15 Iconic Student Council Presidents in Anime You Won’t Forget

15 Iconic Student Council Presidents in Anime You Won't Forget

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And while some form of student council exists in every country of the world, Japan seems to put a lot of importance on such bodies, giving a student council president relatively large authority over their peers. This is, of course, reflected in the world of anime as well and in this article, we have decided to find some of these presidents for you. The article is going to contain a list of the 15 most iconic student council presidents in various anime series and films. Enjoy!

1. Satsuki Kiryuin

Kill la Kill Satsuki Kiryuin 2

Franchise: Kill la Kill

An eighteen-year-old girl who is the president of the student council, and governs and keeps the entire Honnōji Academy at bay. Ruthless and arrogant, she looks down on everyone, adhering to her mother’s philosophy at the beginning: that all people are stupid cattle that should be controlled by clothes.

Despite the fact that the school has a principal and other teachers, it is the student council led by Satsuki that rules the school, because her mother is the chairman of the academy’s board of directors, Ragyo Kiryuin. Satsuki holds the academy in check with a tight rein due to her strength, which lies in the uniform. It is she who evaluates the abilities of students and distributes uniforms among her subordinates.


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She uses a black katana, Bakuzan as her weapon and possesses the Kamui uniform, like Ryuko. Although she quickly learns how to wield it properly, it is very difficult for Satsuki to wear Kamui for long periods of time, which drains a lot of blood and power from her, and Satsuki cannot take full advantage of her suit for long periods of time like Ryuko.

She was always on official terms with her mother, never shared her feelings with her, and saw her infrequently. According to episode 18, she founded the Honnōji Academy in order to prevent her mother from seizing power over the world with the threads of life.

According to the same series, Ryuko’s older sister Matoi, however, is a “failed experiment” by Ragyo, as she did not inherit the thread of life from her mother, being an ordinary person. Because of this, Satsuki is unable to form a symbiotic relationship with the suit like Ryuko and cannot wear it for long periods of time as she depletes quickly. After she learns that Ryuko is her sister, she begins to treat her favorably and becomes a faithful companion in the fight against her mother.

2. Nao Tomori


Franchise: Charlotte

She is the female protagonist, first-year student, and president of the student council of the Hoshinoumi academy, along with Jojiro are in charge of looking for all the people who have developed abilities, including Yuu who after watching him and placing a trap, they force him to change schools.

Despite being the president of the student council, the truth is that she does not get along with almost anyone, in fact, she does not have any friends and rather they despise her, although she does not give much importance to that because she does not like to trust in almost anyone, in addition to having little patience and a peculiar temperament, although behind that he hides a genuinely kind heart. She has a habit of spending most of the day recording with her VCR.

3. Misaki Ayuzawa

Ayuzawa.Misaki.full .527113

Franchise: Maid Sama!

Misaki is the protagonist of the story. She is the first female to become the student council president at Seika, known for being extremely demanding and having an aggressive attitude toward male students. She has ceaselessly tried to get Seika’s students to change her attitude according to what she considers to be acceptable standards of behavior, thus earning the title of “Demon President” by the male student body.


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Although many of the male students are afraid of her and even hate her, those who know her see from her that she is actually very fair and she is willing to help anyone in need, despite being a tsundere. She eventually became widely respected for her exceptional academic ability, her great athletic ability, and her accomplishments as president.

Her negative attitude towards men is mainly attributed to her father since he accumulated a huge debt, and after disappearing one day, said debt was awarded to her family. Misaki was determined to make sure that her mother Minako would not work so hard to support both her and her younger sister Suzuna.

4. Manabu Horikita

Episode 005 066

Franchise: Classroom of the Elite

Manabu Horikita is the Council President from the anime series Classroom of the Elite, and Suzune’s older brother, whom he humiliates and despises for being in a lower class. However, he is respected for his impartiality and for his leadership skills. He also has knowledge of Ayanokouji’s hidden abilities and offers him a seat on the Council, which the latter declines.

5. Kirari Momobami

Kirari Momobami

Franchise: Kakegurui

Kirari Momobami is the student council president and head of the Momobami clan from Kakegurui. She has a corpse-like complexion, platinum blonde hair in two braids, and wears blue lipstick and nail polish. She is a self-centered girl and a manipulative sadist. Her gambling abilities are exceptional and everyone thinks Yumeko’s idea of wanting to play with her is total madness.


