, having been given a special power from Mihawk, also known as Hawk Eyes. This theory has some fascinating shreds of evidence, but some fans believe that it could be similar to Shanks losing his arm for Luffy – passing on the legacy to the next generation.

On the same note, the newfound similarity between Shanks and Zoro may even be a reference to this theory as well, considering his advanced Observation Haki and the coincidental scars across his left eye as well.

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Mihawk has been training Zoro for quite some time, and it is possible that Mihawk wanted to help Zoro control Observation Haki. In addition, Zoro’s left eye is shown glowing in certain parts of the story when he gets really serious in battle – mainly during the Water 7 saga.

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This theory would suggest that the glowing effect occasionally seen emanating from Zoro’s eye is in fact a version of Mihawk’s Hawk Eye or Observation Haki. Zoro could be keeping it undercover until he either masters or really needs it.

For more information on how fans think this Haki could be related to Zoro’s left eye, topped with a few extra discussions and theories, check out the video below by A.B.D:

2. Zoro’s Conqueror’s Haki

A popular fan theory is that Zoro has Conqueror’s Haki, activated with his left eye – which is why he has chosen to keep it closed or injure it to keep it closed. However, this would entail Zoro being proven to have Conqueror’s Haki and that his left eye is integral to its usage.

While Conqueror’s Haki seems to the user’s entire body and energy, Oda has placed a focus on the eyes when this Haki is activated. But, there is still only a handful of evidence to show that Zoro had Conqueror’s Haki to begin with.

Before the time skip One Piece, Zoro often acts like a Captain and is occasionally mistaken as the Captain of the Straw Hat Pirates. Fans have also speculated that Zoro uses Conqueror’s Haki against Monet in the Punk Hazard arc – primarily due to her sudden shock and immobility.

3. Demon Asura Zoro

Some fans believe that Zoro’s left eye was closed to help keep control over his Asura powers. This theory would reference that Zoro is “possessed” by the Asura demon due to using cursed swords throughout the entire One Piece saga.

Zoro has been seen using this form without opening his eye, but the theory is more plausible than many may expect and may also explain his left eye glowing. This theory would suggest that Zoro has chosen to keep his eye closed either by choice or due to being instructed to do so by Mihawk.

4. Ocular Dominance

Although this theory is far more realistic, it has been more believable for many One Piece fans. This theory entails ocular dominance, where one eye is used more often than the other – leading to enhanced eye-related abilities.

Much like Pirates often wear eyepatches to become accustomed to the dark, some samurais have been said to hinder an eye in order to hone in on their combat skills. This theory would speculate that Zoro may have noticed one of his eyes being weaker than the other during training, taking some drastic measures to increase its ability.

Zoro may have been instructed to do so by Mihawk, or Mihawk may have injured his eye on purpose in the hopes of his right eye becoming stronger. This would mean that Zoro has not lost his left eye, rather it’s been scarred shut by Mihawk until a later stage.

Will Zoro Open His Left Eye in One Piece?

With so much ambiguity surrounding Zoro’s left eye, many One Piece fans have begun wondering if Zoro will ever open both eyes in the future. However, this would depend on which theory proves to be correct – that is, if any of these theories are actually true the One Piece story.

Fans do not know if Zoro will open both eyes in One Piece, or if he will forever remain the one-eyed swordsman Oda had created. However, many hope for a day Zoro might unlock his frozen blink and reveal an epic new power or Haki that none of the other main One Piece characters had anticipated.

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There is a plethora of open-ended questions in One Piece, and Zoro’s left eye remains one of them. Still, many fans believe that there is something more supernatural about Zoro’s left eye being suddenly closed without explanation – potentially leaving room for many more interesting plot twists.

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