Why Is Sukuna So Obsessed with Fushiguro Megumi?

Shipping between male characters is a thing of the Fujoshi community. Whether they are right or not, this does give birth to some really good memes. We have seen people shipping Naruto with Sasuke and Light with L. The list is endless. The current most popular gay shipping is going on between Sukuna and Megumi from Jujutsu Kaisen. You can’t fully blame the shippers though because the way Sukuna acts where Megumi is concerned can be very misleading. But Ryoumen Sukuna is not a person capable of loving someone. Then why is Sukuna so obsessed with Megumi?

The reason behind Sukuna’s obsession is Megumi’s Ten Shadows Technique. Though the motive is not fully clear yet, there are two possibilities. One is to use Megumi’s body as a vessel. The other possibility is to use Megumi’s Ten Shadows Technique to create Sukuna’s own body.

If the possibility is, in fact, related to the Ten Shadow Technique, we need to know about it in detail to understand what Sukuna wants to do with the technique. Very little has been explained in the anime. So here, in this article, we have gathered information from manga and other reliable sources about Fushiguro Megumi’s past and his abilities. Check it out!

Megumi’s lineage with the Zenin family explained

Megumi is a direct descendant of the Zenin clan from his father’s side. Zenin Toji was a member of a Zenin branch family. But he was an outcast and not accepted in the Jujutsu Sorcerer society as he was born without any curse energy. Toji later marries a woman and has a child with her, naming the baby Megumi. But that is how long he was with them.

Toji left after naming the baby. Sometime later he even planned to sell Megumi to the Zenin family thinking this would help Megumi to become a great sorcerer. 

The thing with these noble families is that they value curse power above anything. It doesn’t matter if you are a legal family member or a product of a scandalous affair as long as you have potential. That is the only reason Toji and Maki, despite being legal members of the family, were outcasts. Noritoshi Kamo, on the other hand, born from his father’s illegal affair with his mistress, is considered the heir potential of the family because he has inherited the Blood Manipulation Technique. 

What is Megumi’s Domain Expansion Technique?

The Ten Shadow Technique that Megumi uses is the signature technique of the Zenin family. It is why the Zenin clan was interested to buy him from Togi. 

The Ten Shadow Technique is considered to have limitless potential as it can contain up to ten Shikigami, and any object the user wants including various cursed tools. The user can also use this technique to manipulate shadows, become submerged in the shadows and travel through the shadows. 

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The Shikigami Megumi has under control so far are two divine dogs, Nue, Gama, Orochi, Bansho, and Datto. There is another Shikigami that Megumi has yet to fully control. The Shikigami is called Eight-Handled Sword Divergent Sila Divine General Mahoraga. It is an extremely powerful Shikigami.

The Ten Shadow Technique also enables Megumi to summon any two Shikigami in his possession in a combined form. This technique is called The Well’s Unknown Abyss.

Chimera Shadow Garden

There are only two known sorcerers that can use the Domain Expansion TechniqueGojo Satoru and Fushiguro Megumi. Though Fushiguro Megumi’s technique is still underdeveloped. We have seen him use it only one time in the anime and it was handled quite neatly.

Chimera Shadow Garden, the domain expansion version of the Ten Shadow Technique activates by creating an area painted in thick dark liquid-like substance, liquid shadows if it helps to understand better. Megumi can summon any Shikigami he possesses, even multiple ones at a time. If the opponent does not hold their footing using curse energy they will fall into the shadowy abyss where there is no light, oxygen, or end.

Megumi is also seen using shadow body doubles (Kage Bunshin No Jutsu!!!) in his domain expansion while fighting the ring bearer in the anime.

Why Sukuna didn’t kill Megumi off?

We have seen Sukuna deny killing Megumi multiple times. 

In episode 5 of the first season of Jujutsu Kaisen, Curse Womb Must Die -II-, Sukuna ripped off Yuji’s heart from the body and fought Megumi. That was the first time he saw Megumi’s technique. After Sukuna withdrew his control over Yuji’s body, Yuji was declared dead. Sukuna then made a pact with Yuji to bring him back to life in exchange for limited access to the control of the body. All this Sukuna did, just to watch Megumi’s growth.

The way he expressed his thoughts about not caring about anyone else’s life except Megumi’s while Nanami and Yuji were fighting Mahito, you can not blame the Fujoshi community if they caught a romantic tone in that. 

In Shibuya Arc, when Sukuna faced Jogo, he made a bet that if Jogo could land a hit on Sukuna, he would kill everyone in that area except Megumi.

Is it because Sukuna is in love with Megumi?

Sukuna is a pure psychopath with no feelings of remorse, sympathy, or rationality. The only thing he thinks about is himself. He is the epitome of arrogance and there is no one who he would not kill including women and children. So, there is no way Sukuna is in love with Megumi. His obsession with him is for his selfish purpose only.

What are Sukuna’s plan with Megumi?

Let’s explore the two possibilities mentioned earlier in this article. 

Possibility one— Since Sukuna did not succeed in taking full control of Itadori Yuji’s body, he definitely needs a new body. Because every time Yuji gulps down a finger, Sukuna inches towards eternal death, and this time for good with no coming back in any form. As a vessel, Megumi can be considered a wonderful option given his Zenin blood and Ten Shadows Technique. 

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Possibility two— The Ten Shadows Technique. A specialty of this technique is that once a Shikigami possessed by the user dies, its power gets distributed among other Shikigamis. So Sukuna’s plan here can be this— making it as one of Megumi’s Shikigami, killing all other Shikigami, and being the last one standing, making him the strongest one. And lastly, breaking out of Megumi’s control will make Sukuna independent in a new body.

Also, there is another theory that Megumi’s Ten Shadow Technique has a lot of similarities with the myth of Ten Devine Treasures where if a person can possess these treasures he/she is granted immense power which enables them to revive a dead person.