50 Saddest Anime Series You Need To Watch: Heartbreaking List

saddest anime series

Anime is among the favorite past times one can enjoy, but that doesn’t mean that anime series don’t have to be deep and thought-provoking. In today’s article we’re going to bring you a list of anime that deal with sorrow, emotion, sadness, and everything in between. Prepare to have your heartstrings tugged as we take a look at our list of saddest anime series of all time!

Saddest Anime Series You Need To Watch

1. Lament Of The Lambs

50 Saddest Anime Series You Need To Watch: Heartbreaking List

Lament Of The Lambs anime revolves around Chizuna. Chizuna is a vampire with an unquenchable thirst for blood, like well, all vampires. His girlfriend gets caught between his urge to drink blood and loving him. If you don’t understand the possible sad aspect of this anime, I recommend you give it a try.

2. Once Upon A Time

Once Upon A Time

This sad anime will tell you about the way how true lovers turned into enemies. You will also see how a friendship can change into anger and resentment. 

Once upon a time is about the mutual relationship and love between the two kingdoms (Paro and Itha). Owing to the good bonding between the two kingdoms, a princess from Itha fell in love with the prince of Paro. Both were enjoying their new relationship. Their fate was not in their favor. 

Intoxicated with power and authority, the king of Paro invaded Itha. That invasion changed the nature of the relationship between the two kingdoms and the love birds. Their enmity brought them to the brink of war. War was imminent at that time between the two kingdoms. 

3. Hell Girl: Fourth Twilight

Hell Girl Fourth Twilight

Taking revenge has become a monotonous routine for all people across the world. How far can you go to take revenge on the wrongdoers? This sad anime will tell you about the level of taking revenge. You will also see that most people can easily cross their limits in taking revenge. 

In this Hell Girl: Fourth Twilight, Ai Enma used to help the needy. Enma was happy with her life and routine until she felt that someone followed her throughout her journey. 

A mysterious girl was trying to keep a record of all the footsteps of Enma. That’s where the anime takes a sharp turn. Will that girl help Enma in her mission? Or Enma was in trouble? Try watching this heart-wrenching anime to know more about the whole story. 

4. Binbou Shimai Monogatari

50 Saddest Anime Series You Need To Watch: Heartbreaking List

Children usually suffer at the hands of their parents, right? This saddest anime will show the same story where you will see how children suffer across the globe. 

The story revolves around two sisters, Kyo and Asu. Their mother died at Asu’s birth. And what do you say about their father? Being a gambler, their father didn’t pay any heed to his daughters. He left them all alone at the hands of this ruthless world. Both the sisters were trying to make their lives happy and full of basic facilities. 


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Both were studying and doing jobs. Their pathetic condition will definitely make you cry. Those girls were not the only children that were suffering from that deprivation. There are millions of the same cases across the world. 

5. The Promised Neverland

Promised Neverland S2E10 featured

I have found this sad anime to be among the best ones in this genre. The Promised Neverland will tell you about a farm where humans breed. Humans (orphans) breed on that farm. The owner of that farm (Mama) used to love all the children. She does so to make a cordial relationship with all the children. As a result, she used to send all the children to their new homes. 


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6. Nobody’s Boy Remi

Nobodys Boy Remi

By listening to the title of this sad anime, you can easily get an idea of its plot. Nobody’s Boy Remi will tell you the story of a boy who faced strange mood swings from his parents. This anime will definitely make you cry with its story. 

What would be more disturbing than facing the unusual attitude of your parents? It would be heartbreaking for you to face such situations. Remi was a resident of France. Remi’s mother sold her son.

Remi had to suffer a lot. More than millions of children are facing the same situation. Things kept on changing for Remi. Remi’s life was not a piece of cake. 

One day, Remi finds that his birth parents still exist. As a result, Remi set out on a long journey to find his parents. 

7. Vampire Princess Miyu

50 Saddest Anime Series You Need To Watch: Heartbreaking List

There is no need to introduce this anime. Vampire Princess Miyu always remained in search of blood. Princess Miyu was trying to get back to her homeland (Shinmas). Miyu was fulfilling the responsibility of sending all the Shinmas to her place. 

That’s what hampering Miyu from going back to her home. She wanted to find and send all the Shinmas back to her homeland. Miyu was fulfilling that responsibility from the get-go of her life. She was doing all this to make her wish come true. 

Will Miyu get a chance to go back to her home during her life? Will Miyu keep on sucking human blood throughout her life?