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As the president, she created the beast system and favors the mistreatment, bullying, and inhumane conditions suffered by indebted students. Upon Yumeko’s arrival at the Hyakkaou Academy, Kirari immediately senses the danger posed by a student playing for the simple sake of risk, but at the same time, she is fascinated by Yumeko and watches with interest as she wreaks havoc in the Academy.

6. Gakushū Asano

Gakushu Asano

Franchise: Assassination Classroom

Class 3-A student whose academic results are close to perfect. As the headmaster’s son, he plays the role of undisputed leader within his class. His devotion to his comrades masks a cold and calculating mind, using psychological manipulation to win anyone over to his ideals, as well as an impressive array of talents that not even Koro-sensei is able to deny.

Although he fiercely shares this hatred specific to the students of the main school towards class 3-E, he will sometimes recognize a little of their merit, going so far as to doubt and even contradict the pedagogy of his father, with whom he maintains a relationship that is both simple and complex.

7. Ui Wakana

Ui Wakana

Franchise: My Wife is the Student Council President

The lively and outgoing titular character of the series, she becomes the student council president following her campaign to spread the love around the school where she gave away condoms. She moves into Hayato’s apartment as his fiancée in an arranged marriage. She is noticeably less serious at “home”, where she can’t cook for herself, usually slips up, and acts completely dependent on Hayato.

A recurring theme in the series is that images of baby chicks appear in her head when she is depressed or thoughtful. Throughout the series, she tries to satisfy Hayato romantically and even sexually, knowing little of how to do so.

8. Medaka Kurokami

Medaka Smiles medaka box 38939895 1920 1080 1

Franchise: Medaka Box

Medaka Kurokami is the main character of the story. She is a first-year student at the academy. In the election of the 98th student council president, she won 98% of the vote. Her main goal in life is to help all people, so she came up with the so-called “wish box”. She has a strange habit of stripping down her underwear when a new idea comes up. She possesses increased mental and physical abilities.

Proud, she will not start to fight with the enemy if she does not want to, allowing herself to be hit. Can enter berserk mode; in this state, her hair turns scarlet and in the next berserk mode, her hair turns black. In the second season, it is revealed that Medaka is a superhuman and her ultimate ability is to surpass the abilities of other people, that is, to surpass them by 120%.

Her mother died immediately after Medaka’s birth. Medaka herself was very different in character. She was unsociable and indifferent. Already at the age of two, she showed abilities for higher mathematics, but contact with people brought her only misfortune and Medaka doubted the meaning of her existence. One day she met with little Zenkichi, who had trouble with puzzles, but Medaka solved them right away.

Being happy because of it, Zenkichi said that Medaka can make people happy and so a new core was born in the soul of Medaka – to give happiness to people. In high school, Medaka tried to help her classmate, but she couldn’t and he died. This trauma was forever sealed in the girl’s soul and she strives to protect her friends with all her might. Although the relationship between Medaka and Zenkichi does not develop over the course of the series, in the end, she admits that she loves him.

9. Kanade Tachibana

Kanade Tachibana

Franchise: Angel Beats!

Nicknamed by the SSS as Tenshi (Angel), she is the Student Council President at the School of the World of the Dead. The members of the SSS call her Angel since they do not know her real name and suppose her to be a subordinate of God, although they later discover her real name. As a person, she is initially cold and silent, but little by little her sweet character emerges and her smiles increase, just as she fills up with friends, even in the last episode she is seen humming a song.

As president, she is in charge of enforcing order and discipline, which directly opposes her with the SSS and leads her to tremendous battles against them; although when there are no problems she does not show enmity against the members, coming to help and advise them in some situations. She is later relieved of her position as Student Council President when the SSS sabotages her exams and she is replaced by Vice President Naoi.


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Although she fights against the SSS and tries to make the arriving souls behave and thus disappear from the school, she maintains that she is not an angel. Towards the end, she reveals that she arrived at the school because, during her life, the only wish that was impossible to fulfill was to thank the person who gave his heart for the opportunity to have a full life.

This desire was so intense that after dying, she arrived there hoping to meet this person. She finally reveals to Otonashi that during their time together, she understood that he was the one who donated his heart to her. Also with the time they spent together, he falls in love with her but, Kanade doesn’t reveal her feelings, because she says that if she did, she would disappear.

10. Anna Nishikinomiya

Anna Nishikinomiya

Franchise: Shimoneta: A Boring World Where the Concept of Dirty Jokes Doesn’t Exist

She is the student council president and Tanukichi’s childhood sweetheart who has tasked him with hunting down “Blue Snow” before it can jeopardize the school’s morale. After being accidentally kissed by Tanukichi, she develops an obsessive love for him, but due to a lack of knowledge about “immoral” topics, she ends up expressing her love for him with extreme tendencies.

