Here’s How Long It Takes To Watch the Whole ‘One Piece’

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Tons of anime fans love how many episodes of One Piece there are, but catching up can become tricky when you’re trying to get ready for new One Piece releases. With so much One Piece content to enjoy, many fans wonder how long it would take to watch the complete One Piece anime.

  • Article breakdown:
  • As of March, 2024, there are 1096 episodes of One Piece, each lasting around 24 minutes.
  • Taking this into account, it means that you would need 26,304 minutes or 438.4 hours to watch the entire anime, including fillers.
  • Translating this into days, you would need 18.2 days of non-stop watching to watch One Piece in its entirety.
  • Watching One Piece movies would take approximately 22 hours, bringing this number to a total of 19 days.

Editor’s note: Updated on March 5, 2024, with the latest episode, 1096, titled ‘A Forbidden Piece of History! A Theory Concerning a Kingdom Trafalgar Law.

How many movies does One Piece Have?

The One Piece storyline is well known for the manga and the anime, but the feature films have gained tons of fans over the years. There are a total of 15 official One Piece movies as of 2024, with the addition of One Piece Film: Red.

How long are One Piece Movies?

One Piece movies vary in duration, ranging from half an hour to a couple of hours. Below are all of the One Piece movies to date as well as their durations:

One Piece MovieYearDuration
One Piece: The Movie200051 min
Clockwork Island Adventure200155 min
Chopper’s Kingdom on the Island of Strange Animals200256 min
Dead End Adventure20031 hr 35 min
The Cursed Holy Sword20041 hr 35 min
Baron Omatsuri and the Secret Island20051 hr 32 min
Giant Mecha Soldier of Karakuri Castle20061 hr 35 min
The Desert Princess and the Pirates: Adventures in Alabasta20071 hr 30 min
Episode of Chopper Plus: Bloom in the Winter, Miracle Cherry Blossom20081 hr 53 min
One Piece Film: Strong World20091 hr 53 min
Straw Hat Chase201130 minutes
One Piece Film: Z20121 hr 47 min
One Piece Film: Gold20162 hours
One Piece: Stampede20191 hr 41 min
One Piece Film: Red20221 hr 55 min

All in all, watching all of the One Piece movies would take approximately 22 hours. However, it would likely take significantly less time when skipping through extras, such as the credits.

How long would it take to watch the One Piece anime?

The One Piece saga is pretty long, possibly one of the longest-running anime and manga series out there, being around since 1997. The One Piece franchise has expanded to an immeasurable degree since then, now featuring tons of amazing content for fans worldwide, but the most well-known form of this beloved story is the One Piece anime series.


With new episodes being released almost constantly, many One Piece fans wonder just how many One Piece episodes there are as of 2024.

How many episodes does One Piece have?

There are 1096 One Piece anime episodes to get through as of March 2024, which is expected to rise with the story’s progression. Eiichiro Oda, the creator of the One Piece saga, apparently stated that the One Piece anime will continue for another 4 to 5 years, while Luffy’s anime voice actress apparently said that the One Piece series may continue for another 8 years.

How long are One Piece episodes?

Each of the One Piece anime episodes lasts between 22 and 24 minutes from beginning to end, including intros and outros. However, each episode does vary slightly in terms of the total duration.

How many days would it take to watch the One Piece anime?

Viewers could theoretically watch all of the One Piece episodes in 18.2 days if they are not eating, sleeping, or taking breaks. On the other hand, most viewers would take 53 or more days to catch up on all of the One Piece anime episodes if they were to binge-watch for 8 hours or more every single day. Of course, this also means that fans would not be able to rewatch the most popular One Piece scenes.

How many hours would it take to watch the One Piece anime?

Since each One Piece anime episode lasts between 22 and 24 minutes from beginning to end, watching all 1096 One Piece episodes available will take somewhere around 26,304 minutes. This would amount to 438.4 hours, depending on the length of each episode.

How long is the One Piece anime without fillers?

There are quite a few ‘filler’ One Piece episodes, seen as the One Piece episodes you can skip. Some of these episodes include character arcs or don’t follow the manga, while others touch on interesting moments that add hype to the story.

Many One Piece fans prefer to get a taste of everything the story offers, including fillers. But you could go without these if you’re alright with missing out on such content, and skipping these episodes would cut the total estimated timeframe down to between 355 and 386.4 hours.

How to watch the One Piece anime faster?

Spending hundreds of hours watching One Piece can seem like a dream for many fans, but it can be challenging if you’re trying to catch up. Thankfully, there are a handful of ways you can watch One Piece faster without skipping out on the most notable events and details.

1. Read the One Piece Manga (Partially)

Most fans stick to the One Piece anime, but many have found that reading the One Piece manga can cut down on time. You could catch up on the story more quickly if you at least read through the One Piece episodes that are not exactly ‘fillers’ but are not massively important either, such as up until Arlong Park.

2. Skip the intro/ outro

The average One Piece episode takes between 22 and 24 minutes, but the intro and outro segments usually amount to between 2 and 3 minutes per episode. It may be a task to skip through the intro and outro sections each time, but doing so will save you around 34 – 51 hours by the end of One Piece episode 1096 without skipping fillers.

3. Watch at 2x speed

This will definitely depend on preferences since changing the speed may ruin the experience for some viewers. But, if you feel the progression is slow-paced, watching it at 2x speed may be a good way to get through all of the One Piece episodes more quickly (including fillers).


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While you may feel pressured to get through all of the One Piece episodes as quickly as possible to enjoy the newer episodes, you should still be savoring every moment of this timeless anime. Getting through all One Piece content will take time, but you can speed up the process without skipping out on the story’s plot points.

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