JJK: Who Is Itadori Yuji’s Mother & Why Did Kenjaku Target Her?

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Yuji Itadori is the main protagonist of one of the most popular anime of the current time, Jujutsu Kaisen. After the death of Itadori Wasuke, Yuji’s paternal grandfather, Yuji Itadori practically became an orphan since the whereabouts of his parents are in the dark and non-existent. The status of his father or mother was never made clear in the anime’s first season. But manga readers might already know about it. So, who is Itadori Yuji’s mother, and where is she right now?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Yuji Itadori’s mother was named Kaori Itadori, and she was married to Jin Itadori.
  • Powerful Jujutsu Sorcer Kenjaku eventually took over her body after her initial death. Kaori Itadori gave birth to Yuji, while Kenjaku actually possessed her.
  • It’s unknown why Kenjaku specifically targeted Kaori Itadori, but we do know that he inherited her cursed technique called the “Antiy-Gravity” system.

Kenjaku is a very powerful sorcerer with parasitic powers

Kenjaku is an ancient and powerful jujutsu sorcerer endowed with parasitic abilities. However, he does not adhere to the principles of mutualism or commensalism. Kenjaku’s primary skill involves transplanting his brain into another body and gaining control over the host.

Essentially, it’s his body-swapping technique that has allowed him to extend his life for over a thousand years. Jin Itadori’s partner isn’t the sole individual he has possessed; there are numerous known and unknown hosts that Kenjaku has utilized.

Noritoshi Kamo was disgraced due to Kenjaku’s actions


The Kamo family is among the most esteemed sorcerer clans in the Jujutsu Kaisen universe. Many generations ago, Noritoshi Kamo, a member of this family, became a source of disgrace due to his heinous actions. Operating a temple, he subjected a woman with the ability to conceive cursed spirits’ offspring to cruel experiments. Noritoshi impregnated her with cursed-spirit-human babies only to repeatedly abort them, employing his blood in the process and mastering the Cursed Womb: Death Paintings technique.

It was revealed that Noritoshi Kamo was, in fact, acting as a host for Kenjaku, and the majority of his malevolent actions can be attributed to Kenjaku.


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Kenjaku took over Geto following his death at the hands of Gojo

Suguru Geto was one of his era’s most powerful jujutsu sorcerers alongside Satoru Gojo. The two were best friends, often vying for the same positions and having the same goals. To be more specific, Jujutsu Kaisen season 2, Gojo’s Past Arc, also revealed that Satoru Gojo was eventually driven insane by humanity’s evil once he figured out that “normal” humans are actually the sources of cursed spirits. He turned into a villain, killing his parents and an entire village that wanted to put innocent girls to death.

Geto increasingly started advocating for the genocide of non-sorcerers, but he was stopped in Jujutsu Kaisen 0, which serves as a prequel to the whole story. Gojo was forced to kill Geto, and following Geto’s death, Kenjaku managed to implant himself into his head, taking him over and turning him into Pseudo-Geto.

Geto was considered to be dead and gone, but the recent manga developments actually revealed that Geto’s spirit is still lurking within the body, as in one panel, he can be seen attempting to choke Kenjaku out of his body.

Why did Kenjaku possess Yuji’s mother?

Why Kenjaku specifically targeted Yuji’s mother was never really revealed. All we know is that he used her body as a vessel and gave birth to Yuji as he “drove her” around. He most likely wanted to create a vessel for Sukuna and gain Kaori’s technique, but as I’ve said, not much is known either about his overall plans or why Yuji’s mother was targeted.

On the other hand, the fact that Yuji was born while Kenjaku was inhabiting his mother’s body means that he is also related to Choso.

Was Yuji’s mother a curse?

Yuji’s mother wasn’t a cursed spirit but she was a jujutsu sorcerer as she was capable of jujutsu, possessing a rather powerful technique. While Kenjaku was fighting Yuki, he showcased another technique called the Anti-Gravity System, he also bragged how this technique was something that he had taken from Kaori Itadori while he possessed her corpse.

KEnjaku taking Kaoris technique

The Antigravity System has an unexplored function. As suggested by its name, this technique can counteract gravitational forces, including the powerful gravity of a black hole, to some extent. When activated using reversal, the Antigravity System significantly increases gravity within a range of two to three meters around the caster for about six seconds.

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