This includes relentlessly chasing and attempting to rape him, making Tanukichi eat her “love nectar” while simultaneously trying to obtain his own, endangering Kosuri and Ayame when she sees them with Tanukichi, and becoming much harsher and stricter in her surveillance, believing that by doing “justice” and “good things” that she will be loved by him. She exhibits extreme amounts of strength and dexterity, especially when she gets angry or motivated.

11. Shino Amakusa

Shino Amakusa11

Franchise: Seitokai Yakuindomo

Student council president and second-year student. She is serious and diligent, as well as talented in most things, and very popular with the students. However, she is almost always thinking about perverted things, even stating that one of her main reasons for being interested in Takatoshi is her curiosity about the information excluded from sexuality classes. She suffers from acrophobia and entomophobia and has a complex about her chest, aggravated by the fact that Aria, her best friend, is better endowed than her.

12. Kyoya Hibari

Hibari Kyoya.PNG

Franchise: Reborn!

Kyōya Hibari, Chairman of the Namimori College Disciplinary Committee and at the same time the most dangerous person, is also known as the strongest guardian of the 10th family. He is a person whom many fear and at the same time respect.

She meets Tsuna when he wins a volleyball match with his friends, but becomes more interested in him when they infiltrate his office because of Reborn and end up in a battle where Hibari defeats Gokudera and Yamamoto; to finish Tsuna confronts Hibari but is saved by Reborn who stops the attack, that’s when he becomes interested in the little Arcobaleno who little by little wants to infiltrate Hibari into Tsuna’s Family.

It was mentioned by Reborn that his job as Cloud Guardian was to protect the family from a distance. He is the typically serious and cold character who works for him. He possesses the cloud ring. After defeating Birds, he kept one of his birds which he named Hibird and he trained to whistle the Namimori’s song and serve as his spy. He constantly says the phrase “I’ll beat you to death” which is characteristic of the character and mentions it whenever he gets upset with someone. He hates everyone from the mist element due to an encounter he had with Mukuro.

13. Shizuru Fujino

919c2e3f9c013bdd2f7f4dabf4dc9293 edited

Franchise: Mai-HiME

President of the Student Council. She is known for her fondness for tea. Shizuru’s character is dual. In public, she is shown as a woman with clear ideas, independent, confident, and very competent in terms of her acts as President of the Student Council. With a nice and sweet character, she has many fans of Fuuka Gakuen himself aged between the age of fifteen who take her as an example to follow.

But throughout the series, we discover her doubts and internal uncertainties, which show her as a particularly fragile and dependent woman. This part of Shizuru’s personality is only shown to Natsuki Kuga, with whom she has been deeply in love since he met her at 15 years of age. Shizuru’s Element is a retractable blade Naginata, which allows her to ensnare her enemies by tying them up like a lasso.

Her Child, Kiyohime, is a kind of giant squid, with each tentacle shaped like a snake, which shoots gusts of air through its mouth. Like Natsuki’s Child, Kiyohime will also undergo certain physical changes caused by the determination that drives Shizuru.

14. Mari Kurihara

prison school wallpaper2 560x315 1

Franchise: Prison School

Mari Kurihara is the president of the underground student council. A crow breeder, she quickly shows herself to be extremely misguided toward boys. She takes advantage of the latter’s attempt at voyeurism to have them imprisoned. She is also the headmaster’s daughter and Chiyo’s sister.


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15. Milly Ashford


Franchise: Code Geass

Milly Ashford is the granddaughter of the Academy’s principal and the president of the student council. She likes to tease Shirley and she is eager to discover Lelouch’s weaknesses—enough to stage a school chase, which caused Lelouch to panic. She is aware of Lelouch’s real identity as Prince of Britannia, since the Ashford family are close supporters of his mother, Marianne Vi Britannia.


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This action, however, brought the family’s peerage status into disrepute. Ashford’s family, while wanting to restore her status, has two options to do so. One is to reintegrate Lelouch and Nunnally into the royal family, while the second option is to marry a nobleman.

They use the most suitable option, thus using Milly. The interview continues and the man her parents wish her to marry is Lloyd Asplund. In the second season after her graduation, she breaks off her engagement to Earl Lloyd and begins working on television as a reporter.

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