8. Requiem From The Darkness

Requiem From The Darkness

Requiem From The Darkness is all about a group of detectives (Trio). Yamaoka was the leading character of this anime. Yamaoka was trying to find something interesting for his write-up. He ended up finding this detective group. Requiem From The Darkness will make you feel fun and relief from the boring saddest animes with the gloomy picture. 

9. Magical Girl Raising Project

Magical Girl Raising Project

This anime is all about death and war. You will see how a game turned into a real-life battle. It would be like do or die situation for all the participants of this brand new game. 

Magical Girl Raising Project will tell you the story of a magical game in which a girl out of thousands will get the reward of magical powers. You will see that there will be a competition that ends with the final winner of the game. 

Still, there was something that you needed to think about. All the girls gifted with magical powers participated in a fierce competition. There would be only one winner of the game. 

Who will win the game? What would other magical girls do to run their life?

10. Ringing Bell

50 Saddest Anime Series You Need To Watch: Heartbreaking List

Up next on our list of saddes anime of all time we have Ringing Bell. Ringing Bell is one of those anime series that will make you cry. You will see how the life of a lamb changed after a sudden wolf attack. 

Chirin was an innocent lamb who was trying to make his life stable all alone. Nothing would compensate Chirin’s loss. Chirin lost his mother in that wolf attack. 

Chirin wanted to take revenge on the wolf king. He also knew that it would be impossible for him to make this thing happen all alone. After that incident, Chirin changed his life and gave up on all of his comforts and leisure. 

Now the only aim of Chirin’s life was to make his mission possible. Will Chirin be able to translate his dream into reality?

11. She, The Ultimate Weapon

She The Ultimate Weapon

In She, The Ultimate Weapon, Chise and Shuuji were schoolmates. Both were spending their lives happily. Chise got a gift from the gab and was gifted with some special responsibility. Chise had to protect and save her country. 

Chise saw her metal wings and superpowers. All these things happen to save that country. Chise wanted to spend a normal life with Shuuji. On the contrary, Chise was responsible for saving the life of her people. 


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What will Chise do? Would she give up on her commitments and love? 

12. Kowarekake No Orgel

Kowarekake No Orgel

Kowarekake No Orgel is a story all about a girl (Flower) and a boy (Keiichiro). Keiichiro was a guitarist, and Flower was a service android. Keiichiro was not happy with his life. Keiichiro lost his family in an accident. That thing made him give up on all of his dreams. 

At that difficult time, Keiichiro met with Flower. Both started falling for each other. Now, what will happen after the emergence of those feelings? Will Keiichiro forget all his miseries and losses? 

13. Oseam

50 Saddest Anime Series You Need To Watch: Heartbreaking List

In Oseam, Gami and Gilson were made to suffer through the sudden death of their parents. Gilson was not able to bear the news of his loss. That’s why Gami was hiding the truth from Gilson. Gami wanted to save her brother from sorrows and grief. 

You will definitely dive yourself into the level and depth of sorrow of the orphans. Gami lost her eyesight. Gilson sacrificed his life to save his sister. Now Gami was all alone. What’s the point of such sacrifices in which you live alone throughout your life? 

14. Anne Green Gables

Anne Green Gables

Anne Green Gables is the story of another miserable girl, Anne. There was something natural but magical in Anne’s life. Anne was an orphan. 

Fortunately, Anne’s life took a sharp twist. One of the wealthiest families adopted Anne. That’s where Anne was saying goodbye to all the sufferings, miseries, and worries of her life. The new parents started loving Anne and her cuteness. That family couldn’t live without Anne anymore. 


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What else would Anne want from her miserable life? 

15.  Princess Sarah

Princess Sarah

Princess Sarah was the daughter of the wealthiest British tycoon. Sarah was spending a royal life full of fantasies and all the available facilities. Soon Sarah had to face a difficult time in her life. 

Sarah lost her father in a tragedy. Sarah’s life changed with the death of her father. People started taking advantage of Sarah’s helplessness and worries. Sarah was not able to fill that void created by her father’s death. All these things made Sarah become a maid at someone’s house. 

After some time, one of her father’s friends met Sarah. He adopted Sarah. Now Sarah was not miserable anymore. 

16. Rain Town

Rain Town

Rain Town is an amazing anime that will tell you about old memories. Old habits die hard. Such is the case with old memories. The story revolves around a small town in Japan where the rain never stops. 

