Working Titles for ‘Mandalorian and Grogu’ & ‘Star Wars Episode X’ Revealed

Working Titles for Mandalorian and Grogu Star Wars Episode X Revealed

The ‘Star Wars’ universe has been growing rapidly with new shows, animated series, and movies. ‘The Mandalorian’ was a standout, airing its third season last year. Despite creator Jon Favreau claiming the script for Season 4 was done before Season 3 ended, rumors suggest it will become a movie, confirmed recently. Details are scarce, but working titles for both the Grogu-focused project and Rey’s next chapter have been revealed by Cosmic Circus. Working titles help keep projects under wraps on set, but they often leak, and curious passersby still find out.

The upcoming movie featuring Mandalorian and Grogu is using the working title ‘Thunder Alley,’ which refers to a lesser-known location in the Star Wars universe near the New Galactic Republic’s borders. The Second Fleet, which patrolled Thunder Alley for the longest time without maintenance, was replaced by the First Fleet in 16 ABY under Gial Ackbar’s influence. It’s uncertain if the title relates to the movie’s plot, but if it does, it might explore ‘Legends’ territory.

Regarding the working title for ‘Star Wars Episode X,’ it’s confirmed as ‘New Jedi Order,’ which aligns with the movie’s theme. Despite rumors of the title being ‘Star Wars Episode X: A New Beginning,’ this has been debunked.


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Exciting developments await in the future, with Lucasfilm’s upcoming feature films led by The Mandalorian & Grogu and ‘Star Wars Episode X,’ directed by Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy, James Mangold, and Dave Filoni. Filoni is also involved in Ahsoka Season 2’s development, among other projects.

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