Minecraft: The 10 Best Ways To Make Friends

minecraft how to make friends

There’s no denying that Minecraft can be a world of fun playing solo, but playing Minecraft with friends online can be an absolute blast no matter what you’re doing in-game! That being said, making friends online isn’t easy for many gamers, and countless Minecraft fans still wonder how to make friends in Minecraft. Below are some of the best ways to make friends in Minecraft ranked in no particular order, including some handy tips and simple methods that will enhance your popularity as well as your gameplay experiences!

1. Avoid “PvP” Mindsets

Once you leave the cozy comfort zone of a single-player Minecraft world, you will need to adjust your mindset to make sure you’re as approachable as possible. Playing Minecraft with others online in dedicated multiplayer servers can be incredibly fun – the possibilities are endless with the sheer number of adventures awaiting in Minecraft’s seemingly infinite world!

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However, it won’t be much fun if you start off with making enemies – it will not only dampen the entire experience for you (and others in the Minecraft server), but it can seriously come back to haunt you later down the line. So, it’s best to make sure that you come in with a PvE mindset rather than a PvP mindset from the very beginning.

minecraft pvp 2

There is a massive difference between defending yourself against aggressive players and starting beef unnecessarily – don’t kill other players or initiate fights with other players, and don’t steal their things or hurt their animals. This is the most important aspect of making friends in Minecraft, as all other methods will fail without a genuinely friendly approach – Minecraft players are pretty nice, but they aren’t quick to forgive and forget!


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2. Help Others Fight Aggressive Mobs

For players who use Minecraft’s always-day feature, monsters are not a huge threat, but players allowing the day-night cycles will be met with dangerous creatures at some point. Fighting off countless monsters can be nearly impossible for a new player, especially when hostile mobs spawn unexpectedly.

minecraft player zombies

Of course, it’s pointless putting yourself in a dangerous position only to end up needing help instead – this will likely cause more trouble and may not help gain popularity. However, if you’ve gotten your hands on a great Minecraft enchanted chest plate and are equipped with awesome weapons, you may be able to swoop in and save the day – or at least help other players survive the night.

There is something truly special about the bond created after saving someone’s video game character. Provided that you don’t become an additional victim, helping other players defend themselves, their home, and their animals against zombies and creepers will undoubtedly put you on the ‘unforgettable’ list – and it may very well land you a new friend in the process!

3. Give Others Simple Gifts

There are tons of blocks and items in Minecraft, ranging from simple fences for keeping tamed animals safe to decorative lanterns for a well-lit Minecraft survival base. If you’re not new to Minecraft, you may have access to some great resources, materials, weapons, and gear – perhaps you even have a few extra diamonds lying around.

share minecraft

If that’s the case for you, why not share? Of course, don’t start handing out your best gear to anyone – this could set you back and you may end up giving things to a player who isn’t ready for it yet. But, if you see someone that you like, or spot a new player that’s trying really hard, it may be a great opportunity to give them something to help them out.

You could give some freshly cooked meat to players, drop some oak planks for a player who’s starting to build their first Minecraft home, or even hand out some starter weapons and gear for brand-new players who are still punching trees! These little gifts may not be valuable but the act will be appreciated by the majority of players – and odds are they won’t forget.

4. Throw a Party!

Much like in real life, a great way to make friends in Minecraft is to throw a party! This method may only be helpful if you’ve already become acquainted with a few players online – it may be awkward if you haven’t interacted with anyone yet. But, it’s great to start planning so you’re prepared to take the next step when you get there.

minecraft party

Once you’ve made some “almost friends” in Minecraft, simply grab a Book and Quill and start writing some fun party invitations. Make sure to sign your Written Book and duplicate it for multiple books that Minecraft players can read, hand them out as you feel fit, and let the socializing begin!

5. Defend Others Against Toxic Players

Although the majority of Minecraft players are laidback, there are always a handful of rotten apples that seem to enjoy ruining everyone’s fun. These players could come in a variety of forms, such as toxic gamers starting drama, random players spamming in chat, salty players who prefer PvP approaches in a friendly server, and even hackers who want to ‘win’ no matter the cost.

minecraft pvp

Either way, it’s important to make sure that your stance is clear – that you’re not on the same boat as any of these players, and are only here to have fun with others. You don’t necessarily have to become a vigilante but simple things can go a long way here, so stand up for new players and try to maintain harmony where possible. Players who see your approach in these instances might make a mental note of your username and moral stance.

6. Share Loot & XP!

Regardless of how far you’ve gotten in the game, it’s always great to share loot and XP with others where possible. The opportunity could come up in many situations, and it should be taken as long as you’re not setting yourself back too much.

share loot

You could share loot from chests while exploring Minecrafts dark and spooky caves with others, or let other players grab the loot dropped after killing mobs around the overworld. Allow others to grab XP orbs where possible, or pass up the XP after defeating the Ender Dragon (if you have already defeated it).


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7. Become a Minecraft Multiplayer Merchant

A more unique way to get friends in Minecraft is to start a trading business, as many multiplayer Minecraft servers run on player-based economies. There are tons of things that may be fairly simple to craft, although it may demand a specific piece of equipment, a resource that’s scarce in a certain biome, or perhaps it just takes too long.

minecraft store

In these cases, many players would love to be able to just buy from another player – just make sure you choose items that are still reasonable to acquire, and that you can sell the items at reasonable yet profitable prices. Everyone loves a good deal – topped with a friendly and welcoming personality, players may just love you too!

8. Join Discussions & Minecraft Forums

A huge factor in getting more friends in Minecraft is to join discussions – particularly on Minecraft forums and threads or by joining the Minecraft community on Discord, over and above in-game chat. The more you interact with other players and Minecraft fans “offline”, the more your username may be remembered in-game, as long as you’re being a positive influence on the Minecraft community by answering questions and providing solid advice where applicable, or asking good questions and contributing to interesting Minecraft conversations.

9. Become a Master of Redstone

Redstone mechanisms can be incredibly advantageous around any Minecraft player’s survival base, but they can also be pretty tricky to get the hang of. Redstone tech always comes with certain limitations, and finding the right balance will be an invaluable skill for yourself and other players.


There are many players who would appreciate your skills, as not every Minecraft player is eager to learn the art of Redstone tech. It will take time to get the hang of, not to mention tons of tutorials, but becoming a master of Redstone can be a huge bonus in gaining popularity.

10. Casual Conversation

The last on this list is a huge factor for not only making friends, but keeping them over time – routine conversations that are casual, natural, and comfortable for everyone involved. Like in real life, it’s always great to start off with simpler topics and questions, such as the player’s nationality, food preferences, hobbies, which other games they play, and so on.

Avoid personal details such as real names, specific locations, family, and other private topics unless the player chooses to provide this information – although, it’s always advised that you never reveal personal information in return! Having casual conversations can help you find common ground with others while helping you decide who might not be a good fit.


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Those are the best ways to make friends in Minecraft, with images thanks to Sub’s World. Making friends while gaming online isn’t simple for everyone, especially if you’re shy or aren’t quite sure where to blend in. Fortunately, the Minecraft community is pretty laidback, always eager to welcome another fan into the Minecraft multiplayer circle. All it takes is knowing the rules, respecting the community – and, above all, being nice!

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