The story is all about a small girl and a robot. Both of them met in that small town in Japan. After a long time, the robot can easily recognize that girl. On the other hand, the girl was a bit short of her old memories. That’s where the actual story of this saddest anime started. 

Will the girl remember her old memories with the robot? Will they both meet up again and recall their memories? 

17. Run Melos!

50 Saddest Anime Series You Need To Watch: Heartbreaking List

Run Melos is one of the most popular saddest anime. This anime will show you what a king can do to satisfy his obsession. King Syracuse found himself accused of conspiracy. The king wanted to get rid of that blame game, and that’s why put all the blame on Melos. 

Melos was one of the faithful attendants of the king. Melos asked for three days’ leave to attend his sister’s marriage ceremony. King Syracuse got that opportunity and sentenced Melos to death. All this happened to save the fake name and popularity of the king. 

How could a justice giver do such injustice to his people? 

18. Sunday Without God

Sunday Without God

Sunday Without God is one of the saddest zombie anime series. You will see supernatural beings and powers in this anime. This anime claims that God exists. You will learn about the journey of a grave keeper (Ai) in this anime. You will also see how people could forget their God and spend miserable life. 

People think that God is no longer showing his blessings and has vanished far from the people. It seems as if God is angry with the creature. Grave keepers started teasing the people of that place. Ai wanted to save that place and also the people of that world. Ai is a young protagonist to stops the devastation of humanity. 

19. Rumbling Hearts

Rumbling Hearts

Rumbling Hearts is again a love story that will show you a different kind of love and relationship. Rumbling Heart is all about love birds, Haruka (girl) and Takayuki (boy). 

Haruka was in a coma for the last three years. That’s what disturbs Takayuki a lot. At that time, one of their mutual friends supported Takayuki. Takayuki and the new girl started feeling for each other. 

After some time, Haruka came back from the three years coma state. She asked for Takayuki. Will Takayuki still resume his relationship with Haruka? What would be the life of that girl if Takayuki went back to Haruka? 

20. Clannad

50 Saddest Anime Series You Need To Watch: Heartbreaking List

Next up on our list of saddest anime series of all time we have Clannad. Clannad is all about love, feelings, and emotions. Tomoya was a school student who lived all alone. Tomoya’s parents were no more with him. During that loneliness, Tomoya found Nagisa. Both fell in love with each other. 

After a few years, Nagisa started feeling ill. She was also expecting. At the time of the birth, Tomoya had to choose one from the mother and the baby. Nagisa died at that time. That’s where Tomoya’s life again took a sharp turn. Tomoya had to suffer that loss throughout his life by being a single parent for his daughter. 


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21. Voices Of A Distant Star

Voices Of A Distant Star

There are some controversies with this thing that distance won’t affect relationships. You will see in this saddest anime how relationships can lose their charm and beauty with the increasing distance. 

Noboru and Mikako were very close friends. One of the friends moved to a distant place. Will they continue their strong relationship from far away and distant places? 

22. Who’s Left Behind

Whos Left Behind

Let’s talk about some different kinds of saddest anime series. Who’s Left Behind came to the forth with one such different story. 

During World War II, a girl gave her doll to make explosives for future use. People were using different tactics to make new explosives for the war. 

Would that doll help them to make deadly explosives? What would you say? 

23. She And Her Cat

50 Saddest Anime Series You Need To Watch: Heartbreaking List

She And Her Cat will tell you the story of a girl and her cat. You will be able to learn how a girl can take responsibility for her whole life. 

Kanoja was living in an apartment with her cat and friend. Kanoja’s friend left that apartment and moved to some other place. Now Kanoja had to take the responsibility all alone. When she comes back home after a daylong job, Kanoja sees her cat at home. 

Will Kanoja be able to take that responsibility? 


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24. Now And Then, Here And There

Now And Then Here And There

Now And Then, Here And There is a story about life’s miseries and hardships. Shuu saved the life of his friend. Shuu also faced dangers in this whole incident. 

You will see that difficult times hit hard and won’t tell you before hitting you. Shuu got the blame for stealing his friend’s pendant. Shuu also faced torture and hardships in this regard. 

Will Shuu be able to get rid of all these tortures?

25. Planetarian


Planetarian will take you to that place where you will learn and observe the after-effects of nuclear and biological warfare. 

You will also see that the world faced a lot of destruction after this warfare. There would be nothing remaining in the world. You will only see a service robot in this sad anime.

Will that service robot continue its duty and responsibility? You’ll have to watch it to know. 

