Who Is Itadori Yuji’s Mother? Shocking Truth Revealed

Yuji Itadori is the main protagonist of one of the most popular anime of the current time, Jujutsu Kaisen. After the death of Itadori Wasuke, Yuji’s paternal grandfather, Yuji Itadori practically became an orphan since the whereabouts of his parents are in the dark and non-existent. The status of his father or mother was never made clear in the first season of the anime. But manga readers might already know about it. So who is Itadori Yuji’s mother and where is she right now?

Yuji Itadori was born to Jin Itadori’s second partner. An evil cursed spirit named Kenjaku (currently residing in Suguru Geto’s corpse) transplanted his brain in Jin’s partner and thus gave birth to Yuji. So basically Yuji’s mother does not exist anymore since Kenjaku has changed his host. 

Kenjaku is the main antagonist of Jujutsu Kaisen. If you are a spoiler lover like me and love to blackmail your friends with spoilers to do stuff for you, this article is for you. Let’s get a clear idea about who Kenjaku is and what he is capable of.

History of Kenjaku

Kenjaku is an ancient and very powerful sorcerer with parasitical abilities. He does not believe in mutualism or commensalism though. Kenjaku’s main ability is to transplant his brain into another body and take control of the host’s body. It is a body-swapping technique. That is how he has been alive for over a thousand years. Jin Itadori’s partner is not the only one he ever possessed. There are many known and unknown hosts that Kenjaku used. Among them, these two people are the most famous ones—

Noritoshi Kamo

Kamo family is one of the noblest sorcerer families in the world of Jujutsu Kaisen. Noritoshi Kamo was a member of the Kamo family who lived many generations ago and is still considered the shame of the family. His evil deeds knew no bounds. He used to maintain a temple where once a woman capable of conceiving cursed spirits’ child took shelter. Noritoshi experimented on the woman impregnating her with cursed-spirit-human babies and aborting them repetitively. He also used his blood in the process which led him to the technique Cursed Womb: Death Paintings.

It was later revealed that Noritoshi Kamo was acting as a host of Kenjaku. So his evil doings are mostly Kenjaku’s fault.

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Suguru Geto

According to Jujutsu Kaisen 0 (the movie), there are four special class sorcerers. Suguru Geto was one of them. The other three are Gojo Satoru, Yuta Okkotsu, and Yuki Tsukumo. Geto was Gojo’s classmate back in Tokyo Jujutsu High days. He was also Gojo’s best friend. 

The real Suguru Geto was the main villain of Jujutsu Kaisen 0. His plan was to kill Yuta and get hold of Rika-chan. He died at the hand of Yuta.

The specialty of Kenjaku’s parasitical power is that he can possess and take control of both alive and dead bodies. After Geto’s death, Kenjaku transferred his brain into Geto’s body and selected him as his new host. 

As far as the story has progressed in the anime, Gojo still does not know about Pseudo Geto. His expression will be quite a thing to see when that moment will come.

When will the true identity of Pseudo Geto be revealed?

After the release of Jujutsu Kaisen 0, we already know that the Geto we are seeing now is long dead and is a fake one. But Gojo is still in the dark. He will find out about it in the Shibuya arc of the manga which will be the story of season 2. Buckle up, people. Because Jujutsu Kaisen season 2 will be a hell of a ride. 

What is the aim of Kenjaku?

Kenjaku has a silly notion of making the world a better place for Jujutso sorcerers by weeding out the weaker sorcerers and non-curse users resulting in the optimization of curse energy used by sorcerers. He believes in the survival of the fittest and evolving the human race to another level with the help of curse energy. Gojo Saturo is the main obstacle in front of his plan. That is why he intends to seal Gojo in the prism realm on October 31. 

The most dangerous thing about Kenjaku is that he is a planner. In fact, he is a very patient planner. His plans can have a duration of 1000 years before it becomes feasible. So he is not going anywhere any soon. Things will get political in no time.

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Kenjaku and Sukuna relationship

Kenjaku and Sukuna are originally from the same era, the Heian Era. Both were extremely well-known and powerful sorcerers. They have some odd similarities. Sukuna exists in the form of his twenty fingers and needs a vessel to function. Kenjaku on the other hand is literally just a brain that takes over and replaces the brain of another person to fully operate. 

Kenjaku and Sukuna are acquainted with each other. A millennium ago, Sukuna made a pact with Kenjaku when he was still a human sorcerer. That Kenjaku gets to divide Sukuna’s body and turn them into cursed objects, in exchange Kenjaku will give Sukuna a vessel. That is why Kenjaku gave birth to Yuji who later become Sukuna’s vessel. But why did Kenjaku need to make cursed objects?

The Culling Game

Kenjaku needed Sukuna’s help to plot the Culling Game. The Culling Game is a death match with the sorcerer and non-sorcerer players existing in the 10 colonial areas of Japan. It was Kenjaku’s plan all along to create the ultimate chaos. For years, he has been feeding people cursed objects and planting curse on people to finally draw the big picture. 

The rules of the Culling Game are set as such that once someone becomes a participant, he/she must play the game and keep playing unless he/she wants to die. The game will start shortly after the end of the Shibuya arc. You will get to see Megumi’s sister Tsumiki Fushiguro in action. Kenjaku is also the reason behind her curse. Honestly, this guy is everywhere.