Will ‘Minecraft Earth’ Come Back in 2024?

minecraft earth come back in 2024

Out of the many titles released under the Minecraft franchise, the one that happened to come down crashing and burning was Minecraft Earth. Many still don’t know what happened to it, and many don’t even know that it existed or what it was. Whatever the reason, many want to see Minecraft Earth make a comeback. It’s about time it happened since it’s been almost three years since it shut down. So, will Minecraft Earth make a comeback in 2024?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Unfortunately, it has not been officially confirmed that Minecraft Earth will return in 2024.
  • Many fans have created petitions and brought suggestions to Mojang in the feedback section of Minecraft.net, but Mojang has gone radio silent since the announcement that the game will shut down.

What was Minecraft Earth?

Minecraft Earth was an interactive game you could play in real time and make advancements based on where you go. If you can’t picture it, it was something like Pokemon GO. The base premise of the game was that you could do anything you could do in the base version of the game, but instead, you interacted with these things in the real world.

When you played with friends, they could see the items you had in your hand through their phone cameras and the structures you had around you as well. You could go on adventures and see builds with which you could fully interact. It was a way for Mojang to bring people closer while gaming, preventing them from being glued to their computer screens and encouraging them to go out and explore.

One of the collect things that Minecraft Earth was able to do is that all of these builds fully interact with your surroundings. Take, for example, a table and a small base you placed on it. You could quickly move the whole build to scale in your entire living room, and the way it would happen was that it would sink into the table; the table would then rearrange itself, and the build would teleport into your living room, adjusting to the room in size and how everything is placed.

You got to be inside Minecraft; you were Steve or Alex. As you explored, you would face mobs, and new adventures would reveal themselves. You could interact with hostile mobs in a way that if you hid from them, they would not attack you. It was a whole new way to play the game, and it was a whole new way to make content related to Minecraft as well.

Youtubers and Minecraft Earth

Many of the biggest Minecraft YouTubers get the chance to play the game early. I guess Mojang was fully aware that these creators helped Minecraft return to its original fame and made it even more significant, so they encouraged the creators to try and play the new game.

A couple of the creators that tried Minecraft Earth and even went on road trips to explore its capabilities were Grian and Mumbo Jumbo, Grian being a famous Minecraft builder, and Mumbo being a famous Minecraft redstoner. Everything seemed to be going well for Minecraft Earth, so what happened that it suddenly shut down?


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Why was Minecraft Earth shut down?

Minecraft Earth was released on October 17th, 2019. Since the whole premise of the game was to go out and explore together with your friends, it didn’t suit it well when COVID-19 eventually put the entire world into lockdown. Playing Minecraft Earth became nearly impossible in 2020, and it continued to be like that in the following year, 2021.


Although some countries didn’t take their lockdowns seriously, others did, and Mojang couldn’t, in good conscience, encourage players to go out and explore when it was dangerous. Besides, they weren’t making any money from the game, either.

You see, developing a game isn’t a one-time thing. You must keep developing and providing support for the game, especially if the game offers microtransactions like Bedrock Edition and Minecraft Earth did. And so, on April 1st, 2021, Mojang announced they’d be ending support for Minecraft Earth in June 2021.

You’d think that it was an April fool’s joke, but sadly, it wasn’t. Any purchase made in the game was transferred into Minecoins that you could spend in the marketplace for the Bedrock Edition, and in case you didn’t have the base version of Minecraft, they’d give it to you for free (Bedrock Edition only, of course…that makes them money)

Is there any way to play Minecraft Earth in 2024?

Unfortunately, there is still no way for us to play Minecraft Earth in 2024. The last tweet of Minecraft Earth’s official account still is the announcement that they’re saying farewell to the game. It’s sad since Covid-19 hasn’t been a threat for over two years now. We see a couple of breakouts here and there, but nothing too problematic. We can undoubtedly forget about Minecraft Earth and only relive the experiences we’ve had in our minds.

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