26. Looking Up At The Half-Moon

Looking Up At The Half Moon

After watching Looking Up At The Half-Moon, you will notice that you’ve learned many things from this series.

Looking Up At The Half-Moon is all about love and separation. You will see how people fall in love and get separated from each other. Most of them have to give up on their loved ones. 


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Ezaki and Rika were two love birds. Ezaki was suffering from a severe and deadly disease. That’s where the love birds have to face the separation. 

27. Hell Girl: Three Vessels

50 Saddest Anime Series You Need To Watch: Heartbreaking List

There is something hidden in the name of this saddest anime. Hell Girl: Three Vessels got so much popularity among the saddest anime lovers. 

The anime is all about suffering from those punishments that are not legal. Sometimes, you will have to face punishments for those crimes that you haven’t committed. 

Here, a Hell Girl made an ordinary girl punished. Yuzuki had to pay the price of those crimes that she hadn’t committed.

28. School Live

School Live

School Live tells the story of a high school girl who lived happily in his life and fantasies. Yuku was enjoying every single second of her life. At that time, Yuku’s life took a sharp twist. Yuku was not able to live a normal life after an incident that left her traumatized and scarred.

29. Barefoot Gen

Barefoot Gen

Barefoot Gen is the saddest and most heartbreaking anime series when compared with most regular anime. You will see that the United States took the responsibility of destroying all the cities with full vigor. 

Hiroshima managed to stay fairly separated from the troubles of the rest of the world. All the fantasies and dreams ended in smoke when America exploded a bomb on Hiroshima. That day has become a black day for all people inhabiting the city. Barefoot Gen tells us the story of their experiences.

30. Cells At Work! Code Black

50 Saddest Anime Series You Need To Watch: Heartbreaking List

Cells At Work: Code Black is again one of the most extraordinary creations of the anime world, and it’s no wonder that it ended on our list of saddest anime of all time. Cells At Work: Code Black will tell you about the job that our body cells perform to make us keep alive and healthy. 

No doubt, health comes first. It should be the priority of one’s life to take care of its routine and diet. Or else you will have to face severe consequences in the long run. 

31. The Dog Of Flanders

The Dog Of Flanders

The story of The Dog Of Flanders is all about a boy who wants to become a painter. The boy was living with his grandfather. After some time, his grandfather was no more with him. Sounds heartbreaking? 


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Well, no one can change fate. You can only work and pray to change your fate. After the death of his grandfather, the boy had to face financial issues. That’s why several problems were coming throughout his career of painting. 

32. Orange


Orange revolves around the life of a schoolgirl who received a letter from herself. She came to know that something would be happening with her life that would change her life. 

She also got a warning from one of her classmates. What happened next is really full of suspense and sorrow. That boy faced a challenging situation and died. It would be useless to repent over the loss now. The girl could save her friend’s life. 

33. Kino’s Journey: Life Goes On

50 Saddest Anime Series You Need To Watch: Heartbreaking List

Kino’s Journey: Life Goes On will tell you about the life of a girl who wanted to get rid of her grim life. Kino fled from her home to experience new things and places. Kino used to carry weapons for her protection. Kino wanted to settle down, but her fate was not ready to make that possible. Will Kino live a peaceful life? 

34. Girls Last Tour

Girls Last Tour

As the name suggests, Girls Last Tour is again a wonderful story of the two girls. Here, Chiro and Yuuri found themselves alone in their city. Perhaps, Chiro and Yuuri were the only survivors of their place. Can you imagine your life in a place where no one will be around you? 

What will the girls do? Whether they would stay connected and live happily in that place? Or will they leave that place? You will have to watch Girls Last Tour to find out, you will not regret it!

35. Centimeters Per Second

Centimeters Per Second

Centimeters Per Second is again a story about love and emotions. Takaki and Akari were perfect friends of each other. Their friendship turned into love. 

After spending some time together, both have to taste the separation. What will happen next? Will they live in that long-distance relationship? 

36. Chrono Crusade

Chrono Crusade

Chrono Crusade is all about war and fighting demons. America wanted to take revenge on the 

1920 attacker. Order of Magdalene (an organization) played a pivotal role at that time. There were chances that America could take its revenge on the wrongdoers. 

37. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

50 Saddest Anime Series You Need To Watch: Heartbreaking List

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is one of the most hearts wrenching anime series. The anime is all about the life of two brothers who lost their mothers. 


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Their only aim was to revive their mother. One of the brothers lost his body by getting back their mother, and the other lost his mind. Seems that this journey is full of thorns? 

38. Blood C

Blood C

Blood C will tell you the story of a cheerful schoolgirl who got exceptional powers and abilities from God. Saya Kisaragi got special powers from God. Saya can see what will happen in the future. 

After some time, Saya’s life started changing. Will Saya be able to use those powers again? What would happen to the people of that place if there comes a difficult time? 

39. Fate Zero

FateZero 1

Fate Zero depicts most of the events of the Fourth Holy Grail War. Fate Zero will also lead you to a world where Holy Grail will choose a servant and a master from the population. 


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There would be fierce competition between them. Whoever wins will ultimately get something as a reward.

40. Attack On Titan

50 Saddest Anime Series You Need To Watch: Heartbreaking List

Attack On Titans is one of the saddest anime series of all time, and it’s no wonder that it made it to our list. The story of Attack On Titan revolves around supernatural beings called Titans, with mysterious origins, that devour people for seemingly no reason. The story follows a group of friends Eren, Mikasa, and Armin as they try to make sense of their world.

One day Eren’s mother gets devoured by a Titan, it was at this moment that Eren decided to sacrifice everything to exterminate them. Attack on Titan is a story of sacrificing everything for a greater cause, and unfortunately about one’s descent into madness.

41. Angel Beats!

angel beats

Angel Beats has something new for you. You will find this anime a perfect combination of sorrow, twists, and amazement. Otonashi was the main character of this anime. He wakes up from a year-long sleep. After waking up, Otonashi prepares herself for war. Will she be able to fight with the whole army?

42. Plastic Memories

Plastic Memories

Plastic Memories follows Tsukasa Mizugaki and a Giftia named Isla. The two are a team that takes care of “expired” Giftia who have an average lifespan of 9 years and 4 months. Giftias are advanced android models with humanlike qualities and thought processes. Once they get near their expiration date, things start to change and lead in in heartwrenching direction.

43. Guilty Crown

50 Saddest Anime Series You Need To Watch: Heartbreaking List

Shuu was a high school student who became a part of the war between two major groups. Shuu never knew about the secrets of both groups. After some time, Shuu got some special powers that helped him know about both groups’ hidden motives and aims. 

44. Another


Another revolves around the story of the after-effects of the death of a young boy. After his death, all the people will start raising concerns about the dark atmosphere of their place. People began raising concerns about the sorrows and miseries of their place. It was all about the hidden secrets and entities of their place. 

After some years, another student was suffering from the same unusual things as a hidden girl. What will happen to that girl? What are your opinions in this regard?

The Garden Of Words

The Garden Of Words

The Garden Of Words will tell you the love story of Takaro and Yukari. Both met accidentally when Takaro was making a sketch. Takaro and Yukari started meeting every day. After some time, both fell in love with each other. Will they stay connected and in love? Both used to meet in the garden. That’s where this saddest anime got its name.

46. Your Lie In April


Up next on our list of saddest anime of all time we have Your Lie In April. Nothing could be as disturbing as the death of your loved ones. This anime came with the same story. In this anime, you will learn about a guitar lover who used to play piano and guitar. The boy lost his mother and was feeling alone. 

Will that boy give up on his dreams of becoming a future guitarist? Would he be able to get back to his everyday life?

47. Grave Of The Fireflies

50 Saddest Anime Series You Need To Watch: Heartbreaking List

This saddest anime is all about power and wealth. You will see that no one caters to the needs of other people. You will see destruction, poverty, deaths, starvation, suffering, and grieves throughout this animated story. That’s why the anime has got the name Grave Of The Fireflies. 


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48. Erased


Erased got this name from the story of a boy that found himself accused of murdering someone. Satoru found that the blame has some connections with one of his classmates’ mysterious death and abduction. Now Satoru wanted to unravel those mysteries to save his life. What will happen next? 

49. March Comes In Like A Lion

March Comes In Like A Lion

March Comes In Like A Lion revolves around a professional who used to maintain a balance between his personal and professional life. Being a top-ranked professional in his company, Rei found that it would be impossible to maintain that balance. What would Rei do to make that thing possible? 

50. A Silent Voice

50 Saddest Anime Series You Need To Watch: Heartbreaking List

We finish our list of saddest anime of all time with A Silent Voice. A Silent Voice is all about teasing others. Here, a schoolgirl teases another girl. Since she is deaf, Shouya made her level best to tease that new girl. Can you imagine how would be the life of that girl? Would that girl be able to survive with those pitfalls and voids?

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